Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nigeria VS Benin: Eagles Wobbled and Fumbled To The Quater Finals

Nigeria VS Benin: Eagles Qualifies
In 1999 when Nigeria hosted the U-20 world cup, Coach Fanny Amun the then coach of the Flying Eagles presented a team that in every measure did not meet up with many people’s expectations. Yet was churning out wins one way or the other to progress from match to match despite playing against palpably better teams. When asked if the team was going to continue like this, the coach Amun had said his team will continue to ”WOBBLE AND FUMBLE TILL THEY GET TO THE FINAL”.
Today the super Eagles have wobbled and fumble to qualify at the expense of a much better Malian team to the quarter Finals of this Nations’ cup.
The Eagles had their worst performance of the championship today but ironically succeeded in scoring two vital goals. It was another surprise to see the Squirrels of Benin come out at Nigeria for the entire game duration. Though I had tipped the Super Eagles to win this game, I never expected to see these squirrels create as many scoring chances as they did.
It gives me cause to worry. If Eagles were put under so much pressure by Benin, I can’t help wondering what kind of battering we might receive from the Black stars that along with the Elephants of Ivory Coast have so much character.
There has to be a drastic change in the level of play for us to stand a chance against Ghana’s superior fire power.
Good thing about today’s match is that two things that have been missing all the while seem to have found their way back into the team. One, Mikel Obi finally started giving those tailor made passes that are capable of dismantling defenses. Again our strikers finally work up to their duty. It has been a big embarrassment that eight strikers have been unable to produce a single goal in 225 minutes of play. We may stand a chance in the next game based on this as confidence has also returned. Apart from the most outstanding player (Osaze) missing next game, things look good especially if Kanu Nwankwo returns. Besides we are starting to return to our wing play.
This was our worst performance so far. However we needed to win no matter the team. A win is a win and can do a whole lot of good to confidence and self belief. Well we thank God we are still in the championship. I feel sorry for Mali.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

US Players And Online Casinos

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Why Berti Vogts Must Go

For those who think Vogts should remain and that westerhoof even lost 5-1 in 1990 Nations cup. I want us to get this.
May I put it straight here that no body is particularly with Hunting Vogts. Yes Westerhoof lost 5-1. That was against host Algeria highly motivated by the Captain Raba Majer. But the Westerhoof we are talking about, showed us much commitment by way of Living in Nigeria, going out there to watch matches in the League, standing his ground when needed, he picked the proper camping grounds when preparing for matches.

He did not try to play safe by looking for Europe based players to fortify his team. He discovered the likes of Finidi George from the local League. As at then Finidi has only played for local teams like Calabar Rovers and Sharks of Port Harcourt.

Westerhoof was a coach who will look for the kind of players needed for every position. He did not try to cut corners by playing a top striker on the left flank just because he's left footed.

He did not select a team with 8 strikers and 1 midfielder who many think is actually a defender.

Westerhoof had the best in every position. How did he do this? If he didn't find them in Europe, he looked for them in the local league.

So the people who think Vogts should be sacked have a case. He's not committed.At least that's what his actions so far tells us.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Super Eagles: After the Sekondi Disgrace

12 games gone; 38 goals scored; non by the Nigerian Super Eagles.
I know many readers of this blog may have been waiting patiently to hear what Emmanuel has got to say this time. Truly speaking I was so shocked and needed time to let what happened sink in. Up till this moment I still think I am dreaming. The more I wish it goes away the clearer the picture of defeat stares me in the face.
The Super Eagles were really super throughout their two games especially when you consider the fact they played entirely without any input from the bench. In a highly tactical championship like the African Cup of Nations, a team that puts up such a spirited display on their own without the technical input of the coach deserves some accolades.
Berti Vogts has finally brought some pride to many a Nigerian coach who has perpetually been looked down upon by the NFA. Ever since I grew up to know what football is, ever since I started watching the super Eagles on TV, this is the first time the Super Eagles may not get through the group stages. However in the last three competitions, we have gone there with local coaches and have always made the semi Final. What excuse could Vogts probably give us to justify this shame?
For this kind of performance to have come from a coach many call ‘world class’, it is therefore time we give some respect to Nigerian coaches. That they are yet to win the Nations cup for us but have always played in the semis means they could as well have won it in one of those occasions.
This coach appears like he has no game plan as we can’t really see any. No one can really say what Vogts is doing. He’s got a very strong team yet can’t produce results.
His selections, his substitutions, and even his preparations for this tournament all questionable.
Trust the Nigerian press. Soon we’ll hear what happened and what didn’t happen. For now we’ll let Vogts conclude his show of shame in Sekondi. Then we’ll be back here to analyze the situation.
Meanwhile, I will like to wish Mali good luck in their next game. They have worked very hard. If they qualify, they would have qualified from a very difficult group which is very important. When they needed to play for a win they played, when the needed to play for a draw they played and in both occasions, they got it right. In all, it tells of a team who’s got a coach who has plans.
As i speak, fans are already clamouring for his sack.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Is it Possible Nigeria VS Ivory Coast Was Fix?

