Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obinna Nsofor: From Chievo to Inter and now Everton

Obinna Nsofor, after an outstanding performance in Beijing moved to Inter Milan but it seems Jose mourinho will be sending
him staight to Everton on Loan for Now.
This comes as good news for Nigerian Fans who have waited so long to have a player in the big teams in Europe.

But the move is not yet complete, partly because of UK work permit issues.

Obinna Nsofor has moved to Inter Milan from Chievo Verona, but Jose Mourinho's club are considering loaning him to Everton straight away. This signing is what we Nigerians have been praying for. We are tired of looking at Ivory Coast and Ghana and recently Mali parade players in Big European teams. Though he will be going to Everton, i.e. if th deal sails through, he's essentially a property of Inter Milan.

He is yet to meet the standard requirements for a work permit to be given by the UK authorities, so a special hearing will have to convened.

Obinna Nsofor told the BBC after the Olympic final defeat to Argentina that he wanted to move from Chievo, having helped them return to Serie A.

H has his eyes on a Champions League team and that why i think he will certainly accept the Everton offer who are in the Uefa Cup first round.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympic Gold Medal Counts: The Historical Facts

In honor of the 36 gold medals won by the United States at the 2008 Summer Olympics, Fourth-Place Medal presents 36 interesting facts about the overall medal count:

1) China won the most gold medals at the Beijing Games with 51. They become the first country to crack the 50-gold mark since the Soviet Union in 1988. The most golds ever won in a single Olympics is 83 (United States, 1984).

2) It's the first time since 1936 that a country other than the United States or the Soviet Union has led the medal count.

3) China won more golds in Beijing (51) than they did total medals in Atlanta (50).

4) 'Project 119' was a Chinese initiative designed toward winning golds in the medal-rich sports of swimming, track, rowing, kayaking and sailing. Reports are already crediting Project 119 with China's dominance in the gold medal count, but Chinese athletes won just four golds in those sports. Their total was instead augmented by even better performances in Chinese-dominated events like diving, gymnastics and table tennis.

5) The United States won the same amount of golds (36) that they did in Athens, continuing a remarkable consistency that the nation has exhibited over the past half-century. American Olympic gold totals since 1952: 40, 32, 34, 36, 45, 33, 34, 83, 36, 37, 44, 38, 36 and 36. (The outlier of 83 was from the boycotted 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.)

6) The overall medal count was won by the United States for the fourth consecutive Olympics. The U.S. earned 110 medals, compared to China's 100.

7) Per capita, China won one gold medal for every 25 million people in the country. The United States' per capita rate was one gold for every 8.5 million. The tiny island nation of Jamaica, which won a staggering six golds in Beijing, had a per capita rate of one gold for every 450,000 residents. Had China won at that rate, the country would have earned 2,889 golds.

8) Greece won 16 medals as the host country in 2004. Four years later, the founders of the Olympics managed just four -- their lowest total since 1992.

9) African countries won a total of 40 medals, the highest total in history for the continent.

10) Six countries won their first ever Olympic medals: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Mauritius, Sudan, Tajikistan and Togo.

11) Great Britain won 47 medals, the most in their history and a 17-medal increase from Athens. Expect an even higher total in 2012, when the Games will be held in London for the first time in 68 years. The last time Great Britain competed in a Summer Olympics on its home turf, they earned a disappointing three golds.

12) India has 17% of the world's population. They won 0.31% of Olympic medals.

13) China: 19.8% of population, 10.4% of medals.

14) United States: 4.6% of population, 11.5% medals.

15) Jamaica: 0.041% of population, 1.15% medals.

16) Iceland was the least populous country to win an Olympic medal.

17) Pakistan was the most populous country not to win an Olympic medal (164 million residents, sixth-largest nation in the world).

18) Michael Phelps would have finished tied for 9th in the gold medal count, ahead of countries including France, Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Argentina, Switzerland, Brazil and Mexico.

19) The rest of the world won seven golds in men's swimming events. Phelps, of course, won eight.

20) The United States won the most golds (7) and most total medals in the track competition (23), despite having what was widely considered a disappointing meet

21) More proof that boxing is dead in the United States: the country earned just one medal (a bronze) in the 12 boxing events. Even after three straight disappointing boxing performances at the Summer Games, the U.S. has still won the most Olympic boxing medals (109) in history.

22) China won 8 out of 12 possible medals in table tennis and 7 of 8 possible golds in diving.

23) Great Britain won 7 of 10 golds in track cycling and won 12 medals overall. The rest of the world earned 18 medals in the sport.

24) National gold-medal sweeps: Basketball (USA), Beach Volleyball (USA), Rhythmic Gymnastics (RUS), Synchronized Swimming (RUS), Table Tennis (CHN) and Trampoline (CHN).

25) Sweden had the best medal tally (4 silver, 1 bronze) without winning a gold.

26) Armenia won 6 bronze medals, but no gold or silver ones.

27) Speaking of former Soviet states, members of the former Soviet Union won a total of 173 medals in Beijing.

