Saturday, March 01, 2008

Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor, Suffers Racism On Facebook

Guys, racism on facebook?

Racism has always been a part of football, but i don't know why i was so pissed to hear what some people are doing to Adebayor on facebook.

This post was culled from Asenal-Mania. Please read and leave your comments.

"If chanting about Eduardo's injury isn't bad enough, they have now lowered themselves to the level of racist chanting. I only heard the other day about the racism suffered by Avram Grant's family at the Carling Cup final and hopefully they will be punished for that but if anyone ever hears the dirty c**nts chanting this little number, then I suggest that it is reported just like this dirty group on facebook should be -
adebayor....adebayorrr....his dad washes elephants and his mum is a whore!! ... amp;ref=nf
The description of this group is also highly offensive and not only should the group be banned, but the creator and everyone in it should also be banned.
Not only is it a blantant racist remark to assume that because Emmanuel Adebayor is from Togo in Africa, his father must therefore wash elephants, it is also highly disrespectful to a man who is no longer with us. For those who dont know, Emmanuel Adebayor's father passed away not so long ago which just makes this chant even worse than it already is.
Can you imagine how Emmanuel Adebayor himself would feel on a football pitch if he was subjected to this chant? Its disgraceful and I really think something needs to be done about this, its completely overstepping the mark.
I think if they are caught chanting this they should be thrown out of all cup competitions and the league until they can learn that this kind of behaviour is completely unacceptable."

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