I have not evidence to prove anything. I don't even know whether my ascertions are true but i just feel i should say it. Who ever didn't notice it must have been too engrossed in the Elephants trashing of the Supposed super Eagles.

My Mind went back to this event after reading about a possible match fixing incidence in the same group Nigeria belongs- Group B.

The Benin Coach claims he was approached on the possibility of fixing the game few hours before the Benin Vs Mali game.

My question is, is it not possible the same person approached the Super Eagles? This is just my mind running riots.

I saw an event that further makes me uneasy. I saw a Nigeria heading down a ball to the Ivoirians goalie as if he was trying to make sure it doesn't get into the post.

Is anyone reading. I am sure i wasn't the only person who saw this. Just my2cent. As we go out today against Mali, i hope we keep aside every intent of personal aggrandizement as the entire nation is watching.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

How We Can Overcome Mali


Group B is getting more and more difficult, surpassing predictions. This is the widely acclaimed ‘Group of death’ and at inception not many will include Benin among teams to be taken seriously. After the First round of matches, what we have seen shows that even Benin are no pushovers.

The ‘Group of death’ is surely living up to its name.

So far only two goals have been scored among the four teams an indication of the difficulty of the situation.

The super Eagles are sure up against a difficult task. Unfortunately the only option is to win the next two games starting with the one that comes up tomorrow against Mali. The Malians are reputed to possess the best Midfield resources in this championship a sharp contrast with the Super Eagles.

Surprisingly despite Tuesday’s defeat, Nigerians still believe the cup is ours. It will be strange if Nigeria fail to qualify from the group stage. Many Nigerians don’t see it happening so much that we are still thinking of winning the title. We know that to win this cup, we first must qualify from the group stage and then get to the final with a great likelihood of locking horns with the Ivoirians again. Yet we know we can get there.

Everyone back home is disappointed that we lost but no one is particularly bitter with the way we played. It was just that we failed to have luck on our side. Forget Berti Vogts’ comment that ‘Nigeria lost to the best team on the continent’. We the fans don’t think so. We believe our team has all it takes to win this Cup and so Vogts should get into action rather than talk like a loser. He should revert to our natural wing football. I insist Vogts doesn’t understand Nigerian football. He had the resources but he failed to use them properly.

Before Vogts released his 23-man squad I made an analysis naming the players I expect to see in the first eleven. It turned out every player I had expected to make the team did. But Vogts is failing to deploy his resources accordingly afterwards. Like I had said some of the players he named as strikers are the people who can salvage our midfield. We saw what happened when Osaze was introduced. Others are Kanu Nwankwo and John Utaka. This three with Mikel can put our midfield in the right state with Utaka on the right flank and Osaze from the left flank, while Mikel and Kanu can play from the middle with Mikel behind Kanu. This is a midfield that can not be cracked. Then allow Martins and Ike Uche/Yakubu do their thing up front. Instead Vogts opted for Kanu as a striker behind Yakubu with Martins on the left flank. We haven’t seen what martins can do from that position and this is not the right place to try it out. We have Osaze who has done it before from there and should be deployed appropriately.

Emmanuel Ekanem Is the Admin of Naija Football Fans Forum , .

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cameroon 2-4 Egypt: How Are The Mighty Falling?

Day two of the AFCON saw Nigeria one of the favourites for this championship slide behind in Group B. Third place behind Ivory coast and Mali.

Yesterday another favourites received an uncharacteristic bashing from the defending champions who are bent on showing to whoever cares to notice that they are out to stage a firm defense of the title they won 2 years ago back home.