28) In 1992, Cuba finished 5th in the gold medal count. In 2008, the nation finished 28th.

29) From 1980 to 2008, Jamaica won three Olympic golds. In a span of six days in Beijing, Usain Bolt won three.

30) Sweden was a fixture in the top-three of the overall medal count for the early part of the 20th century. In Beijing, the Scandinavian country finished 38th and was shut-out in golds for just the second time in history.

31) Panama and Mongolia won the first gold medals in their respective histories.

32) China won 27 gold medals in judged sports.

33) The United States won 4 gold medals in judged sports.

34) China's "real" medal tally was 24/17/14/55.

35) The "real" medal tally for the United States: 32/31/27/80.

36) In all, 958 medals were handed out to athletes from 87 countries, the most medals and medal receipients in Olympic history.

Culled From

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nigeria VS Argentina: Who wins?

The Dream Team IV has marvelously bulldozed it's way through to the final. Many people are saying different thing.

Some say Nigeria paraded an overage team. Forgetting that an Olympic team is simply not different from a side national side.

Even if it is based on our precedence, many teams including brazil and Argentina have been punished by FIFA in the past for fielding overaged players in age grade competitions so this is not an issue.

If there is any team with so many over aged players, it is the Argentine team. But let's leave that aside. Just because haters don't think they should give us our due respect shouldn't be a border to us. Let's concentrate on this game.

How do you fancy our chances? Do you think have got what it takes to repeat the 1996 feat?

This topic is already heating up on the forum. Below are a few fans comments:

I have received the message you sent to me in respect of our players. The dream team IV is no doubt going to beat the Angentine. This is going to be Atlanta replay, and you all know the outcome of Atlanta 96. So we will therefore continue to pray for the boys for God's guidance througout the game.
Consequetly, as regards to overage, people dont know what they are saying because they were surprise to see the dream team qualify up to this stage. If they should notice well, the dream team are the youngest players in the whole tournament.
Hope to hear from your office again.
Ali Abubakar
from Kaduna

I was really amazed with what 'the Dream Team IV ' did in the quarter final.They crushed down Belgium and put them on a gloomy faces,so why not lets pray for them,and hopefully they'll do more than crushing to their rivals Argentina."Aggressively they'll demolish them".They will put back the smile again to the nation.

BAti Felix Mangai

What On Earth Is Wenger Doing With Sylvestre?

I am personally disappointed with this signing. It is stupid for all i care.
How can the same manager who sold Pires, Bergkam, Lunberg and Gilberto because of their ages now
go for a player who in my opinion is far less quality that the ones mentioned above?

How can Aserne Sign a 31 year old player for two seasons when it was for the same reason Pires left the club?

In fact this signing makes the sale of Pascal Cygan appear foolish. Because right now i think fans would rather have a Pascal Cygan to Sylverstre.
I am Heart broken.


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Christiano Ronaldo: I will remain In Old Trafford

Cristiano Ronaldo has confirmed that he will remain a Manchester United player for "at least one more year".

So all Manchester United fans in Nigeria can now hieve a sigh of rellief as their most prized jewel finally makes up his mind to remian in Old Trafford.

Hear the player:
"I can confirm that next season I will play for Manchester United."
Ferguson, speaking after the club's goalless friendly with Juventus on Wednesday, said he was "pleased" Ronaldo was staying.
And Ferguson gave a revealing insight into how he dealt with the Ronaldo transfer saga, which resulted in two months of frenzied speculation over whether the player would leave.
"I flew to Portugal some weeks ago and we cleared the air and he spoke to some of the players," Ferguson told MUTV.
"The boy has been through a troubled time in terms of the approaches from Spain but once he knew my stance, he then settled down.
I was responsible for all this controversy
Cristiano Ronaldo
"The fans have got to understand; it's very difficult when a young boy is tempted by all this money.
"We can put this to bed now. It's finished and the boy is a Manchester United player and that's the most important thing."
Ronaldo, under contract with United until 2012, is currently recovering from surgery on an ankle injury and is likely to be sidelined until the end of September.
But the Portuguese star used the interview to underline his desire to achieve the heights of last season in which he was the club's top scorer with 42 goals.
"Before rumours emerge saying that I will play against my will, I want to make this clear - whoever says or writes that is lying," Ronaldo told Publico.
"I will play for Manchester with all my heart and soul. I will fight and honour that shirt with the same commitment and dedication as always."
Ronaldo also conceded that he played his part in fuelling the speculation and that he was guilty of fracturing United's relationship with Real Madrid.

"I was responsible for all this controversy," he added.
"I was the one who publicly expressed my desire to go to Real Madrid. I ended up being, even involuntarily, responsible for the poor relationship between the two clubs."
Anyway Ronaldo, i hope you await your own share of the boos just like Adebayor. We knopw he has been through this path of Booing before and came out unscratched.

Can Adebayor handle it?

