Saturday, December 02, 2006

Globalcom Outbids MTN for Premier League Rights

Good times seems to be here for the Nigerian League at last. This is interesting. Many thanks to MTN. I bet Globalcom wouldn't have offered what it is offering now if MTN did not come up with that threat. Our people says " If a son does not pretend to want to sleep with his father's wife, the father wouldn't get him his own wife'.

While i am hailing MTN's alleaged threat, i am happy that the current sponsors have finally seen a reason to up their bid.

From what i heard the Communication giant is ready to up MTN's offer by 10%. Yhummy!

But it is now time for all to put hands together to force the NFA to do something usefull with the amount they would get from this deal.
I hope they will.
This dicussion still hots up in the forum.

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