Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Liverpool Vs Chelsea: So Unpredictable

I sometime admire the confidence of some football analyst especially when it comes to ruling out teams in their predictions.LOL.
I have watched some high profile matches recently .Talk of Arsenal-MAn U, Arsenal-Liverpool, Arsenal-Chelsea, and now we are looking up to greate games like Manchester vs Barca, Liverpool Vs Chelsea , Manchester United vs chelsea etc.

Truth is to me, even though i sometimes throw a couple of dollars into football betting, i have decided to stay away from it at the season draws to a close.
The games get more and more unpredictable. As Liverpool takes on chelsea today, a lot of people have given it to Liverpool due to their recent finess especially after thrashing Arsenal 4-2 despite their superior play.

What do you think?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

PLEASE BOYCOTT British Airways

Welcome to the blog. Today i would not be talking about football. Infact wouldn't be talking about anything. Recieved this email in my box and was so furious i had to post it on the blog in solidarity. If you are a Nigerian, even if you aren't you'll understand what i mean. This young man got embarrased for doing nothing except that he's Nigerian. Read on........................ Emmanuel

On the 27th of March 2008 at about 12:30pm, I boarded the British Airways
flight BA75 and I went straight to seat 53C.

On getting to my seat, there were noises from an individual being forcibly
restrained but who was not visible because some police officers and some
plain clothes people held him down. The noise continued for more than 20
minutes and I was concerned because the individual was screaming in agony
and shouting in pidgin English "I go die" meaning, I will die. I pleaded
with the officers not to kill him and my exact words were "please don't
kill him". The British Airways staff said that the officers were doing
their jobs and that nothing was going to happen. The noise became louder
and other passengers started getting concerned and were complaining
especially about their safety. The situation continued for another 15
minutes after I got on.

Eventually, a member of the cabin crew announced that the passenger was
going to be removed and the passenger was removed from the plane and we all
thought that was the end of the situation. Five minutes later, two members
of the cabin crew arrived with about 4 police officers and told me to get
off the plane. I asked what the matter was and they said that I was not
going to travel with the airline because the cabin crew thought I had been
disruptive by questioning the noise being caused by the person that was
removed. I pleaded with them that I was going for my brother's wedding and
that I had all his stuff with me. I was dragged out of the plane as if I
was resisting arrest. As we got to the corridor that linked the plane with
the terminal building, I was slammed against the wall and made to sit on
the floor. I was still pleading with them telling them that they had
completely misunderstood me and that I was only complaining about the
situation regarding the disturbances caused by the deportee they were
trying to restrain and subdue. I was on the floor for about 20 to 25
minutes. Another passenger was brought to the corridor as well and he was
also pleading with the officers.

I was later put in the back of the police van at about 1:50pm and I was
locked up there for about an hour or more still handcuffed. I was formally
arrested approximately 2:30pm and my rights were read to me. Before the
arrest in the van, I managed to reach for my pocket and brought out my
mobile phone. I made some phone calls to my wife, sister and a friend while
the low battery sign was on because I was all alone and still handcuffed.

I was later driven to the police station where I was formally checked in. I
was in police custody for almost 8 hours and later released on bail after
the interview with the duty solicitor and the detectives. I had £473.00 on
me which was seized as well as £90.00 sent to my mother in-law from my
sister in-law and £1,050.00 given to me by my cousin who is a doctor for
the upkeep of his parents in Nigeria. All the money together was £1,613.00.
I was told that I would appear in a magistrate court to prove the money was
not meant for crime or proceeds of crime. The officer told me that they
will like to see traceability and that I needed my payslips and bank
account detailing my payments and withdrawals as well as my cousin's
payments and withdrawals.

I was released but without the money. I made my way to terminal 4 and
arrived there at about 12:30am but the British Airways kiosks were closed.
I was directed to the staff room and told them that I wanted to rebook my
trip to Lagos. A lady told me to give her my ticket and she stated that
British Airways has banned me from travelling with them indefinitely and
that only the managers can use their discretions because I was a
'disruptive passenger'. I requested for my 2 piece luggage and she told me
that the section will be opened later at about 5:30am and I will be
escorted in to collect them. I slept on the chair and waited till about
5:30am and attempted to rebook my ticket but was told that British Airways
refused to take me. I decided to go and pick up my stuff and I was told
that my luggage were missing. I was handed a form with reference number
LONBA90924. At this point, I became totally stranded because I could not
leave without my luggage because it contained my brother's wedding suit,
shirts and accessories.

