Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eduardo will Be Back In Nine Months

After a gruesome tackle and injury to Arsenal forward Eduardo Da silva, and a successful surgery following a fractured dislocation of the left Fibula and ankle joint many feared he might not be able to play again.

Two days later information from the club's medical staff has it that it would take him about 12 weeks to stop using clutches, and this will lowed by slight weight bearing exercises in about 6 months time. He should be recover fully and be ready to run again in about Nine months.

This is in tandem with Arsene Wenger's initial fear that this could mean the end of season for Eduardo. Arsenal is now even more depleted and this endangers their title hopes. Though Injury prone Robin Van Persie would be back in a week's time haven resumed training with the team this week. Whether he'll be fit to play just yet is yet to be decided. But we are sure Arsene will not want to rush him this time.

The team is now depleted both in the front and behind with Kolo Toure and Djouro still out.

We join everyone to wish Eduardo a quick recovery. If Arsene Wenger wins this league it will be wonderful as it now appears more difficult especially as rival United isn't having the same kind of problems.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nigerian Football Fans Will Not Accept Oliseh

"The FA has been and will always be the bane of our football, i think these peoples' brains are in their anuses, they employed Voghts, gave him an impossible contract, did not know how to sack him and now prefer Amokachie (with respect to him) over Keshi. I remember Keshi's zero tolerance for the FA's inept handling of football matters way back in his playing days, and i think that is why they do not want him but would rather want an Amokachie who will not rock the boat. When will the FA relegate their personal gains to our common gain in football matters?
by Oluwole (A forum member)

Apart from Prefering Amokachi, they are also considering Sunday Oliseh and shamefully, a section of Nigerian sports writers are clamouring and singing Oliseh's praises. The same Sunday Oliseh who called our bluff in this country, and even had to be banned from the National team by the late Ishaya Mark Aku for misconduct. The way the press is going, it is as if we all have Amnesia and have all forgotten the kind of insult Oliseh gave to Nigerians when he was needed.

I wonder whether it is what they intend to get from him that is causing this. They say, the devil you know is better than the Angel you don't know. I would even prefer an Amokachi to Oliseh, based on the fact this is one man who usually gave all without grudge. He never insulted our sensibilities throughout. We behave in this country as if we do not have a histroy. A country without history is inexistent.

Let Oliseh go back to his job in Belguim for all I care. The NFA should make a choice between Keshi, Amokachi and even Westerhoof if still available.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spurs and Juane Ramos Secures Carling Cup Glory

Spurs have been extremely impressive since the arrival of Ramos. From the 5-1 thrashing of Arsenal at the Lane to finally lifting the cup. In a very long time they have not enjoyed the kind of run they current enjoy in cup competitions. Spurs' success is their fourth League Cup win and first since 1999, the last time they won a major trophy. It also means their boss Juande Ramos has still never lost a cup final as a manager after five triumphs in Spain with Sevilla.

From a goal down they impressively staged a come back to lift the Title and become the first team to do so in the new Wembly. Non of the goals came from open play. Didier Drogba opened scoring putting the Blues ahead witha fine free kick right into the left corner of spurs's net. Second came from a spot kick expertly taken by Berbatov to level scores and bring spurs back into contention before an extra time rebound from a Jermaine Jenas free kick was headed home by Woodgate.

This leaves Chelsea now with three competitions to chase after as they were before now the only premier league side still in four competitions.Which ever way one chooses to look at it, Avram Grant has done a good work with a team many thought will stumble following the exit of Jose Mourinho. With a good chance on the Premier League, Champions League and the FA Cup Grant can't be said to have perfomed badly in his first half season with Chelsea.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Become An English Football Club Owner for Just 35 pounds

First Website Community Football Club Takeover In History was completed a few days ago giving me the reason to come online to write tis peace. I am writing not necessarily because of the ingenuity of promoters of the idea but to make a comparison of situations like this and where we are still dragging along in Africa.
Something like this goes to tell that we in Africa should begin to take football management more seriously if this could be achieved by a website community.

Imagine that we all know that football has become very big business and a very strong tool that a community website has staged such a crazy takeover idea of football club.

