Monday, December 24, 2007

Real Madrid Consolidates Lead At Top After BEating Barcelona

Real Madrid continues a beatiful season yesterday by first of all making Barca seem like all the noise made in the transfer window in the summer was just for the sake of it. Babtista and Ruud boy ensured that.

A look at the kind of attack Barca presents sends the chills down an onlookers spine but yesterday we found out that, that is as far as it can get.

Loosing at at Nou Camp to Real for me is the high point of their fumbling as that has also ensured that Madrid now have a more comfortable lead of the La Liga table with 7 points.

Ronaldinho has become a shadow of his old self and no longer imposes himself on games as it used to be in the past.
If Messi dosen't click these days Barcelona dosen't seem to click too.
Dose these mean Barca is surrendering the title so early in the race to Madrid?

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