How are the mighty falling? Who could have thought the Egyptians would met out that amount of humiliation to the roaring indomitable Lions?

Are we really out for a new order of football power in Africa? Is this the beginning of the end for teams like Nigeria and Cameroon? These two countries failed to make it to the last world cup while unexpected debutantes like Togo, Angola and Ghana all made it. Cameroon was denied qualification by Ivory Coast and Egypt who were all drawn in the same group. Nigeria lost her place to Angola. From indications it doesn't seem like it was just a 'slight slip' as many thought.

If these two teams continue to be dominated by these emerging forces, we can as well braze up for a new order in African football.

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Super Eagles: What went wrong?Let's Debate. No Bias!

Someone said this on the forum.
1.Based on the Eagles performance in this match, I honestly do not see a difference between the Eguavoen and the Vogts era. Any contrary opinion?

2.What went wrong against Ivory coast?


Common, lets debate. Be informative and no Bias

This was my reply:

No bias you said? Okay. What went wrong. First i think the super Eagles was the
under-dog in the game today and I was not surprised one bit that the game took the direction , it went.

The Eagles did hold their own but was slightly unlucky. Despite all the perceived defficiencies.
The major problem i see was in the area of coaching. I don't know why, but i still think the eagles can
beat this ivory coast team.

For today we played without creative midfielders and that showed throughout the duration of the game.
Kanu Nwankwo's injury also contributed to boost the opposition's confidence.
What do i really think? I think the tactics was wrong and Vogts showed everyone he lacks understanding of Nigerian football.
Agreed the Ivoirians overwhelmed us in the midfield after Kanu was injured and expectedly every coach will try to
by-pass the middle. Vogts did that but in a wrong way. With a player of Obafemi's height upfront it was always going to be
the wrong thing to do.
Rather that send long balls to obafemi, it would have done us more good if Vogts had considered that by-passing the middle
by using the wings instead would have been a better Idea.The wingers could have moved in with the ball on the ground.
Secondly I had expected Osaze to start the game from the left flank while Utaka handles the right.We would have had
a more balanced middle with this combination.
Truth remains that these two are better players in the middle (flanks) than the supposed midfielders Vogts opted to use.


I think Vogts needs to ask questions. He needs to allow the team leaders make input. Not that his team should be
selected by Kanu. But he needs to ask Kanu, What do you think? Afterall, he's the team Captain.
Westerhoof used to do this. He used to ask Stephen Keshi sometimes despite spending four years with the team.
This is a man who dosen't know the team and should learn to ask questions period!
I think we can get there. As a matter of fact, i see a semi final or Final involving these two teams and I can't
wait for it to take our own pound of flesh. The Ivorians are a very strong team on paper but we also know what
the super Eagles are capable of. If we had taken our chances it would have been a different story. No one
would have been saying the eagles ain't good enough. If we did not create chances in this game, i would have easily agreed
we can't beat the Ivoririans. But we did and at the end of the first half, The Super Eagles had six attempts and
they had four despite leading with possesion of 54% to 46%. In the second half possession improved on the eagles part
to 50%-50% until Kanu was injured.
So I am not saying the Elephants did not deserve their win, but apart from wrong tactics, the Eagles were also unlucky.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Live Online Tv For Ghana 2008 Free!

If you are always online and still want to watch the game, i have just researched and come out with some online TV where you can watch the matches. Some are free and some you have to pay. Paid ones first:

The ones below are free:

So you can go ahead and enjoy your self while online. You can even give us live posts as you watch on the forum

Suleiman Muntari Rescues Ghana

Ghana 2008 is now hear and the excitement has just begun. Yesterday we saw a macth befitting the hype proceeding this tournament reputed to be Africa’s most prestigious football competition.
Most of us have expected Ghana to totally overwhelm the Guineans. Of course they did that but only for the first half. Though the first half ended in a barren draw despite all Ghana’s effort to kill off the game early enough, the Guinean goalie wouldn’t let that happen.
However, the next 45 minutes saw a rampage from both sides. It all started with a spot kick awarded to the black stars. After the goal it seem like the Guineans have finally been demoralized not until a corner taken about 20 minutes later saw the Guineans snatch an unlikely equalizer. The pressure then turned around to be on the Black Stars who were playing in front of a 40,000 hysterical crowd and a worried President.
It is always good to win your first game and it was starting to look like the Ghanaians will fail to do this. The game was accompanied with so much power and the best of African football was definitely on display.
With Michael Essien used to this kind of situation in Chelsea, he knew it wasn’t over until it’s over and so pressed on. He sent a neatly tailored trademark pass that found Muntari who wasted little time before driving a volley from twenty five yards right into the far post. It was one of those goals you see one in a blue moon.
The Guineans however deserved a point for their efforts but sometimes in football you don’t get what you deserve. The Ghanaians have started their quest for the title definitely on a good note.

