Sunday, March 09, 2008

Samuel 'The Nigerian Nightmare' Peter Makes History

Samuel peter had to overcome so many hurdles to get to conquering the world. From denials of winning James Tony that he had to fight twice to finally be allowed a shot at the World Heavy Weight title bout.

Beating Mcline was however not enough to earn him the coveted title of 'The Heavy weight Champion of The Wold', he still needed to overcome runaway Oleg Maskaev to finally strip him of that title.

March 08 2008 for Samuel Peter was to be a history making day and so much has been said with pundits doubting whether Peter's punches were capable of knocking the dreaded Oleg out. I also did.

Samuel sure has one thing working for him, and that is discipline being a devout Christian and married, so the chances of getting into trouble like others do is reduced.

The City of Uyo in Nigeria was agog despite the fact the fight was being staged in far away Cancun, Mexico. The entire country virtually stayed up till 4.30am Nigerian time as no one was willing to miss the chance of seeing history being made. My mobile phone alarm woke me up at exactly 4.30am, my friend Dr. Mfon drove me straight to the local viewing center as they wasn't any light in town for the past 3 days. PCHN aka NEPA has taken the light following a 'drizzle'. By the time we got there it was as quiet as a grave yard and we had to hurriedly drive to the local pub 'Crab' and there we met a crowd already seated for the bout at that time of the day. Impressive!

The fight finally started at about 5.00am with Samuel Peter dominating from the word 'go'. You need to see the reaction of the crowd especially at the third round when Peter started delivering those right handed punches he's known for. It turned out unlike what Oleg said before the fight, Samuel isn't just a Bull, but a Bull which wouldn't carry the rider on it's back but chooses to trample on him.

It was in the 6th round that Samuel finally proved that a new world champion has arrived. Oleg had tried to jump into Sam with a right, but unfortunately Sam was waiting with his trademark right fist. That sent Oleg staggering backwards. This time Samuel saw Maskaev's legs were wobbling and went for the kill hitting out about 7-8 straight punches without even a single reply from Oleg. He was dropping and out of orientation. The umpire had to intervene to save his life. This was after Peter had already won all the previous rounds. Oleg Maskaev was roundly beaten. Samuel Peter was then declared the World Heavy Weight Champion with a technical knockout.

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