Thursday, December 20, 2007

Carling Cup Fall-out: Benitez's Technique In Question

Again Rafa Benitez proved to us all that he's defficient in technique.Let's see the way it played out.Before Peter Crouch was red carded (A deserved red card), the game was balnaced even though Chelsea had scored a goal.But it was Benitez's place to make a tactical chanllenge in order to cushion the effect but he once again failed to make the right change.
Veronin was the only person close to a striker left for Liverpool. I imagined Benitez needed a real striker to come in for a midfielder to have a presence up front. Again before Crouch was red carded Liverpool choosed to keep the ball on the ground despite having a peter crouch upfront. He could get no real serve as chelsea defence ensured that.
I expected to see Benayoung come in quit alright but not to replace Babel. Liverpool could have done better with both players in the field. But Rafa choosed to subsitute Babel for Benayoung and the effect was even was than before the substitution.Someone has got to call RB to order, seems to me he's getting close to losing his job at Anfield.How long will Benitez's mistakes continue to make liverpool Lose matches?

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