Sunday, September 09, 2007

Golden Eaglets Of Nigeria- World Champions

I personally was not online to give you a detailed update of the match. thanks for Toba1909 who made it a point of duty to inform every forum member who was not watching the game for one reason or the order. Besides I commend his courage of being able to do this. Boy o boy, those Boys (eaglets) gave me the shakes! I can't believe what just went down in Seoul today. I never expected such a resistance from this spaniards. Jesus! They do worth every hype poured on them.

At a point i almost gave up. When you failed to score and instead hit the wood works twice, i thought it was going to be a bad day.
I thank the referee especially for fair officiating. That's what we can achieve in a level playing ground.

Asian referees seem to always give us what we deserve. All in all, i say congratulations every Nigeria

Nigeria 2- 0 Lesotho

Yes it's over and Nigeria has won the game. But it was a sshame and total embarrassment for the entire nation. How can we allow such an important game to be taken to that kind of pitch? I am starting to think that the NFA only got whiff of the match just last night. Otherwise, i see no reason why they souldn't be prepared for the game. The nFA should stop toying with ourr football. This whole idea of taking the game round the country dosen't serve the interest of football in Nigeria.
If any state wants to host a game, damn! Such a state should be ready. I hope Lesotho dosen't petition on this match. It noiw seems like it was adeliberate attempt to rob them of the game. We have the lagos stadium and it was abondoned. We moved to Abuja, have we also abandoned that to move to Warri now?

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