Sunday, October 25, 2009

FIFA U-17 wold cup now under way in Nigeria

The day we have all been waiting for finally came and the FIFA U-17 world cup kicked off at the FCT. for once let's enjoy the game and leave out the dissapointments.

Argentina and Honduras were they first before host Nigeria and Germany followed suit. There is much to say about the first day, but will limit myself to issues that are more of football than peek into the facilities.

At about 4pm local time, on one the few grass tuft of these championship, the Argentines took the game to Honduras from the blast of the whistle.

Though sometimes quilty of over elaboration, showed so much class i thought i was watching the senior world cup. One thing we need to give to this championship is the standard of play so far. It took so much persistence for them to finally breach the Honduran defence who just would'nt just yield.

They later scored and were it not for the water logged pitch, would have probably scored more goals.

Two hours later, the Nigerian Golden Eaglets took the stage along with the Germans. Many people were looking up to this team to erase the sad memories of the U-20 world cup, but that was not to be as they quickly went down by a goal following poor ball delivery and lack of cordination. The Germans superior tactics was such that at the end of the first halt, they were already 2 goals up.

Thanks to a penalty awarded the Eaglets and a red to the Germans, we regained control of the game only after we have gone 3 goals down. In very quick successions the goals came and it was 3-3 just before we went slowly back into our slumber. We couldn't capitalise on the 10-man situation to snatch a winner. Overall, they standard was high and the argies were particularly inspirational. The Eaglets showed a lot of promise but you could easily detect a disjointed team without any form of camping to get use to aone anoether. good first after all. See you tomorrow.

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