Thursday, December 07, 2006

South Africa 2010: Africa Gets 6 Slots

Africa's chances of winning the 2010 world cup in South Africa has just been boosted. This follows the increase of the3 number of slots for Africa from 5 to 6.

This means that apart from south Africa who has authomatic qualification as host, four other teams will have the opportunity of donning their country's Jerseys at the Mundial.

Many think this might be the chance Africa was waiting for. But will it be properly utilized? The previous edition saw Africa being represented by feeble contenders. I do not try to say that they shouldn't have been allowed to represent Africa because
I must respect that.

However, one can not say that Africa's representatives in the previous edition, was goog enough to be proud of. But Africa should seize these opportunity as host and having 6 reprentatives for the first time in History to put smiles on our faces.
With six representatives, can Africa make an impact? Comments please.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Man U and the Larsson Coup. Can It Ease The Title Race?

We all woke up the hear that Sir Alex Ferguson has secured a Loan deal to bring the Former Barcelona FC ace to the Theater of Dreams. For me this is a coup as he didn;t want to wait for January. A good move you may say owing to the fact that Man U is in critical need of options at the bench. But can this give the much needed assurances for the title race? Larsson to many is a spent force. Sir must have been convinced by his last minute heroics at the last champions league final. It sure takes an excellent player to do that. But can he still pull such stunts? He has been relatively quite since exiting Barca. What's your opinion?Let's hear you at the Forum.;topicseen#msg116 .

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Globalcom Outbids MTN for Premier League Rights

Good times seems to be here for the Nigerian League at last. This is interesting. Many thanks to MTN. I bet Globalcom wouldn't have offered what it is offering now if MTN did not come up with that threat. Our people says " If a son does not pretend to want to sleep with his father's wife, the father wouldn't get him his own wife'.

While i am hailing MTN's alleaged threat, i am happy that the current sponsors have finally seen a reason to up their bid.

From what i heard the Communication giant is ready to up MTN's offer by 10%. Yhummy!

But it is now time for all to put hands together to force the NFA to do something usefull with the amount they would get from this deal.
I hope they will.
This dicussion still hots up in the forum.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Should Obafemi Martins Leave Newcastle

Should Obafemi Martins Leave Newcastle after all this criticism? I think no. But let's look at it.The truth is that, newcatle as it is now is doing everything but help Oba's carrier. Martins who before now was regarded as one of the hottest young strikers in the world is now being made to look ordinary by the English press.

In my Opinion, if any improvement should be made, it should be by the club.

How can one run a club without good midfielders and yet still expect miracles from the striker?
A player like Obafemi, will do wonders in arsenal even in the current 4-5-1 formation. He's got the pace, the strenght and the skill. Above all he is a business man on the pitch.Very serious!

Newcastle as far as i am concerned is a midiocre club side this season and should expedite action to bring in quality players to man the middle.

Obafemi is not Allen shearer and besides Allen shearer did not become a Legend in just one season. People should stop expecting him to become an Allen over night! Period.

He has so far shone like a million stars in the few matches where the middle lived up to expection. Live Oba alone. Do you have an opinion? Join the forum and have your say!

Friday, November 24, 2006


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Hello naija people, today as i was going through a couple of post on the forum, i came accross this.. 'I would have titled it 'A Post of A biwildered Fan'. But i think i like the title.
Read on..................

It is no longer a new phenomenon that only Nigerians amongst the black race in the world work wonders when you least expect whether in sports or politics.Thanks to our God-given ingenuity(if you tag it mago-mago na u sabi). Roll Eyes

Certain criteria have been slated for choosing the African Footballer of the Year until not-too-long-ago CAF introduced some tricks in favor of the Francophones,that has seen our heroic erstwhile skipo JayJay denied the prestigious award in his hay days.

Playing friendly matches amongst other criteria has been used over the years by FIFA in determining how well a national football team would fares in the World FIFA ranking.To my amazement Shocked,our beloved nation is now ranking 9th position rising two steps upward despite the fact that we've barely played any friendly since God-knows -when.whereas countries like Ghana, Ivory Coast etc. that at least played one or two friendly(s) were ranked below us.

