Saturday, June 12, 2010

Maradona: "Nigeria is rough". Is he scared already?

In 1994, Maradona's tactics was to fall at every touch and that earned Nigeria so many yellow cards i lost count. With his current antics, it seems to me maradona has instructed messi to adopt that method.
Maradona is quoted to have described african teams as rough. Is this a bid to gain favour from the referees? Lagerback should better watch out! Maradona has already started the match off pitch. Lars Lagerback has also promptly responded by playing down the legends pedigree as a coach. I guess Lars is trying to say, you may have better players, but i am a better coach.

Kanu immediately responded at the post training press conference.

”African teams are tough and not rough. We all play professional football abroad and we know what obtains all over the world.

”On Saturday, we have a job to do and we are going to go all out to get that job done the best way we can. Maradona can say whatever but that cannot change our team pattern or style.”

The Portsmouth player stressed that the match is very crucial for both sides and Nigeria has a good chance of winning.

”Football is football any day. The Argentines should be afraid of us because we have no respect for big names. We have good players who can make things happen for Nigeria

”We have been working well to ensure we do well in the World Cup.” Kanu added.

Lagerback, however, added that he does not know Maradona at all as a coach.

”I only know him as a player and he is entitled to his opinion on whatever issue. All we have done is to prepare well and I can say we are 100 per cent ready for not just the match but the competition

”The players have worked so hard. Argentina has great team but we have to counter all of that I can tell you we are ready for the team no matter what Maradona says. His views will not change the outcome of the match in any way,” Lagaerback noted.

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