Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dream Team IV Hit SA 3-0: Qualifies For Beijing 2008

Taye Taiwo and Victor Anichebe yesterday both fired Nigeria to victory against the South African Olympic team to claim the only ticket of the group.

The second came following immense pressure from the Team forcing an own goal when a south African defender tried to clear the ball.

Anichebe was making his debute for Nigeria and started well with a good goal that saw Nigeria leading 3-0.

anichebe taye_taiwo_pr

But players' goal ensured Nigeria qualified for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China.


The team had been promised $4000 by the sports ministry and $1000 by NFA making $5000 for a victory. They didn't particularly play well as the south Africans ran rings round them until the first goal was scored. The goal came at the 30th minute through a beautiful corner from the right by Kennedy Chinwo which was headed home by Taiye Taiwo. Before Anichebe added a third. The game eventually ended 3-0 in the Dream Team IV's favour.

We believe that as usual Siasia's purposefulness will bring out the best in these boys before the Olympic proper. The NFA should at least do their work this time and support this team now and not wait till it is time to go to Beijing to start promising unrealistic amount of money as match bonuses.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ministry and NFA Bet Against Dream Team IV @ $5000

The U-23 team are to file out today against South Africa in Abuja to wrestle the only available ticket of the group from Ghana.

The Ghanians are hoping Nigeria will bungle this by not winning. A draw will see the Ghanians top the group and go away with the sole ticket.

Shamefully after refusing to provide funds for Siasia to take his boys on a training tour of the US, the ministry of sports and the NFA are as usual announcing large sums of money if the boys win.

In my opinion, it seems to me the NFA is betting against Nigeria. they know the boys have not had adequate preparation and they are offering $5000 if they win knowing they might not win.

Is this not treasonable? I think it is an act of sabotage to come out with $5000 promise for each of the players if they win after working hard to scuttle their efforts.

This is something we should give a very close scrutiny.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Siasia on The Match Again

Super  Eagles captain Nwankwo Kanu has arrived Nigeria to support the national U-23 side when they file out against the Amaglug-glug of South Africa as they battle for the 2008 Olympic Games ticket at the Abuja National Stadium on Wednesday

This is one Nigerian coach I admire so much not just because he has done us proud in the past but the fact that he's so committed to what he does.

He's got this doggedness which is very rare in the Nigerian coach. He has the ability to manage men which i think is what makes him so special.

A victory tomorrow will set him on another history making mission to the olympic. so lets us come out and drum support for the rare gem. Thanks to Kanu, many will now also see the need to support him.

According to Kanu Nwankwo “We must be at the Olympics, we have all it takes to be there and all of us must support Samson Siasia and his boys to get the Olympic ticket. I will be there myself.”

We need to encourage our own coaches.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Soccer Fitness 101 E-book

Are you interested in getting fit like the pros?

Want to know what to do to be fit like all the pros you watch play everyday?

The ebook for soccer fitness is what you need.

Follow the below to get there. You can even pay in NAira.

Soccer Fitness 101

Cost just N3,600.00 only

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Prescription Glasses Can Be stylish

Now i hate it when i see people put on what i prefer to call Goggles  all in the name of wearing prescription glasses.

Great Discovery: Zenni Optical $8 Glasses is the perfect solution to help give you a good look even when you are putting on the usual prescription glasses.

So guys you can still look sexy and attractive despite the fact you are visually impaired.

They've got them in plastic or acetate as well as in metal stainless steel rims.

It's really worth checking out.

Guide to the best us online poker rooms

Following a new law prohibiting online Gambling in the US, us online poker players have been finding it a bit difficult to locate web sites where their needs can be met.

I have in the past made mention of some. Maybe this is just like a follow up.

Of course there are still some of these online poker rooms accepting us players despite this.

A few blogs also have taken particular interest on this latest development just like we have been following it. is one of the places where online where you can get some good stuff and probably a list of online poker rooms where US players are allowed.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Arsenal Vs Liverpool (Champions League Quarter Final Preview-2008)


Among the English quartet that have made it to the quarter final stages of the champions league, only the game between Arsenal and Liverpool seems really worth talking about.

