Friday, September 05, 2008

Latest On Commandclem Nigeria Limited

In 2007 when i first heard of Commandclem, i was shocked not only because of the amount of money involved but also because of the fact they was very little information online about it.

As you can see this is a football blog, i reasoned i wasn't fit to start a blog entirely for commandclem in solidarity because of the rigors of writing everyday and figured i can feature from time to time issues as it concerns commandclem. I can boast that this is probably the first Nigerian blog to mention commandclem.

I still can not understand why till date, news of Commandclem has failed to awash the front pages of a national dailies. Honestly i don't know why. This is one single invention that can turn this country around and do for us what the government has failed to do. CNL has promised to give Nigerians social security something we have never heard of before in this country and he's saying this not because he plans to contest an election. What this means is that, Jobless Nigerians can be sure of a monthly pay for up keep. $8.7 trillion can do this so is it like we doubt him?

COMANDCLEM NIG. LTD, call on all Nigerians to register as a PATENTEE at the rate of 20,000 and you will be entitled to 30,000 MONTHLY as meal Ticket under the CCNL social security scheme.  So i am lunching a new blog entirely for commandclem. This blog is to gather support for CNL. I will post it here when the blog comes up.

6th September 2008; The Commandclem Blog has been lunch and if you want to show your solidarity, we will like you to leave a comment on the blog. Here

Yakubu Now Eagles' Captain

yakeg At last the 'Big Yak' and Coach Amodu will have a chance to bury the hatchet as Shuaibu Amodu picks him to Captain the Super Eagles. yakev Though the duo have claim all is well between them but rumours have it that they have not really made up since the home sending brouhaha of the player in Mali on grounds of indiscipline.

In the absence of Kanu and Yobo, Yak is set to captain the team to face the Bafana Bafana at home who have been threatening fire and brimstone.

I personally don't like Yak's style, but you can't argue with the form of a player that keeps scoring in the range of 20 goals every season. yakeagThis may even be his opportunity to win over fans like me who don't fancy him (I know we are in the range of millions) as his attitude and dedication to the team may change drastically following the new responsibility.

That leadership band sure knows how to change a player. This is now time for him to lead by example.


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