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Arsenal: We want Solomon Kalou to Replace Adebayor

It seems that the Gunners are not looking far in their bid to replace their departed brethren, Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor. In fact, it is so close that it has to be in Chelsea’s backyard.

Our Gunners’ manager, Arsene Wenger obviously wants to get his replacement from across London. And guess who the intending surprise replacement is? None other than star player for the Blues, Solomon Kalou.

Ever since the fateful, and not altogether profitless, sale of their former player, Adebayor, they have been on the look our for a nice and suitable replacement. True, the Ashburton outfit are right now in the market for a striker substitute. It seems their eyes have finally rested on Solomon Kalou.

Funnily enough, they have declared that they won’t waste much cash on any replacement they select.

But according to my source, News of the World, they have finally come to the general consensus that they can get a grab at Solomon Kalou for the price of about seven million pounds. I’ll leave you to decide if that is a whooping sum or not.

The reason for their confidence might not altogether be far-fetched: See, our Ivorian striker’s contract is about to expire (next summer to be exact) and this might have led them to believe that the Blue team might consider that an opportunity to make some quick bucks. Logic!

You see, Chelsea manager has openly declared that he would be glad to have Solomon Kalou on for the next season. In other words, he would be happy for Solomon Kalou to remain on Stamford bridge, but there are speculations that the fact that he has not been offered a renewal of contract may mean that all pending and subsequent offers will be, and probably, are being considered. Solomon Kalou, did you know, is currently earning forty five thousand pounds weekly, and it seems that the Gunners want to butter that bread even more as they seem ready to part with seventy thousand pounds weekly as his compensation if he does join their club.

A “Chelsea Insider” (I call him, or her (though highly unlikely for it to be a she) a little bird) informed an outsider (a reporter, in my once again humble opinion) that Solomon Kalou, although flattered by Arsenal’s interest in him as their striker, is quite happy to be in Chelsea. He declared full commitment to the blues.

Times, change, people change, resolve weakens, and mountains wear off. Even Jesus Christ said something along those lines, He said If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you could say to the mountain, be cast into the sea. Well, it may seem that Kalou is determined to stay with the blues, but I can some handwritings on the wall, although they are a little vague right now. The fact that Chelsea hasn’t come up with a new contract spells various meanings, some of which I would do better to leave to your conscience and intelligence for suitable explanation.

Comments? Excellent.

Adebayor Speaks for Man City: We can get John Terry on Our Side

This just keeps getting interesting and interesting. Curiouser and Curiouser, a famous poet once said. It seems that some teams are really determined to leave no holds barred in their bid to overthrow soccer power and unseat the previous top champs. I like it.

This Sunday, I bring you one bit of tantalizing news. At least, it was tantalizing when I stumbled on it: Our watched-after recent recruit to Eastlands has expressed absolute confidence that Chelsea’s formidable captain, John Terry can be bought over to Manchester City’s side. He believes that no man can resist certain forms of baits, it seems.

He attested vividly, in broad daylight, that there is a mighty chance that the captain could defect and come to Man City’s side of the football lines.

As much as I would love to allay the fears of all Chelsea loving fans, I cannot do that at the moment. And who is responsible for this aura of vagueness surrounding the whole issue? None other than John Terry himself! As long as he continues to be mysterious about his future with Chelsea, it will only serve to confirm many fears and suspicions that he is indeed ready to fly. The Citizens, sure know how to align a good squad, I must comment. What was that old saying? Money talks, bullshit walks.

Adebayor seems to be the mouthpiece of the gods on this issue, and it seems he feels that our Chelsea captain will do his new club a world of good, as well as complement his playing. He expressed full confidence in his club’s ability to reel John Terry in. He said this, believe me: Anything is now possible, including snatching the centre-back from Chelsea’s unsuspecting arms. He said all this to the Mail on Sunday.

He cited the fact that nobody would have believed that Man City would have been able to acquire both himself and Carlos Tevez six months ago, but the fact is, they did. In his ever-accurate logic, if they could achieve such a feat, they could summon the wells of their magic once again and do this.

He said that he, Carlos Tevez as well as other team members came to Manchester City to become a big team. Why shouldn’t Dear John be a part of the team, too?

Currently, Terry is with his club, Chelsae F.C. on their pre-season tour of the United States of America. He is the captain of the team, and led them to victory in their most recent fixture, which was a 2-1 victory over their new manager’s former team (Carlos Ancelotti’s former team was AC Milan, in case you asked).

Interesting. It seems Man City is really interested in a drastic showdown. I think this will really do to liven things up a bit on the football side in this upcoming season. I can’t wait to see where this leads. I am totally engrossed in Man City’s game plan right now, and watching them organize their playing force gives me a queer feeling of pleasure. I wonder if any of our English teams would sleep soundly while all this happens?

What is Your take on this issue? Please comment.

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