Though bookmakers support Arsenal to win the match, many analysts have questioned such stance especially with the gunners currently at a slowed pace and almost a shadow of themselves in their last two premiership game after the historic victory at San Siro.

The Quarter final fixtures is as follows:

Champions League quarter-final draw:
1 Arsenal v Liverpool
2 AS Roma v Man Utd
3 Schalke 04 v FC Barcelona
4 Fenerbahce v Chelsea

Champions League semi-final draw:
1 Arsenal/Liverpool v Fenerbahce/Chelsea
2 Schalke/Barcelona v AS Roma/Man Utd

Before this draws, Wenger is said to have expressed is desire not to be paired with an English team and many have since interpreted this to mean fear.

I think if you ask Manchester united, they'll also tell you they'd prefer to play against some other team than play Arsenal. The thing is that playing a local team puts one against a team too familiar of your style and thus can be difficult sometimes.

Liverpool being what they are in Europe, more people think they should carry the day. But this is one Champions League game I will prefer not to say anything. The reason is that, Liverpool seems to always have the know how in Europe. But now they will be playing against Arsenal, a team that has already dominated them this season in the league right there at Anfield. Though with Arsenal's current form, anything can happen. From the beginning of this season, I have said the season will be decided by who is hungriest for a title when the chips are down. So whether Liverpool will carry the day or not, it isn't going to be as easily as they found Inter Milan.

My prediction is that, I don't see Liverpool escaping a defeat in the Emirates Stadium. How well they can turn that around in Anfield may be the decider.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nigerian Bloggers, Let's Support King Clemment and Ade Oyegbola: Enough Stealing our Patents

Above is a picture of the $100 laptop promoted by the OLPC(One laptop per child)

King Clement Uwemedimo, the CEO of Commandclem Nigeria limited is an inventor who for close to 30 years has been fighting to get what rightly belongs to him. King Clement, now blind is said to have invented an anti-corrosive paint which found great usefulness in the oil industry all over the world and one would expect him to be in Millions today especially after screaming 'Eureka!'

That was not to be a Mobil oil is said to have reneged in the agreement to [pay royalties the engineer whose ingenuity brought about the said anti-corrosive agent.

Despite recognition by the world body as the original owner of the The KONYAN keyboard designed by Ade Oyegbola. A multi Lingual keyboard.
patent, King Clement is yet to receive a dollar as royalties. Instead, the constituents were revealed to foreign competitors who now produce and sell same at will still without paying any form of indemnity to the patent owner.
A few years ago, Commandclem Nigeria limited won a court case that directed the various oil companies all over the world to pay up what is being own the King which is said to now run into Trillions of dollars, an amount that could make him indisputably the richest man in the whole wide world.

OLPC keyboard. Spot the difference.
While the Nigerian people are yet to finish with this nightmare, a certain ADE OYEGBOLA, an inventor from Nigeria who claims the One Laptop Per Child nonprofit stole his designs for a Nigerian keyboard. He recently won a round in a Lagos court. Now this week, Oyegbola is pressing his case in U.S. federal court.

In this suit he is pressing for $20million in damages. There seem to be a grand conspiracy to prevent development from Africa by the west. We expect that, as usual the west who claim first to keep and obey court orders, who tell us every now and then that the Rule of law must always be obeyed, should have rose up in defense of the King, with sanctions on the Oil companies involved to pay up all amount owed King Clement, not that there are afraid to let such an amount in the hands of one individual especially who is neither American nor British.

What is the assurance that if Aye wins his case in the US, his case will also not be pushed under the carpet?

Is is not interesting that there hasn't been a mention of Commandclem by the big media houses of the west despite the enormity of the sums involved?
This is a sign and a call for all Nigerians and concerned Africans to come all out and create a buzz about these two. We don't have the BBC, CNN and others behind us but we have a large blogging community in Africa. We all can create awareness. Let the world know what is going on. There is no crime in an African becoming the richest man in the world.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Calabar: Paradise Of Fear?

