Thursday, November 16, 2006

Best 5 Funny Football Goals of all the Time

Great Goals!
This na for all my readers to carry relax.
Enjoy jare!

Nigerian Football Hall of Shame. Nominees needed!

When the pool of talent we have in this country is juxtaposed with the silverwares we have won, it shows only a country inept and grossly underutilized. By taking the pulse of fans of the game in Nigeria, you could easily detect their frustration. Amid this under achievement, several awards are being showered on the same Government officials whose action or inaction has been the major cause of our lagging behind in International football.

My reasoning is that, a more objective method of deciding who should be awarded must be fashioned out. This must be all encompassing and should reflect the will of the fans since the fans are the most important element in football. Yes! Football would neither exist nor have its glamour without the fans.

If there is any country where there should be a well established ‘Hall of Shame’, it should be in this country and such individuals or group should be decided by the fans who are the most hurt by their ineptitude.

On out forum today, the hot issue is, Mention Those Administrators, Sponsors, Footballers, etc. past and present that by every sense of judgment should and must be listed in Nigerian Football Hall of Shame.

The fans take over at this point. Nominate here.

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