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Super Falcons fall to North Korea

The Shenyang Olympic Sports Centre
Nigeria were outplayed at the Shenyang Olympic Sports Centre

A disappointing performance from Nigeria saw them beaten 1-0 by North Korea in their opening game in Group F of the Olympic women's football tournament.

Kim Kyong Hwa scored with a powerful shot inside the penalty area in the 27th minute of a game that North Korea dominated in Shenyang.

North Korea captain Ri Kum Suk put a penalty wide in the 43rd minute, while Ifeanyi Chiejine failed to connect with a cross in second half stoppage-time, an opportunity that could have given Nigeria a point.

With games coming up against Germany and Brazil, who were winners and runners-up respectively at last year's World Cup, Nigeria's chances of getting out of the group seem slim.

Germany and Brazil drew 0-0 in the other game in the group on Wednesday.

Nigeria line-up:
Precious Dede, Efioanwan Ekpo, Perpetua Nkwocha, Stella Mbachu (Sarah Michael 62), Ifeanyi Chiejine, Rita Chikwelu, Lilian Cole (Onome Ebi 46), Cynthia Uwak, Christie George (capt), Faith Ikidi, Ulumma Jerome. Subs Not Used: Tochukwu Oluehi, Ayisat Yusuf, Kikelomo Ajayi, Tawa Ishola, Edith Eduviere.

BBC News

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Nigerian Football Association In Carlton Cole Blunder!


The last time the NFA expressed so much ineptitude with it's affairs by entering the wrong date of birth for Obafemi Martins many people complained but some of of thought every human is bound to make mistakes.

This time, you won't believe that apart from failing to keep proper records of Nigerian players,the NFA also does not know the rules of the game.

The BBC reports on its website that the NFA has erred by inviting Carlton Cole based on the fact Carlton Cole is already 24 which makes him unqualified to be invited to play for Nigeria after featuring for England U-21.

In a bizarre move, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has called up an ineligible player for their forthcoming 2010 World Cup qualifiers.

According to the BBC, 'the West Ham striker Carlton Cole is in the squad for the games against South Africa in September and Sierra Leone in October.

Cole, who has a Nigerian father and Sierra Leonean mother, has played for England at under-21 level.

But he cannot switch allegiance to Nigeria as he is now 24 years old.

FIFA allows players who have represented one country at junior level to switch to another country.

But the statutes of world football's governing body state that this can only happen if they are still under the age of 21.

Cole, whose full name is Carlton Cole Okirie, was born in England.

In the past, he had apparently been keen on playing for Nigeria, but he accepted an England under-21 call-up when he felt he had been overlooked by the Super Eagles.

Another surprise name included in the 20-man squad released by the NFF is defender Daniel Ola, who holds a Ghanaian passport.

The former Lazio and Chievo player, is now with Italian Serie B club AC Cesena'.

What does this kind of error say about Nigerians? I personally think it's the biggest embarrassment and someone is definitely not doing his job. Someone should loose a job for this. That's my take. Below is the full team list as released by the NFA with Cole and Daniel Ola conspicuously represented. I hope they have a good explanation.

Nigeria super Eagles Squad:

Goalkeepers: Greg Etafia (Moroka Swallows, South Africa), Dele Aiyenugba (Bnei-Yehuda, Israel)

Defenders: Taye Taiwo (Marseille, France), Obinna Nwaneri (Sion, Switzerland), Joseph Yobo (Everton, England), Yusuf Muhammed (Al-Hilal, Sudan), Danny Shittu (Watford, England), Chidi Odiah (CSKA Moscow, Russia), Daniel Ola (AC Cesena, Italy)

Midfielders: Jon Mikel Obi (Chelsea, England), Seyi Olofinjana (Stoke City, England), Lukman Haruna (AS Monaco, France), Yusuf Atanda Ayila (Dynamo Kiev, Ukraine), Kalu Uche (Almeria, Spain)

Strikers: Obafemi Martins (Newcastle United, England), Nwankwo Kanu, John Utaka (both Portsmouth, England), Emmanuel Okoduwa (Dynamo Kiev, Ukraine), Yakubu Aiyegbeni (Everton, England), Carlton Cole (West Ham, England)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

No Hope for Nigeria as Bejing Olympic Draws Near

The Nigerian contingent (Team Nigeria) to the Bejing Olympic Games is leaving for the olympics without any hope of coming back with a medal.
In the past Nigeria has not really had bright chances of medals even in 1996 which turned out to be the country's best ever outing in history. However, in those other years, the country tries as much as possible to fill her slot especially in those areas she has comperative advantage like men and women 100 meters, 4*400 meters relay, 4*100 meters relay, lung jump, weight lifting, boxing and football etc. Nigeria will be taking part in just about 9 sporting events.

This time the country is leaving with just 3 weight lifters and a miserable number of boxers (which i have not ascertained as at now).

Even in the track events we failed to fill our slots. I am most especially upset that we fail to fill our slot in the track events and in all these the reasons we have been given is lack of funds.
Lack of fund? In this country where we are being told how billions of naira were being stolen?

I don't want to believe this. I pray God will rescue this country.

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