I guess FIFA have introduced the NIGERIAN FACTOR into today's ranking criteria or perhaps they're just mocking our football governing house(NFA) who will see every reason to become more lukewarm than ever,since we're still the numero uno in Africa betterstill among the top nine in the world.

Anyway sha Congrats!!! jare abi how we go do? Grin
By User Jaydee on the Forum.

Monday, November 20, 2006

African Players On A High In The World's Best League

The English Premiership is getting more and more exciting for football lovers in Nigeria as well as football fans in the whole of Africa.

The league is not just awash with African Players but is currently being made thick by them. From the biggest club to the smallest, from the table top to the bottom, every team that has ever made an impact this season must be doing so on the impressive run of its pool of African Players.

Chealsea fans in Africa of course have increased in number following the run of their compartriot Didier Drogba and John Mikel Obi.

Arsenal is perfectly anchored by Africans no doubt.But apart from their impact in the teams, Africans are palpably dominating in perfomance.They seem to be the driving force of the premiership. A cursory look at the scorers table conspicously has Kanu Nwankwo at the top, followed by his compatriot Didier Drogba in a league where the likes of Thiery Henry and Andry Schevechenko also ply thier trade.Whether this is only for the time being is not an issue.

In the midfield department, Micheal Essien is arguably the best for now as shown by his recent heroics that has not only help chelsea win some crucial matches this season but has helped the Blues triumph over their European arch rival Bacerlona Fc of Spain.

The premiership heroes can not be talked about without talking about Arsenal's duo of Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Ebuoe. This two have become a fixture at the heart of Arsenal's defence.

Others include but not limited to Obafemi Martins of Nigeria, Yakubu Ayebgeni, Benjani, Lua Lua, and have so far put up perfomances that give hope of a reneissance in African football especially now that the continent prepares to host the world come 2010. African football fans can atleast have something to look up to.

It is worth celebrating as this fits have not been achieved playing in any mediocre league but the world best. Yes! The world's best. In my opinion, there couldn't be a better way to qualify a league that has produced two champions league finalist in two consecutive seasons and won once. To buttress this fact, you only need to take a look at the list of nominees for the world footballer award for this year where a good chunk of them are players from the English league. The highest from any league.

It is high time the world starts giving African Footballers the respect they deserve.This should reflect in sign on fees. Wasting so much money to buy a player like shevy who, f30m later, has scored just 1-2-3 times in the same team with a player like Drogba brought in at an amount, a far cry from this can't just stop scoring is unfair.

African players are the ones making all european leagues thick and should be compensated arcording? Any contrary opinion. Let's here you at the forum!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Best 5 Funny Football Goals of all the Time

Great Goals!
This na for all my readers to carry relax.
Enjoy jare!

Nigerian Football Hall of Shame. Nominees needed!

When the pool of talent we have in this country is juxtaposed with the silverwares we have won, it shows only a country inept and grossly underutilized. By taking the pulse of fans of the game in Nigeria, you could easily detect their frustration. Amid this under achievement, several awards are being showered on the same Government officials whose action or inaction has been the major cause of our lagging behind in International football.

My reasoning is that, a more objective method of deciding who should be awarded must be fashioned out. This must be all encompassing and should reflect the will of the fans since the fans are the most important element in football. Yes! Football would neither exist nor have its glamour without the fans.

If there is any country where there should be a well established ‘Hall of Shame’, it should be in this country and such individuals or group should be decided by the fans who are the most hurt by their ineptitude.

On out forum today, the hot issue is, Mention Those Administrators, Sponsors, Footballers, etc. past and present that by every sense of judgment should and must be listed in Nigerian Football Hall of Shame.

The fans take over at this point. Nominate here.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Super Eagles’ Absence from International Friendlies Roll Call

Again I have just been demoralized by Nigerian Football Association’s ineptitude and lackadaisical attitude to duty.

I woke up this morning and tuned the TV to SKY news and on the sport news segment, I saw the Ghanaian National Team scoring an equalizer in a friendly game against Australia. The game ended 1-1.