Super Eagles On A Revenge Mission

Two years ago in Egypt the super Eagles of Nigeria met their waterloo in the quarter Finals when the Elephants of Cote D’voir eliminated them in a shock quarter final defeat.
Today these two teams meet again and in the group stage this time and are set to to prove a point. The Ivoirians will be out to show last time’s heroics was no fluke especially after winning that game with a controversial Didier Drogba goal deemed by most Nigerians to have been an offside goal.
Nigerians on their part will be out for a revenge mission and according to them, despite the pedigree of the Ivoirians, ‘they fear no foes’.
The Eagles are rated as the best team in the tournament by CAF and will definitely want to live up to that rating against these Elephants a distant 8th position in the current CAF rating. However, from in the past we have seen that these rating usually count for nothing when the chips are down and the Super Eagles will have to go all out for a victory against the Ivoirians rated as one of the favourites in this championship.
For the Eagles, they’ve got all the motivation to go for a win if only for the sack of revenge. We have also learnt about the very high spirit in camp and we hope this counts for them too.
In any case I will be back here for post match analysis and comment. So keep a date.
Meanwhile you can read what Nigerian Fans are saying about his match and join the debate.

Is Geriatrics Needed In Africa?

Geriatrics is a field is medical care that concerns care for the aged. Just like we have pediatrics that has to do with care of children. The question is why should we worry about care for the elderly? Medical research has shown that human beings tend towards childlike characteristics in psychologically and medically. For instance children have very low immunity due to underdeveloped systems and are prone to Gram negative infections. The underdeveloped Liver portends that every single drop of medication given to them should be properly calculated to prevent over dose as the liver is yet to fully assume it function of detoxification drugs. We have also noticed that as human beings grow older some of these characteristics of children begin to emerge again and they become more and more prone to infections, as well as easily loose concentration and in most cases memory lose.
The degenerative changes noticed in the elderly can lead to conditions as Parkinsonism, Alzheimer’s disease, and some other kind of dementia.
In Africa we have a culture of caring for our elderly by leaving someone to always be there with them at home. However today, things are no longer the way it used to be with increasing inter-tribal marriages and traveling, the aged no longer have the care they deserve. Shouldn’t Africa take Geriatrics more seriously? In the United States of America, it is a serious issue that the government comes up with policies after policies on the care of the aged.
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While I do not suggest Governments in Africa should take over the care of our aged, I do think it will make a nice addition to our health care system if we begin to train geriatricians.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Abedi Pele, Goerge Opong Weah, Roger Milla: Three Of Africa's Greatest On Video Action

It is however controversial who Africa's Greatest footballer is. But According to CAF officially it is Roger Milla.
Whatever you think. Roger Milla, George Apong Weah and Abedi Pele are three of Africa's Greatest in no particular order. What them in action below.

Which Country will Win The African Nations Cup? Vote Now!

Follow this link to Vote on the Poll here.

Chelsea May Topple Manchester United and Arsenal At The Top!

Chelsea looks like they are getting set to topple Arsenal and Man U at the top of the table. They have been moving up slowly and steadily. While Arsenal and Manchester United have been busy dropping points every now and then, they have quietly crawled up and now just 4 points less of Manchester United and Arsenal.

With their current careful aditions from the transfer market that seems to have brought an end to the wasteful spending spree Mourinho was known for, the team is looking more and more dangerous.

Anelka first, now Ivanovic and there are still rumours they Avram is not done yet. However Arsenal has sent Lassana Driara to porthsmouth who are always so ready to do business with Ex-Arsenal products following the success of their previous signings like Kanu and Campbell.

On their path Man U and Arsenal are yet to give us a hint into what they've got instock. We know Alex Ferguson still has his eyes on Berbatov. But will Arsene bring in someone especially now that Diara is gone and Djouru who was meant to cover for Eboue is out for a long spell at the side lines?