I was on the phone with my wife and she wanted to book an alternative
flight that departs at 10:15am so that I could make it for the wedding.
This was not possible because British Airways refused to disclose where my
luggages were and did not remove my luggage from the flight when they
called the police to arrest me.

On Monday 31st of March, I appeared at the Magistrate court but was told
that a decision was made about the £1,613.00 that was seized from me. The
police had been granted a further 90 days to hold on to the money pending
their investigation. I was given the officer's details . He requested 12
months bank statements and 6 months payslip to prove that the £473.00 that
belongs to me was not proceeds of crime and also requested that the
£1,050.00 that was given to me by my cousin for his parents should also be
traced to my cousin's 12 months bank statement and 6 months payslip. DC
Webster has promised to write me detailing these requests.

Still on Monday 31st of March 4 days after I was taken off the plane, I
made extra efforts to find out the whereabouts of my 2 piece luggage
(LONBA90924), because they have not been sent to my address as promised by
calling the lost baggage section at 13:44hrs and spoke to a man called Neil
who said that, it is difficult for them to trace my bags and that there is
a strong possibility that they might be in Lagos. He suggested that I
should call back in 24 hours.

Eventually, one week and one day later, my bags were brought to me at home.
One was badly damaged and the other was intact. British Airways delibrately
made sure I missed the wedding because if they were kicking me off their
flight, they would have removed my bags from the flight. They were all
there when the police officers made me to sit on the floor and heard me
pleading to allow me fly for my brother's wedding. I could have made either
KLM or Virgin Nigeria the following Friday morning.

I will not want to believe that the authorities involved in the situation
deliberately or cleverly punished me unnecessarily out of frustration for
not being able to restrain or subdue a deportee or that I as a fee paying
passenger was accused of affray with violence when I was voicing my
concerns about the disturbances caused by the deportees. I never mentioned
any abusive or swear words neither was I physically threatening anyone. My
luggage mysteriously was lost and I have been banned on all British Airways
flights without a chance to say my part of the story to redeem myself. 135
passengers were asked to leave the flight because they expressed
displeasure regarding the disturbances caused by the deportees and the
officers trying to restrain him. My ticket was even refused to be endorsed
by BA to enable me to fly with another airline. I need full compensation of
my loss and also a letter of apology from British Airways.

Please copy and past this on your own blog.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Siasia: The Bolton Challenge

Samson Siasia is one coach from Nigeria whose rise to stardom has come somewhat sudden considering the fact that most of his mates (the famous 1994 team) who have also ventured into coaching are yet to get the limelight as much as he has.

How dedication pays! Siasia in my understanding has achieved all that he's achieved today not due to any special assistance from the NFA but by his own personal conviction to succeed and the reason he went all out despite a lingering dearth of resources, provided for his lads and inspired them to WYC final against Argentina in 2005 and would have won but for the referee's controversial penalties awarded the south Americans.

I knew Siasia was destined for great things when despite how glaring it was that the referee's decisions was what denied his team the trophy, he chooses to blame the lack of professionalism of his lads instead.That was the first real sign this man is a professional. I am however not surprised he has continued to rise up the ladder of the big coaches. He knows how to pick his job. He doesn't just take a job because he needs the pay but appraises the situation to know whether he can impact in the status quo.

Whether he finally gets the nod to take Bolton next season or not, the truth remains that, to even be considered is great honor. I have no doubt in my mind Siasia can deliver at Reebok Stadium.

Do you think Siasia can perform at Bolton? Let's here your comments.

Amodu Shuaibu: Definitely The Wrong Man

I have never for one minute been deceived that Amodu Shuaibu is the best coach for the Super Eagles. As a matter of fact, Amodu does not have what it takes to thinker the super Eagles.
It is natural for people to argue that, after all he's very experience but the question is what did his experience bring to us while he was at the helm of affairs.

Why was he sacked in the first place if he was performing so so well. Are we now saying we are being forced due to circumstances to accept what was not good enough for us in the past?
Amodu was sacked for under performance, what sense does it make bringing a man you have once sacked for failure back into the fold?
Even if Samson Siasia refused, which i think he should in order to concentrate on Dream Team IV, there sure should be someone else good enough. Twice we have gone back to our vomits to hire Amodu and at the end what? We get nothing. All we do is allow him chill out for a while and then bring him back to continue with the same old thing and where he left off.
Coaches are hired based not just on an on-lookers experience but past achievement at the same level he's expected to work.
With Amodu, i don't see us moving a step further than the disgrace of Ghana 2008.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

European Champions League 2008: Last Men Standing

This season has been so beautiful for English football and even if an English team fails to win the Champions league which is unlikely the game certainly has benefited enormously this year. Incidentally three English teams made it to the last four (and that is something i know doesn't happen very often) in the same year England has failed to make it to Euro Cup. Maybe this is now well compensated for.