I don’t usually get so sad when I watch a European team .But when fellow Africans are making such progress, I breakdown not because I detaste their progress but because my own team with all its acclaimed potentials is rotting away from inaction.

Ever since the Super Eagles got knocked out of the Last African nations Cup in Egypt, the team has not been involved in any serious test till date. Yet we keep living under the illusion of being highly rated by FIFA.

It is worthy to note that no team has ever exhibited this kind of approach and achieve anything.

Probably because we keep getting lucky to play teams whose respect for the Super Eagles wouldn’t let them take us down.

After the bitter lesson of Japan Korea 2002, we all thought everyone was going to get up and do what he/she was supposed to do. For where? We rather went on to employ the same approach and got knocked out by Angola for the only ticket for the world Cup and so we all watched the Mundial from the sidelines.

Who will talk to the NFA? What do we do to them? Do we all match to the glass house and live there with them? Naija people, I am at a lose here .Wetin we go do ? We can’t continue like this.
Maybe we will match to the Glass House and kneel down under the sun begging for friendlies for our darling team. It just might work. Please make a suggestion at the forum?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nigerian Football Fans Passion For Foreign Leagues

Never In history has the local game received so little an attention from administrators as now. You would hardly find a football fans in Nigeria who does not identify with one Club in Europe.

This piece is predicated by the rot in the home game occasioned by empty seats at match venues primarily due to a general lack of interest from the fans.

The European game has so affected the system that even the administrators whose action or inaction are the cause of this apathy even have their own teams which they will give anything to have a glimpse of every weekend. Nothing in their conscience has ever awoken them to the fact that the League in Nigeria can be made as interesting as the English game if the will exist.

I am not in any way suggesting that the European games should be banned in our media. But I am concerned at the passion which Nigerian place entirely on a foreign game especially the English Premier League. You only need to visit a beer parlor any where in Nigeria to understand what I am talking about.

Imagine that while most Nigerian girls are indifferent about the game, the few who have developed interest, know more footballers and their histories than players in the Super Eagles.

What could be done to improve this situation? The South African League is also African, Not endowed with the quality of the Nigerian Football League yet its story is different in many perspectives. Football in South Africa receives adequate attention from the government and despite their passion for the English game; it hasn’t taken away the fans interest in the local game.

I am forced to ponder. If a situation arises, and Nigeria happens to be playing a nations cup Final at the on the same day and at the same time with one of Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U etc. playing in the Champions league Final, which of these matches will Nigerians opt for. Let’s hear you at the Forum

Monday, November 13, 2006

The NFA Should Let The Super Eagles Coach Settle

Come tommorrow, i feature a difficult question on this blog. But today i wish to bring an issue that has putting football fans of Nigerian origin on the edge for months now.

The Super Eagles of Nigeria to me has siezed to be super . Not because they have lost their superiority to anyone but for the fact that, we have been missing in virtually all the action as far as international football is concerned.
This is not right for a team that dreams of winning the 2010 world cup. I can almost hear you say 'who told you that?' Well nobody told me that but i know that if there shall ever exist a time when Nigerians shall expect the super eagles to take a shot at the world cup it shall be come 2010 period!

This is not to predict doom.But lets take a look at this from a different perspective.
Apart from the fact that Super Eagles players are no longer featuring in Big Club sides as it use to be, (relative to our African brothers like cote d' voir and Ghana) we are also lacking behind in the area of coaching. Now don't get me wrong. let me land.I am definatlely not among the people who want Eguavoen sacked at all cost. As a matter of fact, i believe so much in his abilities. Afterall Frank Rykaard can't claim to have played football so so far away from what cerezo has attained.

My point however is that, no coach, not even Rykaard or the magical Jose will do well in the condition Eguavoen is working.

A coach who is pepertually reminded that he is about to be replaced can never work with a perspective. Coaching to get results need planning which should not be thwarted. Coaching needs dedication and the coach should be assisted to build a lasting relationship with the players as well as management.
But in our case the coach is being owed several month's salaries. Yet against this rough terrain which is enough distraction itself, the coach is being given reasons not to dream with the team.

