Friday, June 12, 2009

Tunis-Super Eagles Last Chance Of Redemtion

Each time i come online to place a post about the super eagles, i can't help hating myself for having so much pessimism about our chances of qualification for the world cup. I know by now many who are frequent readers of my blog may have started hating me already especially for being "so unpatriotic".

You never know. You probably don't want the Super Eagles to have a good outing as much as i do.
From the beginning, my problem has been with the penchant of our NFF to set the bar so low when it should be high and so high when it should be low.

Till tomorrow, i will maintain that the decision to appoint Amodu as the Eagles coach was a blunder. I do not think the eagles should be worrying about qualifying for the world cup but rather, how far they will go at the world cup.
We have failed to plan once again, and now we hear trumpet blowers telling whoever cares to hear that everyone should rally round Amodu. While i have no problem with that, i maintain it wouldn't have been necessary especially at this stage we have done our home work and made the right decisions when we had time on our side.

Our dream should be surpassing our previous records at the world cup and if the NFF had that in mind, they should have known that the current technical crew headed by Amodu Shuaibu has not the technical-know-how to achieve that.
So for me it is painful and derogatory that we are once again at the mercy of another country as far as our world cup campaign is concerned. I am afraid! I don't just want to think it.

May we qualify i hope. At this moment for me, i am already thinking of the next world cup for i know that even if we manage to qualify, this team really has nothing to offer. Amodu dosen't have it. We should all hold the NFF responsible.

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