This year, of the four coaches whose team scaled the hurdles to move to the semis, three have savour the feeling of winning it in the past except one. Among Fank Rijkaard, Alex Ferguson, Avram Grant and Rafa Benitez, only Grant is the new comer and whether this will decide who finally goes away with Europe's most prestigious cup championship is yet to be see.

Rijkaard has won it both as a player and a coach. Rafa Benitez has won it once with Liverpool and has been three semi Finals in the last four years.

grant rafa

Alex Ferguson did it in the treble year more than 15 years ago. In current form Rafa Benitez will appear to be above the rest. However, even Avram who is the least experienced could prove to be a difficult nut to crack.

He's got a crack team who have rediscovered their killer instinct just at the right time and in current form across Europe one can not afford not to rate them as among the best three.

Which of this men does this year belong to?

Sunday, April 06, 2008

What are Arsenal's Chances Of Winning A Title This Season?

Going by Arsene Wenger's selection for the Saturday's game against Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal seems to think their chances of getting to the Champions League Final and winning it is more realistic than winning the premier league title now. Emmanuel Adebayor was rested for a greater duration of the game which ended 1-1 after Peter Crouch found the back of the net to put Liverpool ahead and a Bretdner strike that could only rescue a point for the once table toppers.

Adebayor really must be in a good shape for the Gunners to get anything out of the Tuesday trip to Anfield else, I see no reason why an out-of-form Robin Van Persie should be paired with an inexperienced Theo Walcot against a crack team like Liverpool. With the 1-1 draw, Arsenal seems to have finally conceded the title to Manchester United.

It is really sad that the season seems to be crashing at these young Gunners at this time after a very impressive first half and will be a pity if they fail to capture at least a title.

But what are their chances of a title this season? Presently apart from Emmanuel Adebayor slowing down, the defense will be the major department of the team that could make or mar Arsenal's hope of a title this season. At the moment only Senderous and Clichy seem to have the right focus to help the team and apart from an occasional William Gallas goal scoring spells, nothing else is really inspiring about the Arsenal last four. Kolo Toure and Gallas have become a shadow of themselves having so much problem holding back opposing strikers especially in aerial balls and understanding each other. Their lack of coordination has seen Arsenal concede some very bad goals resulting in 6 draws, a lose and just one win in the last 8 premier league games. With Bacary Sagna set to be out for another 2 weeks and Djouru still out the manager will have to continue with this four and to me this is where the problem lies.

For Arsenal to move to the next stage of this Champions League and further brighten a title hope, they need to at least score a goal at Anfield without conceding any. My doubt is not in whether they will score but whether they can avoid conceding a goal. They seem to have forgotten how not to concede.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Liverpool Vs Arsenal- Who Goes Through?

The Arsenal Vs Liverpool game played yesterday has sparked a lot of debate on the fans forum today._44535239_rafa_getty203

Read one post and my reply i will like to share with you:

Haven't been here for quite a while, so didnt join this debate from the begining and therfore wont really join now before everyone says that i am commenting with the benefit of hindsight. Just want to reply Emmanuel and his prediction of 2-0 win for Arsenal against Liverpool - IN A CHAMPIONS LEAGUE MATCH FOR THAT MATTER!!!. I know many people think it doesnt matter whether it is Premier league or champions league, but that is where they show their lack of understanding of the game of football in Europe. There are teams that have Champions league in their DNA and have developed the ability to raise their game when is is a CL match. In England, Liverpool is the ONLY club that can do that! Sir Alex would give anything to be able to guarantee the way Liverpool can almost do, that on CL night, they will do the business. Witness last night, the promptness of the reply they gave Arsenal's goal - 3 minutes to get the equaliser! The problem with Arsenal is that they are finally realising on the back of 5 straight horrible league results, that small boys alone, cannot win much! Arsenal should put some starch into their team, by buying experience where it is needed! Arsenal should also develop loyalty towards people who have served and can still serve the club, and not reduce every thing to money levels- cash in while we can!. I still believe that if Viera had been in the club in 2006, they would have beaten Barcelona, because he would have taken charge, even with all that happened. Every team needs a talisman player or 2 to lift them up when the going gets tough in a match. Liverpool has Gerrard & Carragher, ManU has Ronaldo, Rooney, Scholes, Giggs and before them Keane, Real has Raul, and before him Hierro, Milan has Maldini and Kaka and before them Il Capitano himself, Baresi, but who do Arsenal & Chelsea really have now? Arsenal had Tony Adams and Vierra and it was during their time that Wenger won all that he won! As for Chelsea, we know that their own talisman was Mourinho and before him was Zola. Right now, there's no leader on the field, and dont even mention John Terry!