Emmanuel Is the Admin of Naija Football Fans Forum

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Obinna Nsofor, Joseph Yobo Injured!

Obinna NsoforJoseph Yobo
Just 2 days to the African Nations cup opening game, the super eagles after a 16-day camping in malaga is set to move over to Ghana for her first game against Ivory Coast.

However, there is a set back as the Eagles defense strong man Joseph Yobo and striker Nsofor both suffered ankle injury which is set to keep them out of the first game.The duo is said to have sustained this injury in the morning training. It should be noted that there are positive signals as he has resumed training but under supervision.

The player has also assured he'll be fit for the first game against Cote D'voir.

Nsofor dosen't look as promising as Yobo but team coaches have assured both players will be fit on time for the tounament.

This players can not afford to be missed especially before the first game which is the most important group match for the Eagles.

Nsofor however have a lot of ready and capable replacements but same can not be said of Yobo the teams assistant captain.

Emmanuel is the Admin of Naija Football Fans Forum

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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Super Eagles Free Videos

The super eagles of Nigeria is a team with so many good memories we can not afford to forget. Here I post an array of videos i know every fans of the eagles will love to watch. The Eagles have alway been a sight to behold. Enjoy as you take this trip that is set to take you through some of the most exciting times of the eagles past and present.

Emmanuel is the admin of Naija football Fans forum.

Monday, January 14, 2008

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ghana 2008: A look at Super Eagles Chances

It is no longer news that the super Eagles will be facing a though task in her efforts to lift the ANC title for the first time in fourteen years. Her first taste of the trophy was in 1980 and second time was in 1994 in Tunisia. Despite haven played in several finals, the team has always failed to come out victorious since 1994.

Cameroon has been some kind of nemesis in the past years . The Lions of Cameroon have won the title four times and in all four occasions have defeated Nigeria in the finals. They somehow have this psychological advantage over the super Eagles of Nigeria, therefore for many years they have been the Super Eagles albatross.

This years edition provides a new excitement and a different challenge as the Nigerian National team would not be worrying about the Cameroonians alone with the emergence of the likes of Ivory Coast and of course the host Nation Ghana who arguably has had the most comprehensive preparation for this tournament.

The super Eagles belong in group D with three other West African countries. Everyone knows it is better to avoid the West African in this tournament more so the Ivoirians indisputably presenting the strongest team on paper. The mention of the likes of Didier Drogba, Kolo Toure, Emmanuel Eboue, Yaya Toure, Haruna Didane, Kone, Solomon Kalou to mention a few will send chills down the spine of any opposition.

It is on record the Super Eagles were eliminated from the last edition by this cote D’voirien team and at a time they were not this established. They also contributed in denying almighty Cameroon a place in the last world Cup in Germany. Despite this the Eagles of Nigeria are still strong contenders for the title. But will they survive this West African Opposition?

Mali though not favoured by book makers are definitely no pushovers. The Super Eagles will have to overcome these two teams if any serious challenge for the title is to be put up. One on one we can’t match this Ivorian team. But we hope to form a more cohesive team. Only then we can challenge.

Super Eagles Final Team List For Ghana 2008

The final team came out to be just as i had speculated. I had thought we’ll; end up with a six striker squad but was wrong. It turned out to be eight. You can’t really blame Vogts for this selection. No coach will leave out ;his best players for sake of having too many in same position.

Mikel obi is not a player Nigerians look up to much. We’ll have to let him play in the midfield and see how he fares. Seyi Olofinjana, Onyekachi and Etuhu aren’t qualities we can really expect much from. All-in-all, when things get difficult, Kanu, Utaka and Osaze may have to fall back to the midfield despite not being natural midfielders. These are players we can really trust to deliver.So it goes down to exactly as i had predicted in my post.

