Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Emmanuel Adebayor VS Christiano Ronaldo

These two players have been everything including outstanding this season and Adebayor has already won the Golden Boot for being the first to score 10 premiership goals.

Currently both players are 19 goals a piece and gunning for the second golden both at first to hit 20 goals.

From indications, who do you think will hit 20 goals first?
Many Bookmakers have tipped C. Ronaldo to win the Highest Goal scorer award for this season but currently it dosen't look likely anymore with Adebayor haven scored consistently in his last 9 games and looks set to continue with this fine form baring all unforeseen circumstances.

The golden boat is very widely open and available for both players grasp as much as the league title is also open for the big three. (Steven Gerrard thinks Liverpool are no longer title contenders).

Who do you think will be the highest goal scorer and in extension hit the 20 goals mark first.

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