I wish to use this medium to put to the NFA that no foreign coach no matter how much he is paid will work with the patriotism a Nigerian Coach will. So it is high time the FA settled down and allow Eguavoen to also settle down in order to deliver on his mandate.

I wonder despite the fact that we, including our football administartors, love these foreign leagues so much, we never try to emulate what we see in those leagues. This predicates tomorrow's article. Till then.For now let see what nigerians are saying on the Forum

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Should Arsenal Fans Morn All The Time?

This is the question being used currently to taunt Arsenal Fans in Nigeria. This taunting has existed for long now and I must say that those a little weak in spirit have had to yield to it by moving on to either support Manchester United or Chelsea recently.

Many left with the excuse that Arsenal gives too much 'Heart Attack'.

This feeling can not be said to be limited to fans in Nigeria Alone and so it puts much preasure on the team to succeed this term. This success will mean nothing if it does not come in form of triumph in the league and most especially The Champions league. Many still believe that the gunners can get it right this time especially if they work on the foundation of their champions league final action of last season.

This evening they take on liverpool. With United and chelsea already clear for this weekend, Arsenal needs to send a statement to all and assure the Fans in Nigeria that they mean business this time.
On the forum today , the debate is, Can arsenal Get it right this time?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Nigerian Arsenal Fans

This week hasn't been a very good time for Arsenal fans across the globe.Reason is not far fetched. Haven played those matches without a win and now capped with a loss against west ham, it is not the best of times for them.
So it might not be wise tyo expect an objective answer from them at this time.
Shd Arsene Wenger have reacted the way hr reacted. That's the new issue on naija football fans.
Have your say. Join this debate here!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nigerian Arsenal, Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool Fans and More

Websites run by Nigerians and non-Nigerians across the globe dedicated to fans of English premiership teams and other top European teams can now be link to Naija Football Fans forum.

Arsenal fans in Nigerian already have a forum dedicated to them, but naija football fans forum is all encompassing and so whether you run a blog or a full blown website on football, i am stretching out my hand of fellowship to everyone for a link exchange to the different sites. It's a win-win thing.

For Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool fans etc. in Nigeria, i do not know yet if there is any such site existing but if at all you intend to start one , whenever you wish to do so, i'd be open for a link exchange.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nigerian Football Association (NFA)and The Nigerian Football League (NFL)

To many including my self, the NFA has come to be synonymous with Inefficiency, unprofessionalism and problem saddled. A few years ago, we woke up to hear of a sponsorship deal sealed between the NFA and Nigeria's second national carrier Globalcom. A deal many thought was the lease of fresh air badly needed as at the time. Ofcourse, the league was never attractive for investors and in my opinion it still isn't.

We all agree that the amount comming into the league was infinitesimal as compared to what is actually needed to raise the standard.

Then the MTN proposal. MTN, Africa's most profitable telecommunication network, is said to have proposed a N550m per season for 4 season deal compared to Globalcom's N100m per season offer.

This amount, said to be the highest in Africa, even higher than what CAF has been able to get from the same firm for the glamorous CAF Champions League, is an eye popping amount and can lead to miscalculations in the magnitude we are withnessing currently in the NFL.

While we are all very happy that atlast, that amount of money is comming into the league, we are also aware of the fact that a contract no matter how lopsided it may later appear should be seen to it's logical conclussion
The debate is, does the NFL have any moral justification to hand the league sponsorship to MTN . Do they not? Please let's hear your views.

This is the current debate on Naija Football Fans Forum.

Join us there!

Monday, November 06, 2006

All hail Naija Man U Fans !!

I'm just realising how difficult blogging is! Or do i say writting.While I like the art of writing, i sure don't appreciate having to write every day.

So i actually feel like telling you to stop comming to this blog expecting to read something knew everyday. If not that i'm a die hard critic and perfectionist, i would have just let the stuff on this blog go stale.Yet i know what i'd say about anyone who does that. See? The life of a critic! I'm I trapped!