See full team List Below:

Goalkeepers: Vincent Enyeama (Hapoel Tel Aviv, Israel), Austin Ejide (Bastia, France), Dele Aiyenugba (Bnei-Yehuda, Israel)

Defenders: Onyekachi Apam (Nice, France), Taye Taiwo (Marseille, France), Joseph Yobo (Everton, England), Obinna Nwaneri (FC Sion, Switzerland), Danny Shittu (Watford, England), Rabiu Afolabi (Sochaux, France), Ifeanyi Emeghara (Steua Bucharest, Romania), Richard Eromoigbe (Levski Sofiaj, Bulgaria)

Midfielders: Mikel Obi (Chelsea, England), Seyi Olofinjana (Wolverhampton, England), Onyekachi Okonkwo (FC Zurich, Switzerland), Dickson Etuhu (Sunderland, England)

Strikers: Ikechukwu Uche (Getafe, Spain), Obinna Nsofor (Chievo Verona, Italy), Osaze Odemwingie (Lokomotiv Moscow, Russia), John Utaka, Nwankwo Kanu (both Portsmouth, England), Obafemi Martins (Newcastle, England), Ayodele Makinwa (Lazio, Italy), Yakubu Aiyegbeni (Everton, England)

Emmanuel Ekanem is a webmaster and Admin of Naija Football Fans

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Eagles Now Playing Valleyball, Rabiu Ibrahim Injured

The Eagles Camp was depleted yesterday with Rabiu Ibrahim, the l;ad we all hoped could sort our midfield problem out. The team is set to further deplete this weekend when Obafemi, Yobo and probably Utaka is l;ik;e;ly to return to England for the weekend games with their various clubs.

Vogts has accept haven agreed with the teams to let the players come back to play for their teams.

On the positive side, the team took out time to refresh yesterday when they had a valley Ball session something set to be a new one in the annals of Nigerian football. We can't just see why the team should be playing valley Ball when a Nations Cup title is at stake.

Well Mr.Vogts explained that, he thought the team should take out time to do something outside football inorder to relax their minds.

To me it sound intelligent. Sometimes you really need a change of scene.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Outsourcing In Nigeria Can Be A Goldmine

As a matter of fact, Outsourcing is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

When i started, i didn't even look at it as out sourcing. I was forced into it when i realised that with every new code i learn, there was always another one i must learn. I then noticed what the indians were doing. Unlike Nigerians a programmer concentrates on programming, a designer concentrates on designing. So that an Indian who is a programmer will always reject a graphic design job. That made it easier for them. But it dosen't work that way in Nigeria because our people regard you are an amature is the web job you just finished dosen't look beatiful with graphics and flash animations all over so much that it takes forever to load.

An example is Ruggedman online . I know it's supposed to be a multimedia site but loading time should be taken into consideration. However, you can not blame the designer. He had to do that else he'll lose the job to someone else who was ready to give it all the aesthetics. Whereas functionality not look should be paramount. This left me with another problem. which means apart from learning all the coding languages, i have to learn photoshop, Macromedia flash and maybe master CCS. I immediately knew it was time to stop trying to be everything.

However, in this little time i have made a lot of friends who are also designers and people also know me as a designer. So what I do is get the job and hand it over.
This way I can handle many jobs at the same time. At the end of the day everyone is happy. The secret is, try not to be selfish . You need to maintain a good relationship with your coders. I am now thinking of registering my company properly and then going into this full time.

But remember, you must have a good knowledge of web design so that when you are talking to your clients and potential clients, you should appear to know what you are talking about. Also it helps you paint a proper picture of what the job should be to your coders.

Kanu Nwankwo’s Chance To Make History

Papillo as fondly called by admirers is reputed to be Africa’s most decorated footballer. Name it; 1993 in Japan he won the U-17 world cup, the Olympic gold medal in 1996 in Atlanta, became African Footballer of The year as a result of the achievements, won the UEFA Champions League with Ajax and other titles including the Dutch League while still in Ajax. In England with Arsenal he has added to his array of throphies and this includes the English Premier League title, the FA Cup and Carling Cup severally.
Before Liverpool’s last champions League victory, Kanu was the only player still playing then in the premier League who have won the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Champions League.
Considering all these honours, it is easy to say he has won it all.
However one very important trophy he wishes to add to his gallery is the ANC title. Despite participating in the last three editions he’s only managed to get silver and bronze medals. To add salt to his injury, Kanu Nwankwo has never scored a goal in the Nations Cup.
In this edition of the ANC, Kanu is set to put an end to his nations cup goal draught and take a further step to lift the trophy for the first time in his carrier. If he can do that, he sure will be at peace with himself and can have a happy retirement especially now that he’s team captain. I wish him all the luck he can have. This may be his last chance.