Ebbfleet United FC as the new club will be called, will have no manager and team selection will be carried out by members and the coach shall only suggest a team list but this will be vetted by members by vote o player will have to play well to be voted for across the world.

Members of the site
have paid for 75% holding in the club and the rest is to be spread over 2 years. The General public still have a chance to become members at a cost of 35 pound which has to be renewed yearly to retain membership.

Ebbsfleet United shareholders met on Monday night (18 February) to agree the takeover of the football club by the 28,250 members in 72 countries of MyFootballClub, to become effective today (Tuesday 19 February). This marks the world’s first website-community takeover of a football club and indeed is the first website-community takeover of any business. MyFC, which launched on 26 April 2007, has purchased a 75% stake in the club and members have so far contributed £1m.

The 75% stake in the football club will cost £625,000, with £400,000 paid upfront and the rest spread over two years. Almost 2,000 members have already renewed their membership beyond the first year, that money being ringfenced until the season of that extended membership begins.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Again Berti Vogts Resigns From His Job

Berti Vogts the coach who lead Nigeria to her worst African Nations Cup in recent times is said to have left his job. According to an interview with the tactician on Complete Sports website, the man
the man left blaming his departure on the NFA chairman LULU sighting loss of faith and can no longer work together.

However, he did not fail to express his lack of insight of the game of football when he said “The country expects the title win - without yielding a goal,”.
How on earth can a coach spill out such an insult? I expected him to shamelessly run away from the public glare but waiting around to make such an inciting statement only shows the man lacks everything it takes to be a coach.

A coach doesn't go making unguided utterances after leaving his job. Mourhino left and we haven't heard any such insults on Chelsea despite all the friction that existed between him and Roman Abromovich.

Imagine coaches like Arsene Wenger, Sir Alex ans so on coming out in the press in this manner. It is almost impossible. Those are coaches who are not just good but professional.

Yes strikers are expected to produce goals but i am also aware that a coach can make his players achieve anything. Examples are abound on this. While a coach expects his players to score, he also have to put in place the right game place that will show how this goal is expected to be achieved.

You don't just say go and score but the technique and how must be worked on. Good coaches read opposing teams and plan how to eek out goals from the most difficult situation. Except one never watched the super Eagles, you can not fail to see how directionless Mr Vogts was in all the games.
For the second time Berti Vogts resigns from a coaching job. Is he the only one? Why does he always resign from his job? First it was Scotland now Nigeria.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Arsenal VS Ac Milan : Preview

Arsenal has lost thrice this season and in all have come back with a win. They have been outstanding in the league despite being ruled out from the start of the season till now. They had a first champions League Final taste in a season when everything at home seemed to be going bad for the team. They were the exact opposite of what they were in the league when it comes to Europe.

Last season the team was knocked out of all all competitions within just 13 days and some are afraid this could repeat itself this season having already been knocked out of the Carling Cup and FA Cup by Spurs and Manchester United respectively.

However the team is confident the can bounce back from a disappointing 4-0 defeat at Old Trafford especially with all first team players except Alumnia available for tonights tie.

On paper, clearly the gunners are the underdogs in today's game as youth, hunger and quality come against experience and maturity and quality.

On the other end Ac Milan comes into this game with a boost of returnee players like Kaka and Alexandre Pato.
The team has everything apart from experience and quality but have failed to get it right in Seria A unlike their Champions league second round opponent.

The team is said to have started slowly in the past 3 or 4 seasons in the same pattern only to pick up in march and April and this is getting close to April but can it always be that way. The Gunners in comparison to this Milan team is no march but in the past we have seen this same inexperienced team go past teams like Juventus, Real Madrid etc.

In all of this one thing is sure. Quality football is in the offing and the entire football enthusiast across the world is waiting to see which one pays off- Youth/Experience or Hunger/Maturity ?

Arsenal (from): Lehmann, Sagna, Gallas, Toure, Clichy, Eboue, Fabregas, Flamini, Hleb, Adebayor, Eduardo, Fabianski, Senderos, Bendtner, Gilberto, J Hoyte, Traore, Walcott, Denilson.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Full draw for FA Cup quarter-finals

Full draw for FA Cup quarter-finals:

Sheffield United or Middlesbrough v Cardiff City

Manchester United v Portsmouth

Bristol Rovers v West Brom

Barnsley v Chelsea

Matches to be played on the weekend of 8 and 9 March.

