Monday, January 28, 2008

US Players And Online Casinos

The pronouncement on online gambling in the US has caused so much furrow. This has also ensured that US players have to join online with anonymous names and in fact some are packing up, while others are now allowing other forms of payments like e-gold and e-bullion in order to sort members from overseas.

It seems like a once booming industry is about to go crashing all the way down and users ready to use a casino online are reducing in numbers daily.

There are still ways and places this US players can get casinos to continue their favourites pastime. will offer most of what others don't offer. Though many online casino review sites will make mention of Rushmore, x-casinos goes further to bring to you more online casinos site under scrutiny. An objective review of all can be found on the home page of their site.

Looking for where to where to gamble legally online? Try this out.


Kush said...

I think that Berti Vogts should be sacked now! Let Kanu take over the squad till the end of the tournament.

Emmanuel E Ekanem said...

that's a rather drastic measure. Don't you think so?

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