Then you start thinking, the saying that it is a thousand times easier to criticise than to create is incorrect. As i am finding out, it is far more difficult to criticise than to create. Think.Yeah right. I create quit easily and if I wasn't such a stunch critic of everything and anything, I probably wouldn't be here pounding away on my notebook keys writting about what i don't even think would be coherent enough to force a comprehension from the most brilliant of my readers. So if you would just do me a favour and stop comming back to this blog. I'd been more relax. But you wouldn't, and so i have to keep trying to please you.

See? Critics are afraid of being criticised. So they work their ass out trying to be perfect (something that is impossible).That's my transition.

I'm not complaining though.Just appreciating my task.

Now back to the cause of this lamentation. I am starting to have a change of opinion. My forum Naijafootballfans is putting me so much in the center of things. I am not just disapponted at Arsenal's perfomance against West Ham yesterday, but totally pissed, i mean amazed by the attitude of the fans. I had thought that being known as the most vocal (not garrulous) of fans, that Naija Football Fans was going to be taken over by them. Rather, Naija Red Devils have just been the ones living up.
I bet they are about to set another 2 decade record after Sir's.

This is a challenge to Arsenal, Chelsea and more.....
In the mean time i duff my hat to all the Man U Fans on the forum.
Till tomorrow. 'cause i know you'll be back.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Nigerian Football Fans Forum Keeping it Original

After spending so much time and money setting up face6.My pet project which is still undergoing more work.... I could not believe that Naija Football Fans Forum would have taken so little time to complete. It was as if i wasn't ready when i was ready. It now takes most of the time i spend online.

I went back home yesterday and for the first time i was thinking through out the night. What issues i'm i going to bring up on Naijafootball fans today. As well as i knew i had to keep it simple, intelligent and interesting, i also knew i have to be up to date. It's like i'm under so much pressure to keep it real. Like they say "KISS" Keep it simple stupid. Or is it Keep it simply sexy?
Honestly speaking, i never envisaged the acceptance i am seeing now.
All in all i am enjoying my knew challenge.The challenge of being the admin of a site that promises to be an online craze.
If he pass my power i go ever seek help!
The real challenge however is the challenge of originality.That is however why i believe it can be done. For if there is anything i know how to do, it's to be original.

Some issues don't just get the the desired attention. So i decided i was going to start a quiz.Its quit a difficult one though.But you go blame me?How else i'm i supposed to let my forum members know i shouldn't be taken for a football novice.I must show stuff now , how you see am?
Catah ya in the 'morrow.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

NIgerian Football Fans First Online Home Lunched

Atlast the yearnings of Nigerian football fans all
over the world find an answer.There are a couple of
forums online where football is dicussed and
partaking in these forums have been the norms in my
many years of internet voyage. However while users
are usually satisfied with these forums,Nigerians
(like my self) actually needed something that gave
some preference to our own football back home. We
Nigerians are know to be costodians of many lofty
ideas in various life endeavours with football not
being an exception.
I then reseaned thus: If we had a community where
Nigerians at home and in the diaspora can dedicate
time and energy on issues that has to do with our
hailing football, maybe at last, we just might find a
solution to the perenial crisis in our football house
and in extension a solution to all our football woes.
Beside it could also serve as a veritable means to
enjoy ones self and it could just be one of the rare
cases of mixing business with pleasure.These reseasoning
however gave bith to Nigeria's
foremost online football community: .Naija football Fans is not
just another online forum.Proffessionally runed and
managed by it's administrators, it is set to be the
biggest online craze in the history of football in
Nigeria.Just 4 days old,already has an unprecedented
membership sign up that is a pointer of its
acceptance by Nigerians who are who regard football
as another religion. as designed has a potpury
of discussion boards, among several inovative forums
you would appreciate only by signing up.
For me the promoter, i am braced up for the
challenges, knowing how demanding We nigerians are.It
just makes it more interesting.Nevertheless, i am
happy that at last, our teeming football fans at home
and in the diaspora now have a home wholely dedicated
to football.

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