Super Eagles and The Malaga Weather

Ghana is close to the Equator meaning that we expect the same climate as of Nigeria and in February when the Nations Cup will be taking place, we expect a very hot weather in the day. Usually ranging between 28oC and as high as 35oC.
It was expected that with the entire squad based in Europe, camping would have been more appropriate in an African country with similar weather condition. It wouldn’t have been any harm if camping was done back home in Nigeria.
Reports emerging from the Super Eagles camp in Malaga have it that the weather condition is excruciatingly cold that it is even affecting training.
It is okay then to worry weather the players will be able to cope with the condition February in Ghana.
In the past we have used the Malaga camping site before major competitions. One of such instances was during a world cup preparation to be staged in Europe.
My humble opinion is that it makes no technical sense to take the team to such extreme condition only to come back to the other extreme in Ghana. It just doesn’t work that way.
It is possible to find a better camping site for the Super Eagles especially now that majority of the players are yet to arrive.
If the NFA has made this choice, Vogts who is the coach should no better. The problem is just that Mr.Berti doesn’t seem to know how Nigeria works. He’s been dancing to the tune of football authorities in the country since his arrival. If it goes wrong he’ll have no excuse. Even the NFA boss will hold him responsible for mistakes they (the NFA) had caused. We expect that he should stand his grounds as the coach. It is the super Eagles success first before anything else. We are watching.

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

David Beckam Training With Arsenal (Pictures)

For a moment i imagined David Beckam as an Arsenal player. What do you think?

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Arsene Wenger: Ivory Coast Will Beat Eagles To The Title

The Arsenal Manager Prof. Arsene Wenger has joined pundits to tip Ivory Coast for the title ahead of the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

Whether this is just wishful saying or was said following a proper scrutiny of both teams technical abilities is not known. You may be tempted to attribute it to be a pep talk for his Ivorian players Emmanuel Eboue and Kolo Toure who will be playing against Nigeria in the group stage of the competition.

According to Complete sports Newspaper, Arsene wenger thinks Ivory coast has a team that is more technically sound and so expects his lads to return back to Emirate victorious.

Time will tell after all. The super Eagles on their part are known to spring surprises when no one expects it. But we’ll all see. Do you think Ivory Coast will win?

Friday, January 04, 2008

Kanu, Utaka, Martins To Arrive Late To Malaga Camp

Indications are rife that some super Eagles players playing in the English Premiership have been held back by their clubs till after the weekend games.

Portsmouth is said to have succeeded in keeping Kanu ad Utaka from the Malaga camp till after this weekend. While Newcastle is said to need Martins arround for thier game against Manchester United.

I am only wondering about what agreement they could have had with the Nigerian Football Assoication.

Vogts should understand that early arrival of players to Camp is a major determinant on their perfomance in this championship. A situation where some players arrive early to camp and some come late and still get a shirt reserved for them has in the past contributed to our Failure. Vogts Beware!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Eagles Malaga Camp Opens

The super Eagles Malaga, Spain Camping base opens today as the Home Based Eagles move to spain today. However, camp will be fully opened as foregn based invitees are expected to all arrive by Friday. We'll keep a tap on them and report every step of the way on this forum.

Let's all which the Eagles good luck.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Samson Siasia Thinks Vincent Eyeama is Still The best

Sampson Siasia recently made a statement i have waited long to hear from pundits and other influencial stakeholders in Nigerian Football. The African Nations Cup (Ghana 2008) is almost here and we are all very worried about certain departments of the super eagles. Top on our worry list, is the Midfield and Goalkeeping. We may finally have Rabiu making the team, if not we may have to rely on a Mikel Obi who in my Opinion has developed more into a defensive midfielder than an offensive one which is what we desire so much in the team.

Secondly the goal keeping area though must people have not really taken a look at this area, is my second most important department of worry. We have Goalkeepers Ejide, Ayenugba and Vincent Eyeama probably listed by Berti Vogts in that priority and from all indication, it seems Vicent is set to play a third chice goal keeper role.

I understand that Vogts as a European thinks only Europe based goalies are good enough. But I think Eyeama being tested and trusted should be in the fore front as first choice.

Sampson Siasia recently voiced out this when he said that, though Eyeama may not have the height of Ejide, he is more experince, agile and better in one-on-one challenges than any of the other Goalies. According to Siasia, non of the other goalkeepers can be said to be better than vincent Eyeama. But dose Vogts think so? I am very worried about this. I hope we don't make a fatal mistake.