With two of the big four(Arsenal and Liverpool) knocked out at the weekend, the stage is set for a likely repeat of last years final with Chelsea and Manchester United in poll positions to make it to the final. A cursory look at the FA Cup Quater Finals Draw gives these two an edge.

Porthsmouth for one had an unimpressive qualification to the Quater Finals and unless the lift their game, Manchester united will be so glad to send them out of it.

Barnsley, haven shocked liverpool will not be taken for granted by Chelsea . The Semi Finals qualifiers may look like this; Manchester United, Chelsea, Bristol and Middlesborough.

If United and Chelsea are not drawn together in the Semis, we should expect a final cracker of the two. United may now have an opportunity to pay Chelsea FC back in their own coin. This time without a Mourinho on the sidelines.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Let's Move from Ghana To Old Trafford

It;s been a while since i last posted on this blog. I hope guys didn't get too disappointed haven stayed off blogging fot 1, 2, 3, 4 days. Whoop! I couldn't believe it my self. I guess the Valentine wind blew hard and refused to move on from my domain. I had a swell time though. But now i'm back and as usual to talk about all that's been going on in the past couple of days.

Much has gone on in the NFA and Berti Vogts seems to be on the winning end. The Nigerian Football Association has never disappointed me as they usually take the line of action I expect them to take: a foolish one.

Last i heard was that Mr. Vogts has gone to FIFA to fight his impending sack and i am not against this but only against the fact that a country like Nigeria could have been cowed into signing such a tight end contract with the German tactician(If you call him that).

It's been all NFA. Question here is, is it still necessary to sack this man? If so can we afford to pay the alleged $1.5 million? Is that a good investment for us? It is really annoying, embarrassing and an insult to note that the same NFA who cry out all the time for paucity of fund have pushed themselves into this kind of trap. I am aware Nigeria wasn't too desperate for Vogts. To have signed such a contract depicts us as a country of fools. Well we can limit that to the people in the Glass House.

Still on the home front, our mediocre local teams Eyimba, Gombe and co will be out on the continental games and from indications so far, we are set for another shameful run. Not trying to be a prophet of doom. Just stating the obvious.

Today the most important thing in the world of football will be staged at Old Trafford and all eyes will be focused there from the blast of the whistle.

Manchester United will be looking to revenge their defeat by Arsenal in the FA Cup Final about 4 seasons ago. Arsenal is much depleted for injury. However both teams may field a relatively weak team but i suspect both Managers are just trying to out smart each other. So let's braze up for an explosive encounter. In essence, enjoy your selves and hope the NFA gets it right. They are saddled with vogts and he is proving to be a big Lumb to vomit.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Emmanuel Adebayor VS Christiano Ronaldo

These two players have been everything including outstanding this season and Adebayor has already won the Golden Boot for being the first to score 10 premiership goals.

Currently both players are 19 goals a piece and gunning for the second golden both at first to hit 20 goals.

From indications, who do you think will hit 20 goals first?
Many Bookmakers have tipped C. Ronaldo to win the Highest Goal scorer award for this season but currently it dosen't look likely anymore with Adebayor haven scored consistently in his last 9 games and looks set to continue with this fine form baring all unforeseen circumstances.

The golden boat is very widely open and available for both players grasp as much as the league title is also open for the big three. (Steven Gerrard thinks Liverpool are no longer title contenders).

Who do you think will be the highest goal scorer and in extension hit the 20 goals mark first.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Six-Time-Champions Egypt Too Hot To Handle

At the inception when the Pharoahs opened thier Ghana 2008 nations Cup account with a 4-2 maiming of Cameroon, most people including me thought itwas all fluke.

I have never given the Egyptians the respect they deserve even when they won the last edition hosted in Egypt. The problem I had with them is the negative football which i think all North African Sides are fond of. Their natural game is a game of hostilities especially when at home. They employ everything but posiitive measure to win matches a typical example is how they treat visiting teams when in the CAF champions league which they have held sway for years now.
For these reasons i usually do not give them credit when they win titles.

