Friday, March 02, 2007

Drogba Upstages Eto'o

With Accra Ghana totally agog in expectation of the Glo/CAF African Footballer of the year award, Didier Drogba succeeded in upstaging Samuel Eto'o Fils and deny him a record fourth staight tittle.

Wether it was a deserved one or not one can't fail to commend Globalcom on a proper and highly hyped award. It can argueably be said to be the best in recent times. It goes to show that the knew sponsor means business.

If this kind of seriousness is transfered into the local league here in which sponsorship right is held by the same globalcom, with as much poblicity as what the Glo/Caf award has enjoyed in recently then football in Africa would have arrived atlast.

It goes to say that football in Africa can never be said to be developed when the standard in Nigeria is still abysmal. The latest FIFA ranking notwithstanding.

Today in the forum we look into the merit or demerit of the award as awarded to Didier.

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