Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ministry and NFA Bet Against Dream Team IV @ $5000

The U-23 team are to file out today against South Africa in Abuja to wrestle the only available ticket of the group from Ghana.

The Ghanians are hoping Nigeria will bungle this by not winning. A draw will see the Ghanians top the group and go away with the sole ticket.

Shamefully after refusing to provide funds for Siasia to take his boys on a training tour of the US, the ministry of sports and the NFA are as usual announcing large sums of money if the boys win.

In my opinion, it seems to me the NFA is betting against Nigeria. they know the boys have not had adequate preparation and they are offering $5000 if they win knowing they might not win.

Is this not treasonable? I think it is an act of sabotage to come out with $5000 promise for each of the players if they win after working hard to scuttle their efforts.

This is something we should give a very close scrutiny.

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