Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Super Eagles and The Malaga Weather

Ghana is close to the Equator meaning that we expect the same climate as of Nigeria and in February when the Nations Cup will be taking place, we expect a very hot weather in the day. Usually ranging between 28oC and as high as 35oC.
It was expected that with the entire squad based in Europe, camping would have been more appropriate in an African country with similar weather condition. It wouldn’t have been any harm if camping was done back home in Nigeria.
Reports emerging from the Super Eagles camp in Malaga have it that the weather condition is excruciatingly cold that it is even affecting training.
It is okay then to worry weather the players will be able to cope with the condition February in Ghana.
In the past we have used the Malaga camping site before major competitions. One of such instances was during a world cup preparation to be staged in Europe.
My humble opinion is that it makes no technical sense to take the team to such extreme condition only to come back to the other extreme in Ghana. It just doesn’t work that way.
It is possible to find a better camping site for the Super Eagles especially now that majority of the players are yet to arrive.
If the NFA has made this choice, Vogts who is the coach should no better. The problem is just that Mr.Berti doesn’t seem to know how Nigeria works. He’s been dancing to the tune of football authorities in the country since his arrival. If it goes wrong he’ll have no excuse. Even the NFA boss will hold him responsible for mistakes they (the NFA) had caused. We expect that he should stand his grounds as the coach. It is the super Eagles success first before anything else. We are watching.

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