Following the alleged killing of a soldier in Calabar, the Nigerian Army officials have besieged the major street of Calabar (Ndidem Usang Iso Rd) and residence and business owners along the road now leave in perpetual fear for the past three days.

This development has become really disturbing especially when football lovers hoping to catch a glimpse of the Champions League match between Liverpool and Inter Milan yesterday were all sent home in what seemed like a partial curfew at gun point.

Stories have it that the entire mayhem resulted when a soldier's girlfriend was patted in the ass by a guy passing by. The soldier is said to have protested and this may have provoked the boys who teamed up to beat him up along with two other soldiers who were with him. The soldiers are however said to have tried to call for back-up  when their assailants took to their heels. However, one of them was said to have ran after the fleeing hoodlums who later realized he was alone and cornered him. This time beat him to death.

Since then, despite the soldiers destroying every visible structure with semblance of a pub, they have continued to intimidate residents and passers-by  so much that 6 o'clock in the evening is no longer save to be seen along Ndidem Usang Iso Road in Calabar.

I am however worried that if this is not stemmed at the bud, another Odi community may soon surface, this time in the hitherto peaceful city of Calabar, Nigeria's preferred tourism destination. Again has the Nigerian Army lost control of it's soldiers? How come a group of soldiers can easily leave the Barracks to cause so much destruction and yet accountable to know one? The hoodlums who perpetrated this heinous act should be sorted out and brought to book but in a civilized manner for it is a shameful thing for this to continue to happen in this country. This Jungle justice must stop!


You can get other details on this story from The CalabarGist Blog

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Samuel 'The Nigerian Nightmare' Peter Makes History

Samuel peter had to overcome so many hurdles to get to conquering the world. From denials of winning James Tony that he had to fight twice to finally be allowed a shot at the World Heavy Weight title bout.

Beating Mcline was however not enough to earn him the coveted title of 'The Heavy weight Champion of The Wold', he still needed to overcome runaway Oleg Maskaev to finally strip him of that title.

March 08 2008 for Samuel Peter was to be a history making day and so much has been said with pundits doubting whether Peter's punches were capable of knocking the dreaded Oleg out. I also did.

Samuel sure has one thing working for him, and that is discipline being a devout Christian and married, so the chances of getting into trouble like others do is reduced.

The City of Uyo in Nigeria was agog despite the fact the fight was being staged in far away Cancun, Mexico. The entire country virtually stayed up till 4.30am Nigerian time as no one was willing to miss the chance of seeing history being made. My mobile phone alarm woke me up at exactly 4.30am, my friend Dr. Mfon drove me straight to the local viewing center as they wasn't any light in town for the past 3 days. PCHN aka NEPA has taken the light following a 'drizzle'. By the time we got there it was as quiet as a grave yard and we had to hurriedly drive to the local pub 'Crab' and there we met a crowd already seated for the bout at that time of the day. Impressive!

The fight finally started at about 5.00am with Samuel Peter dominating from the word 'go'. You need to see the reaction of the crowd especially at the third round when Peter started delivering those right handed punches he's known for. It turned out unlike what Oleg said before the fight, Samuel isn't just a Bull, but a Bull which wouldn't carry the rider on it's back but chooses to trample on him.

It was in the 6th round that Samuel finally proved that a new world champion has arrived. Oleg had tried to jump into Sam with a right, but unfortunately Sam was waiting with his trademark right fist. That sent Oleg staggering backwards. This time Samuel saw Maskaev's legs were wobbling and went for the kill hitting out about 7-8 straight punches without even a single reply from Oleg. He was dropping and out of orientation. The umpire had to intervene to save his life. This was after Peter had already won all the previous rounds. Oleg Maskaev was roundly beaten. Samuel Peter was then declared the World Heavy Weight Champion with a technical knockout.

Friday, March 07, 2008

English Teams Set To Dominate Europe- When Will FIFA and UEFA Stop This Bias?

