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Live Online Tv For Ghana 2008 Free!

If you are always online and still want to watch the game, i have just researched and come out with some online TV where you can watch the matches. Some are free and some you have to pay. Paid ones first:

The ones below are free:

So you can go ahead and enjoy your self while online. You can even give us live posts as you watch on the forum

Suleiman Muntari Rescues Ghana

Ghana 2008 is now hear and the excitement has just begun. Yesterday we saw a macth befitting the hype proceeding this tournament reputed to be Africa’s most prestigious football competition.
Most of us have expected Ghana to totally overwhelm the Guineans. Of course they did that but only for the first half. Though the first half ended in a barren draw despite all Ghana’s effort to kill off the game early enough, the Guinean goalie wouldn’t let that happen.
However, the next 45 minutes saw a rampage from both sides. It all started with a spot kick awarded to the black stars. After the goal it seem like the Guineans have finally been demoralized not until a corner taken about 20 minutes later saw the Guineans snatch an unlikely equalizer. The pressure then turned around to be on the Black Stars who were playing in front of a 40,000 hysterical crowd and a worried President.
It is always good to win your first game and it was starting to look like the Ghanaians will fail to do this. The game was accompanied with so much power and the best of African football was definitely on display.
With Michael Essien used to this kind of situation in Chelsea, he knew it wasn’t over until it’s over and so pressed on. He sent a neatly tailored trademark pass that found Muntari who wasted little time before driving a volley from twenty five yards right into the far post. It was one of those goals you see one in a blue moon.
The Guineans however deserved a point for their efforts but sometimes in football you don’t get what you deserve. The Ghanaians have started their quest for the title definitely on a good note.

Super Eagles On A Revenge Mission

Two years ago in Egypt the super Eagles of Nigeria met their waterloo in the quarter Finals when the Elephants of Cote D’voir eliminated them in a shock quarter final defeat.
Today these two teams meet again and in the group stage this time and are set to to prove a point. The Ivoirians will be out to show last time’s heroics was no fluke especially after winning that game with a controversial Didier Drogba goal deemed by most Nigerians to have been an offside goal.
Nigerians on their part will be out for a revenge mission and according to them, despite the pedigree of the Ivoirians, ‘they fear no foes’.
The Eagles are rated as the best team in the tournament by CAF and will definitely want to live up to that rating against these Elephants a distant 8th position in the current CAF rating. However, from in the past we have seen that these rating usually count for nothing when the chips are down and the Super Eagles will have to go all out for a victory against the Ivoirians rated as one of the favourites in this championship.
For the Eagles, they’ve got all the motivation to go for a win if only for the sack of revenge. We have also learnt about the very high spirit in camp and we hope this counts for them too.
In any case I will be back here for post match analysis and comment. So keep a date.
Meanwhile you can read what Nigerian Fans are saying about his match and join the debate.

Is Geriatrics Needed In Africa?

Geriatrics is a field is medical care that concerns care for the aged. Just like we have pediatrics that has to do with care of children. The question is why should we worry about care for the elderly? Medical research has shown that human beings tend towards childlike characteristics in psychologically and medically. For instance children have very low immunity due to underdeveloped systems and are prone to Gram negative infections. The underdeveloped Liver portends that every single drop of medication given to them should be properly calculated to prevent over dose as the liver is yet to fully assume it function of detoxification drugs. We have also noticed that as human beings grow older some of these characteristics of children begin to emerge again and they become more and more prone to infections, as well as easily loose concentration and in most cases memory lose.
The degenerative changes noticed in the elderly can lead to conditions as Parkinsonism, Alzheimer’s disease, and some other kind of dementia.
In Africa we have a culture of caring for our elderly by leaving someone to always be there with them at home. However today, things are no longer the way it used to be with increasing inter-tribal marriages and traveling, the aged no longer have the care they deserve. Shouldn’t Africa take Geriatrics more seriously? In the United States of America, it is a serious issue that the government comes up with policies after policies on the care of the aged.
Individuals who need such can either visit Geriatricians or care homes who may even have Geriatricians in their employ to give adequate care. To search for caring home, people can visit online forums like Better Caring Forums to receive information about good caring homes in the country and even discuss with others about their personal experiences with this homes.
While I do not suggest Governments in Africa should take over the care of our aged, I do think it will make a nice addition to our health care system if we begin to train geriatricians.

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