Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Drogba Disputes Kanoute's Award

Wonders they say shall never end. Globacom has in the past organized a befitting African Footballer of the year award. In all honesty their organization of the annual event has been the best since inception. The concept of also moving it around is also welcome.

Nevertheless, we were surprised to hear that the date of the award has been slated for 1/2/08 which concided with the rest day of the on going AFCON. Despite the fact no team will be playing on that day, one wonders if Globacom expected teams and all stakeholders to abandon match preparation to attend an event in Togo considering the fact that players need to prepare well for next game and also have adequate rest before match day.

Why on earth did they allow this to happen. Now an otherwise epoch making event has just have it's shine taken away due to a slight oversight.

Drogba, according to the BBC this morning claims he won the title and that it was only given to Kanoute because he was unable to attend the event.

Is this true? It will be a very big taint on the image of the continent. Whatever, we do we should avoid anything that will affect the integrity the organizers of major events on the continent. Especially now that Africa is warming up to host the world in 2010.

So far we have not heard any official statement on this matter form Globacom. Are Drogba's claims really true?
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