E-Commerce Softwares

You probably want to develop a website that can handle online transactions and yet you’ve been finding it very cumbersome. Long ago I found out most of the things we have always wanted to do can be handled if only we search properly and then get the right information.

Have you ever heard of CMS? Means Content Management Syste. That is what a lot of webmasters are using to create themselves online empires and you are like what a genius. Well I agree they are geniuses because like it is said “What you have no knowledge of is bigger than you”. In any case i am here and out to leak every online secret. You sure will find this blog interesting. From Now on I will advice you do most of your reaseaches your self.

Back to the e-commerce website you may want to start. There are several Open source softwares you can use for the purpose. There are also some you may have to pay for like Ashop Commerce. I personally recomend this because sometimes it's better to pay for services so that you get good support.

You probably want to develop a website that can handle online transactions and yet you’ve been finding it very cumbersome. Long ago I found out most of the things we have always wanted to do can be handled if only we search properly and then get the right information.

Have you ever heard of CMS? Means Content Management Syste. That is what a lot of webmasters are using to create themselves online empires and you are like what a genius. Well I agree they are geniuses because like our people say “Wetin you no sabi big pass you”. In any case i am here now and i’m out to leak every leakable online secret. You sure will find this blog interesting. From Now on I will advice you do most of your reaseaches your self.

Back to the e-commerce website you may want to start. There are several Open source softwares you can use for the purpose. You will need a shopping cart software. There are also some you may have to pay for like Ashop Commerce. I prefer you use this becuase you can get it hosted for you and support is almost instant. Your customers atleast will have a pleasant experience shopping on your website.

Using this ecommerce software is the easiet way you can run a large shopping website at a fly. It dosen't just take away the stress of coding, but also makes shopping a pleasant experience no matter how many items you need to handle.

Blogging for Money

Since the advent of the blogosphere, we have observed a quiet revolution from blogging just to air ones views on issues to monetization the writing hobby. It is now so compelling that even if you do not intend to tow this part of blogging for money, one still end up tasting the waters.

So many firms are now out there who wants to advertise on your blog realizing that blogs seem to have a whole lot of patronage compared to traditional websites.

Ways You Can Make Money With Your Blog

Pay Per Click

You can publish ad codes from Google Adsense, Kontera, Bidvertiser, Adbrite to mention a few.

Affiliate Links

You can also publish you affiliate links on your blog, maybe your click bank, Clixgalore , Amazom or even ebay.

Paid To Blog

Currently the rave of the moment which to me is most exciting is the paid to blog concept. Here there are websites who pay you to write about certain products. I know of several but smorty is the best blog advertising website on the net. Reason is that you don’t idle away as you will always be given something to write about. The reason I like this method of blog monetization is that, apart from being paid to blog which is something you love doing, it gives you an encouragement to keep you blog constantly updated with new articles. So it takes care of the laziness every blogger experiences from time to time and guess what? You and your blog are the better for it because with more unique content, you get better page rank and more traffic.

African Banks should Study The Cash Advance Example

Microfinance institutions now proliferate several towns in Nigeria since the CBN Governor Charles Soludo raised the benchmark for community banks in the country. Most community Banks who can not meet the new capital base recommended have been advice to convert to micro Finance Bank status.

However we are yet to feel the impact of these banks. I am yet to come across or hear of anyone who has received loans from them.

The same services which have continued to elude Nigerians is being offered in other countries even on the internet and the procedure of getting these loans is so simple you wonder whether it is really true they are actually giving the loans. If Nigeria is to be free from the strangle hold of poverty, our Micro Finance banks should wake up to their responsibilities.

A typical example is Cash Advance 1500 that makes cash available to people within the shortest possible time. Loans for simple expenditures, for unforeseen circumstances like delayed salary, starting up a petty trade with a financial outlay of $2000, or just cash for some extra expenses. What’s more these loans are unsecured.

There are several others like Women’s Pay Day Advance, Additional Earnings etc. You can get a comprehensive list of similar firms for by a quick search payday loans on Google or by visiting the cash advance website,

The point I wish to make here is that if it is possible for these firms to offer online loans so fast, there is definitely something our finance houses in Nigeria don’t know that these firms know and so buttresses the need to borrow a leaf from them.

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