But this time, i was amazed at the quality of football the Egyptians played. They were marvellous throughout the competition as they made sure they won all their matches and score the higest number of goals scoring in every single game.

The upsets they created have seen big teams like Ivory Coast and Cameroon suffered their battering.

What is more spectacular about these Pharoahs is the lack of big names in the team. Apart from Abou Treika who came into lime light after coming 3rd runner up in the 2006 African Footballer Of the Year Award, no other player is really a name. Again these players ply their trade in the league in Egypt and goes to show what familiarity can achieve in football. The players mostly from Al haly of Egypt have won the CAF champions league back-to-back in the last two season with a spate of unbeaten runs.

They were not just outstanding individually but when it comes to linking up with one another. The game saw cameroon roaring in the first 10-15 minutes. Later on it was all a balance game till the end of the first half. On resumption, it was the North Africans who appear more likely to score a goal despite both sides pepertually threatening. The Egyptians were sleek and purposeful. It became very boring at a time and most of us were alreay brazing up for an extra time to be followed by penalty shoot out when the Pharoahs struke as they had a different plan up their sleeves.

It took some slopiness from Cameroon's defensive strong man Rigobert Song for the Egyptians to Score the goal that finally decided the winner of this edition of AFCON. Song was really sloppy there for he had several options to either pass the ball to the goalkeeper, turn around to put the back on play, or even put the ball out of play but he decided to wait until the Egyptian caught up to engage him in a tug of war, won the ball and sent the most desperate of passes which seperated the sides.

The Champions surely proved a point that winning the title two years ago was no fluke. I must say here that this is how to win matches. Winning without negative play as they were a site to behold.

What lessons should other teams learn from this? Maybe those planning to sack their coaches should remember that every new coach comes to form his own team and consistency is the only way out. This could also serve as a call to probably let Berti Vogts continue till 2010!

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Friday, February 08, 2008

The Ivorians Got a Shock Of Their Lives

The surprise of yesterday was Ivory Coast's ouster from the championship. The Ivoirians probably underrated the Egyptians initially and before they started taking them seriously it was already late.

Again, the hysteria is wanting to score by all means left them exposed too often at the back. The Pharaohs took good advantage of the situation to earn a somewhat scandalous win over the Ivoirians.

In the first game, i wasn't too surprised Ghana was knocked out as i already expected that in my Blog post.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ghana VS Cameroon

Ghana is host country and very good at least with home support behind them gives them a bigger advantage. They are likely going to carry the day.

But if you ask me to say what i think, i don't think Ghana will win. Cameroon is a team you can predict and they always come hiding and hit you hard just before you know what's brewing.

They started sluggishly as usual but have improved with every single game.
To be sincere with you i won't put my money on any of the teams to win today but if you ask me to take a risk on one of them, i'll go for Cameroon.

Reason is simple, from past records the Cameroonians have the knack of knocking out host nations. Again they are not easily intimidated. After the Tunsian game, many who doubted their abilities must sure have changed their minds by now.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

EBay To Ban Negative Feedbacks?

If you have ever done business on eBay you’ll understand the importance of the eBay feedback system.

It is also a fact that the feedback system is not totally reliable as some people can arrange with others to exchange feedbacks which help them appear like trusted individuals to intending buyers.

There is so much fraud on eBay ranging from item not received, to non-payment for items won and sometimes items paid for isn’t exactly what it was said to be. This brings to fore the reason why the feedback system should be strengthened.

Power sellers for example are almost always trustworthy and can help one reduce the chance of getting scammed.

EBay a PayPal company accepts PayPal as the preferred payment option and thus one can ask for a chargeback where transactions failed or one is not satisfied with the product offered. But the process of getting back this money is sometimes over bearing that it’s better not to get into it all.

Therefore the feedback system still remains the most reliable way of predicting a transaction that will likely failed. So the plan to ban members from leaving negative feedbacks from May 2008 may not go down well with buyers.

Sellers will certainly embrace this new policy if it comes to pass. But buyers will have to take so much risk as sellers can now do anything knowing they will not be left negative feedbacks.

This decision should be properly considered before implementation to avoid a total buyer boycott of eBay services.

