Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Making Money From Betting Online

When i started Naija football fans Forum, i never thought of a possibility of creating an online betting environment till I found out what some websites which i can not even describe as niche sites are doing. These Sites just create an environment for people to not just enjoy football or any game for that matter but turn it into a money spinner.

I was introduced to this system by Akin Alabi a very popular online marketer in Nigeria and a regular user of my forum. I decided to taste the waters and and i went into a voyage of discoveries.

Online betting has become some sort of industry that owners now rake in billions yearly. I am now thinking of starting one for my forum, maybe just to see how Nigerians respond to it and will be willing to get assistance from anyone who is interested and can help.

Currently i use Fonbet simply because they accept e-gold. Some accept just credit cards and Bank wire. However, you might not want to use your credit card details on a betting site. Others include bet356, 888 etc. Before joining try to find out their modus operandi. Taking time to go through some online casino reviewing sites to get information about them before starting can do you a lot of good. If your interested in just sports betting you are very well going to get the kind of information you desire. Here you will get objective opinion of reviewers and other people's comment. Need any help to start? Drop a comment here on on the forum.

Merry Christmas To All The Forum Members

Merry Christmas To All Fans Of This Beautiful Game

For Nigerians in General we are Sulking though about our failure to have a representative in the first five of CAF African Footballer of the year award. But when we look back in the year we still have a few thing to be happy about.
Winning the U-17 world Cup (Despite losing oach Yemi Tella sooon after), makes our year a worthwhile one.

The coming year will have a lot to say about what becomes of Nigerian football come 2010 world cup in South Africa. I'll leave this one for another days discussion.
For now let's Celebrate Christmas and also hope that the coming year offers us something good especially as we prepare for African Nations Cup in Ghana.

On Nigerian Football fans Forum

I wish to also use this opportunity to promise that this blog is going to be more frequently updated from now on, so a trip here on a daily bases will sure be one worthwhile.
The forum also has been arround for a year now and i also invite you to join our forum where everything and anything is on discussion. The forum with over 3000 members is Nigeria's first and Biggest Online Fan, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Barca, Madrid AC Milan, Inter fan, this is the forum with the highest conglomeration of football fans in Africa.

Meanwhile enjoy Chrsitmas and keeep it simple. Don't drink and drive. If you are travelling , please keep it at 100km/hr. Rather arrive late that be a Late. I have to run now. My girlfriend told me she'll be preparing Friend rice and grilled Chicken. I have been slivating for the past 3 days. Today is the D-day and I really have to run.

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