Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ghana VS Cameroon

Ghana is host country and very good at least with home support behind them gives them a bigger advantage. They are likely going to carry the day.

But if you ask me to say what i think, i don't think Ghana will win. Cameroon is a team you can predict and they always come hiding and hit you hard just before you know what's brewing.

They started sluggishly as usual but have improved with every single game.
To be sincere with you i won't put my money on any of the teams to win today but if you ask me to take a risk on one of them, i'll go for Cameroon.

Reason is simple, from past records the Cameroonians have the knack of knocking out host nations. Again they are not easily intimidated. After the Tunsian game, many who doubted their abilities must sure have changed their minds by now.

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