So far Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea are through to the last eight of the Champions league. We all expect Liverpool to go through and that will make four English teams in the last eight. Imagine one country producing four teams while the rest of Europe will share the remaining four slots.

It only telss us that English football is probably the best, hardest and most difficult. It also shows that the level of competition in English is far higher than in many other European countries.

The reason the world Footballer of the year award will not be given to a player playing in English is just dicrimination.

For about four seasons now, England has continued to dominate other countries in representatiopn at this level of the champions League.

I am definately not a Manchester United fan but i do not believe than Lionel Messi perfomed better to have come ahead of Christiano Ronaldo in the world Player award. Pushing Chritiano Ronaldo and Messi down below messi was the height of dicrimination.

This season we are likely to see and all England Finals. Maybe then, it will become glaring enough to the entire world that English has just been suffering from the Bias of those in UEFA and FIFA.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Arsenal outclassed AC Milan with a style that suggested they can reach a second CL Finals

Arsenal outclassed AC Milan with a style that suggested they can reach a second Champions League final in three seasons
Can they get to the Final again. Ancelloti agreed that his team was Outclassed by Arsenal. Does this mean that this Arsenal this is unbeatable especially when they are complete. You can actually count the number of games they have lost this season on your finger tips.
In all these games, they team lost , they was always an injury crisis, or resting of players for a different championship. Ofcourse by the time the big players are deployed it was usually over.
Yesterday we saw an Arsenal team without Kolo Toure and Van Persie make history in San Siro. Doing what no English tem has ever done and in Style. Though it is too early to say, but Is this another run to the final for Arsenal?

Join the debate

Monday, March 03, 2008

Was Everton's Cahill Wrong?

Wonders they say shall never end. They way we think in Africa is probably defective if what happened in the premiership last weekend when Cahill (Everton) scored his first goal since the end of December and chooses to celebrate in a manner he enjoys.

The celebration has since become an issue of press discuss so much so that despite not being penalized by the officials, a section of the press is calling for his head.

Sean Cahill's Elder brother is said to have been jailed in January for for six years in January for grievous bodily harm with intent.

Granted that FIFA tries to stay away from every form of political displays in football and one could justify the penalty on the Egyptian supporting the fighting in Gaza in the just concluded AFCON. To this extent, he had displayed a message that meant only that. But how does the crossing of hands signify a handcuffed hand. It is very ambiguous and the press should give him the benefit of doubt.

Besides, thought it was a free world? Has his action infringed on any body's rights? The English press should spare us some of this unnecessary hype. Cahill is a human being and even what he did was in solidarity with his Sean's case, i think that it's his right to do so.


What's your view on this? Join the debate.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor, Suffers Racism On Facebook

Guys, racism on facebook?

Racism has always been a part of football, but i don't know why i was so pissed to hear what some people are doing to Adebayor on facebook.

This post was culled from Asenal-Mania. Please read and leave your comments.

"If chanting about Eduardo's injury isn't bad enough, they have now lowered themselves to the level of racist chanting. I only heard the other day about the racism suffered by Avram Grant's family at the Carling Cup final and hopefully they will be punished for that but if anyone ever hears the dirty c**nts chanting this little number, then I suggest that it is reported just like this dirty group on facebook should be -
adebayor....adebayorrr....his dad washes elephants and his mum is a whore!! ... amp;ref=nf
The description of this group is also highly offensive and not only should the group be banned, but the creator and everyone in it should also be banned.
Not only is it a blantant racist remark to assume that because Emmanuel Adebayor is from Togo in Africa, his father must therefore wash elephants, it is also highly disrespectful to a man who is no longer with us. For those who dont know, Emmanuel Adebayor's father passed away not so long ago which just makes this chant even worse than it already is.
Can you imagine how Emmanuel Adebayor himself would feel on a football pitch if he was subjected to this chant? Its disgraceful and I really think something needs to be done about this, its completely overstepping the mark.
I think if they are caught chanting this they should be thrown out of all cup competitions and the league until they can learn that this kind of behaviour is completely unacceptable."

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