Friday, January 25, 2008

Is it Possible Nigeria VS Ivory Coast Was Fix?

I have not evidence to prove anything. I don't even know whether my ascertions are true but i just feel i should say it. Who ever didn't notice it must have been too engrossed in the Elephants trashing of the Supposed super Eagles.

My Mind went back to this event after reading about a possible match fixing incidence in the same group Nigeria belongs- Group B.

The Benin Coach claims he was approached on the possibility of fixing the game few hours before the Benin Vs Mali game.

My question is, is it not possible the same person approached the Super Eagles? This is just my mind running riots.

I saw an event that further makes me uneasy. I saw a Nigeria heading down a ball to the Ivoirians goalie as if he was trying to make sure it doesn't get into the post.

Is anyone reading. I am sure i wasn't the only person who saw this. Just my2cent. As we go out today against Mali, i hope we keep aside every intent of personal aggrandizement as the entire nation is watching.

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