Super Duper Semi Final For Ghana 2008

The super Eagles got eliminated in the quarter Final Stages of the current AFCON by a not just impressive Ghanaian team but technically sound as well. Just a few overly optimistic fans of the Eagles were disappointed. My last post which previewed the game clearly stated my lack of trust in the ability of the current Eagles especially in that of the technical crew.

Every football novice saw how Vogts’ inefficiency, cluelessness and lack of current football techniques sent the super Eagles to an early exit from the Nations Cup.

We are still licking our wounds and pondering at what should be the way forward for Nigerian football.

Should Vogts be sacked or not? Maybe I will let this be for now? We’ll wait and hear from the Nigerian Football Association. Knowing them for what there are, I expect a rash and definitely senseless decision to be taken soon.

Super Eagles have failed to progress and it seems to me that gone are the days when one could proudly say that a Nations Cup without Nigeria is like the World Cup without Brazil. It’s now more like a Nations Cup with Cameroon and Egypt is all that matters. These two have proven to be the most consistent teams in Africa in the past 18 to 20 years.

Cameroon has always found a way of getting to the semis. Right now the championship is turning out to be the best in history. All four teams left have won the cup for at least twice in the past and within them, they have won the title for 16 times. That is an average four times each. From this stage we can all expect the best of African football. Cameroon Vs Ghana, Egypt Vs Ivory Coast; this will not come as a surprise to any ardent follower of African football. It is what I call a super Duper semi final.

Back home in Nigeria, we will stay glued to our TV sets to enjoy what promises to be the most exciting semi finals in the history of the game in Africa.

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50 years Remembrance of the Munich Air Disaster

23 people wholly players of one of the world’s most respected clubs Manchester United died in an air Mishap 50 years ago today. This sent shock waves to all fans of Manchester United and the length of breath of the world.

Today marks 50 years after this sad event and we in Naija football fans forum join the entire world in remembrance of these fallen heroes.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Drogba Disputes Kanoute's Award

Wonders they say shall never end. Globacom has in the past organized a befitting African Footballer of the year award. In all honesty their organization of the annual event has been the best since inception. The concept of also moving it around is also welcome.

Nevertheless, we were surprised to hear that the date of the award has been slated for 1/2/08 which concided with the rest day of the on going AFCON. Despite the fact no team will be playing on that day, one wonders if Globacom expected teams and all stakeholders to abandon match preparation to attend an event in Togo considering the fact that players need to prepare well for next game and also have adequate rest before match day.

Why on earth did they allow this to happen. Now an otherwise epoch making event has just have it's shine taken away due to a slight oversight.

Drogba, according to the BBC this morning claims he won the title and that it was only given to Kanoute because he was unable to attend the event.

Is this true? It will be a very big taint on the image of the continent. Whatever, we do we should avoid anything that will affect the integrity the organizers of major events on the continent. Especially now that Africa is warming up to host the world in 2010.

So far we have not heard any official statement on this matter form Globacom. Are Drogba's claims really true?
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Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Eagles Failed For Lack Of Good Leadership

There has to be a real leader firgure for any team to move forward.
this can either be the coach, or a player.
In the case of the Eagles, apart from poor coaching and all that, the team really needed someone on the pitch who can spur them on when the goings get though.
I can't believe any less. This as correct as the situation is. I have always said that every team who will win something always have someone who takes the responsibility on himself when the cheaps are down. Cases of these are abundant.
Barca did a brace- Ronaldinho was there. Ac Milan did it last year- They had a Kaka who was outstanding. Man U did it last year- they had a C. Ronaldo who was outstanding. When Chelsea did it back to back . There was Drogba and Lampard
Look very well, any team who dosen't have at least one outstanding player usually find it difficult.There must always be a real leader within the team.
When italy lifted the world cup in germany- Cannavaro's contribution was invaluable
The Super Eagles had that In Kanu but unfortunately, just like it happened in Japan/Korea he got injured from the first game and that was the end of the team.Pity, Pity.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Samuel Eto’o; Now Second To None

Before Samuel Eto’o played his first game of the on going AFCON in Ghana, we were all looking forward to the fact that if Eto’o succeeded in scoring just one goal he would have equal the record of being only the second person in the championship history to have scored so many goals in the competition. Sixteen in total.

