Friday, June 01, 2012

Nigeria Vs Namibia in Nigeria’s Tourism Capital- Calabar

I know I should not let the way I feel or my own personal misgivings affect the way I analyze matters concerning the super eagles. I have abandoned this blog for so long ever since Samson Siasia was sacked and I really felt like there was nothing to talk about Nigerian football.

Now you need to understand with me. I am not a football journalist but a blogger and not just that, a football fan and I support my team with the bias you would expect from a football fan. I liked Siasia and for me, he was really unto something with the super eagles despite failing to qualify Nigeria for the last ANC. Maybe what I need to learn is that, as a fan, I need to understand I’m gonna have to live with much more knee jerk reactions and bullocks from the NFA and so, I’m just going to face my job of supporting and blogging about Nigerian football.  This is the only place in the world where it is acceptable to live in a Glass House, and throw stones.

Fast forward to June 2012.

Steven Keshi , a.k.a the ‘Big Boss’ as was known by team mates in the westerhof era is a coach that will take more than a couple of wins to win my support (Not that it matters in anyway). But I can be sure I am not the only one feeling that way. Granted that a lot of us fans were not happy Siasia failed to qualify us for the Nations cup, but then, he appeared to have bungled his way right into the left ventricles of our hearts. I mean some of us.

C-A-L-A-B-A-R : Come And Live And Be At Rest

The scenery of Calabar could tempt anyone to want to go around town and have a couple of drinks and sight see in some of the very attractive pubs around. But that will be the last thing on Keshi’s mind as Namibia come to town. If it is the same Calabar I have known, then the team wouldn’t have to do too much to get the support of the team. One thing they can be sure of, is, there will be no booing the team during their lows in the match. The pitch is good and so they can play if they want to.

I know nothing about the Namibians. I can’t say how much Steven Keshi knows. While we are supposed to worrying more about how we play, I think it will hurt no one if we find out what the strengths of the enemy are and try to neutralize them. For all I care, this team isn’t there yet. I expect us to win but then I am keeping my fingers very crossed!

"The players need to perform," said Keshi, appointed after Nigeria failed to qualify for the 2012 Nations Cup.
"There is always pressure because the fans still feel disappointed with the last Nations Cup.
"I'm not going to make excuses. They need to play good football and win the fans back. That's what Nigerians want."
I am glad the Big Boss knows that. All I can add to that is, the fans also expect the coach to perform. His selection vs Namibia will show intent and signs of things to come
He has also said there is no starting 11 yet and I wasn’t expecting any. All that is important for now is to pull our resources together and get a result and that is, WIN! I plan to be at the stadium to do what I’ll like to call tweet commentary. So if you aren’t there and you are not watching or you are watching but just love twitting like me, follow me on @emmanuelekanem 

So that’s that for now. Let get this stuff buzzing. Come on Eagles!

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