In any case, its almost becoming clear that the CL final this year would be between English clubs. Man U will not lose to Roma in Old Trafford, and will most likely face Barca in the semi-final. It is theirs to lose over 2 legs. I can assure you that if it were Liverpool facing Barca, you can write them down for final, but with Man U, i dont understand them. Teams like Barca or spanish teams have always proved a problem, so Man U fans will need to quiver with fear small! Arsenal will have an uphill task to get the needed result in Anfield, and on current form and midset, they are unlikely to do it! They expended all their energy getting past Milan, and as i said at the begining of the season on this forum, Arsenal have to prioritise their goals at the begining of each season and decide which trophy is important and strategise how to win it! The target they set this year (all 4 trophies) was doing pass themself!

I think Liverpool and Man U will play CL final and at that stage, all bets are off!

_44535633_kuyt226x282getty _44532166_wenger_512x288

My Reply Below:

Hello @ chocho1, and welcome back. I bet you assume liverpool came to win the match in Emirate yesterday?

I have also realised Liverpool isn't foolish to under rate Arsenal's capabilities despite the fact that it is dwarfed by Liverpool's own records.

I watched the match without surprise. I think i have come to understand the mind set of these gunners. Agreed they lack experience but i don't think they lack a leader. Gallas has in recent times shown he can lead.

Cesc though young has also shown he can be a talisman in the midfield when needed especially in the big games. Yesterday was one of those days. It looks now that Arsenal are the underdogs for the leg at Anfield but guess what, I still refuse to give it to Liverpool. I think this particular qualification can go to anyone.

For me what Arsenal needed yesterday wasn't leadership or experience whatsoever, we saw a team totally in charge of the game (Granted that it was in Emirates), Liverpool was playing like they were the ones at home and was trying to avoid conceding an away goal.
But that's not true, they were out played. What the Gunners need is just belief and ability to be more creative at the final third.

You will agree with me they should have scored at least 3 goals yesterday. This is something that has been absent in their games recently in the premiership. They have not been creating enough chances. But yesterday they seemed to have found the lost Ark and are back to creating chances which is what really matters if you want to score. As far as this remains, i see no reason why they won't score at Anfield.

Liverpool is a very creative and unpredictable team in Europe and can kill of any team in second. However, they will need to be in play for that to happen and not what we saw yesterday. A lot of people think Liverpool did very well yesterday. But i don't like negative football. It's risky.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Manchester United's Mission To Roma

Manchester united is today taking on  Roma in one of the champions league quarter final matches. Roma has been previously brutalized by united with a 7-0 defeat at Old Trafford in a previous champions League game.

Roma is currently putting up a strong performance this season in the Seria A and appear to be more consistent this season unlike last season.alex

With some fine performances in the league this season could pose a strong obstacles to united's hope of winning a brace this season. Manchester united on their own have been so inspiring lately despite starting poorly at the beginning of this season that they have closed up on Arsenal previously holding a 6 points lead to now stay at the top with 5 points clear of second place Chelsea while Arsenal's recent poor run of just a win in 6 premiership games has taken them down to third place, a point behind Chelsea. Most bookmakers have already given the game to United especially with Christiano Ronaldo in an incredible form that has seen found the back of the net more than every other player in Europe, united is easily the team to place your money on.

Chelsea may also have a smooth game that may lead to taking advantage of the less skillful and talented Fanerbache side while Arsenal and Liverpool will probably have the most difficult evening with both teams faced with the task of seeing off a too familiar rival. The game in Roma may also turn out not to be as straight forward for united as we all think this might be. Despite the current hostility existing between fans of both teams, there is a chance united could choose to take things too easy and get it wrong. Sir Alex Ferguson has expressed optimism Manchester United will come out victorious and United fans have been urged not to use public transport but private chauffeured transport to avoid anymore deaths.

The game will be very hot as the fans will sure be very hostile today. If united concentrate on their own game rather try to respond to the crowd who will certainly be doing all they can to frustrate them, they could get it right. In all the earlier united can quiet down with their goals the better.


Please drop your comments on this post. Thanks.

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