Eto’o has since gone ahead to do that and even exceeded it and has created a new all time scoring record. Samuel Eto’o for me is Africa’s most lethal striker in history and the fact that he has achieved this isn’t too much of a surprise to me.

Eto’o has achieved so much as a footballer and I was really baffled when he was short listed among the top three for 2006 African Footballer Of the Year Award despite staying out of action following a knee surgery for about 12 weeks on the sidelines. Now that was something.

As it is Samuel Eto’o is set to create a record that may take a long time before anyone could get close when one consider that Eto’o is still very young with many more years waiting for him. I can say that baring every unforeseen circumstances like injury and sudden drop in form, Eto’o may still appear in two more African Nations Cup competition and if this happens, records that may take decades to equal just could be on the way.

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Domain Registration

Someone called me yesterday wanting to register a domain name. After five minutes on phone with this fellow, I realized most netpreneurs are yet to have a full grasp of the line of business they have ventured into.

The business of web hosting and domain registration usually comes together and people who plan to go into it should try to find out about the business before they go into it.

If you visit a real domain registration website like, most of this information is well spelt out there on the site. You can get the information you’ll usually pay for free on this website.

I have been involved in this web hosting business for quite some time now and with I have always had my web hosting issues taken care of promptly especially when it comes to Cpanel web hosting for Africans and Nigerians in particular. Their services are usually concluded within 30 minutes and I will love to say this is the best web hosting company in Nigeria (Maybe Africa).However if you are a domain merchant, or you are interested in registering domain names for parking in order to make cash, or you are interested in domain registration for sale in future, you will need to go to companies who will offer you an account where you can manage all your domains from one single control panel.

Since your aim is to make profit, you’ll also need a company with low rates and fast support.

Some people think that owning a website is just buying a domain name they are done. That’s not true. After owning a domain name, you’ll need web hosting and then get you site designed and hosted on this server. Then and only then you can claim to own a website.

Ghana Vs Nigeria: Preview (Ghana 2008)

Really I am surprised the Ghanaians are rating Nigeria so high. As a Nigerian I want the super Eagles to get past Ghana but within me I don’t think we can achieve it. We have not been inspiring enough. There are so many reasons why I don’t think we can get past the Black stars.

So I was confused to hear that Abedi Pele is having sleepless nights about Ghana Playing Nigeria as he was afraid Ghana could be knocked out of the championship by Nigeria. That would be a big blow for the Ghanaians especially as host country. The entire country is looking at their team winning this cup and if the worse comes to worst, get to the final at least but losing in the quarter Finals will sure be unbearable to the Ghanaian populace.

I don’t mean to say Nigeria has nothing to offer. But we have all watched the Super Eagles play against Ivory Coast and Mali.

We have watched them struggle to beat the weeping boys of Group B (Benin), do you think that team you saw has what it takes to beat a highly motivated side like Ghana playing at home?

This is what I think. Definitely a game between these two is like a game between Nigeria and Cameroon. The Ghanaians are not going to rely on the fact that oh! We beat them 5-1 in a friendly game therefore we can do same. The Ghanaians have their eyes on the trophy and they also know that to do that, Nigeria is one obstacle they must overcome. The super Eagles have a way of springing surprises and with their performance so far, there is a chance they may be slightly underrated by the Ghanaians. This will be disastrous if it happens.

Injuries will particularly favour no one over the other. Osaze who has been most inspiring for the Super Eagles will be out due to suspension and on the Ghanaians side, I think I also heard Appiah will be out.

What the Eagles have in attack, the Ghanaians have in midfield. The Eagles’ defense is one of the best in this competition haven conceded just once in three games. The Ghanaians also have a good record in this department. However, there is a likely return of Kanu Nwankwo for Nigeria; one player I know the Ghanaians dread so much (if fit to play). The victory against Benin surely increased confidence in the Super Eagles camp and could fire them up in the game.

Despite all these the Ghanaians still look more likely to carry the day. Most bookmakers give it to Ghana. However, if the Black stars under rate these Eagles, they will surely pay for it.

So who do you think will win? Vote Now!

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