Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How Not to Enter Bad Credit Situation

Someone once said an average American is just one paycheck away from being broke. If we can just inculcate the saving for a raining day habit you might not have to get into the desperate situation of bad debt.

This blog is targeted at Nigerians who live in the US and have found themselves in the bad credit quagmire they don’t know how to get out. Truth is the reason this happens at all is not far fetched. The Credit card culture isn’t helping matters at all. You feed on your next months salary even before you start working for it.

It is such a vicious circle because they then live from hand to mouth day-in day-out. Several bad credit firms have now sprang up to help them continue to live a normal live a normal life. While the solution is to live within your earnings, Bad Credit Offers dose offer at least a temporary solution to this problem.

In bad credit situation, it becomes more difficult to find a loan. But Bad Credit Offers still offer bad credit loans ranging from home loans, to auto and even personal loans etc. with flexible plans that can help you rebuild your credit and gain some reputation again.

Good thing is, if you have found yourself in this situation you can’t get a better offer that can help you back on your feet. However, the best way to manage bad credit is never to get in it at all.

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Michelle said...

Of course it's better not to enter bad credit, but if you have it and need bad credit mortgage, before you are going to get bad credit mortgages, be sure that you know all this tips:
1. Don’t borrow too much in the first place
2. Allow for the fact that interest rates may go up
3. Allow for the fact that your income may go down
4. Prioritize
5. Fixed rate agreements come to an end at some point
6. Get rid of the millstone
7. Do not sublet without permission
8. Speak to the lenders

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