Saturday, June 13, 2009

Christiano Ronaldo and Gareth Barry: Just typical liars!

Again the love of money has reared its ugly head in football. A few seasons ago, it was the turn of Thiery Henry to face the mouth lashing of fans for telling everyone he would rather die an Arsenal Player only to leave for Barcelona when no body expected it. cristiano_ronaldo
His departure had left the fans shattered and was probably the Gunners saddest transfer window in History. While they have lost  some very good players in recent time, the loss of their Legend was just too much.
Then, this summer, despite all that we have heard from Christiano Ronaldo how his future belongs in Old Trafford, we have just been told that he requested a transfer to Real Madrid and is said to have been accepted though the deal has till June 30th to be rounded up. Sir Alex is probably tired of begging him to stay every summer.
The truth is actually that, while he tells the world how much he longed to stay at United, he was secretly listening to offers from Madrid.barry
The most shameful episode so far is from Villa Park. Barry had earlier on in the season claimed that all the talk about him wanting away from the Park was now over as he was concentrating in doing well with Villa to claim a champions league place. As a matter of fact, the only reason he had wanted to leave was to play in the champions league. At the end, one can't really understand what happened to that Champions league dream. Gareth Barry has since moved to Manchester city, a team that apart from the $$$$$$ oozing from the Sheik, has nothing else to boast of. Not even a champions league place.
It seems at the end, what is more important today is the money. However, in Kaka, football probably still has hope.

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