Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nigerian Bloggers, Let's Support King Clemment and Ade Oyegbola: Enough Stealing our Patents

Above is a picture of the $100 laptop promoted by the OLPC(One laptop per child)

King Clement Uwemedimo, the CEO of Commandclem Nigeria limited is an inventor who for close to 30 years has been fighting to get what rightly belongs to him. King Clement, now blind is said to have invented an anti-corrosive paint which found great usefulness in the oil industry all over the world and one would expect him to be in Millions today especially after screaming 'Eureka!'

That was not to be a Mobil oil is said to have reneged in the agreement to [pay royalties the engineer whose ingenuity brought about the said anti-corrosive agent.

Despite recognition by the world body as the original owner of the The KONYAN keyboard designed by Ade Oyegbola. A multi Lingual keyboard.
patent, King Clement is yet to receive a dollar as royalties. Instead, the constituents were revealed to foreign competitors who now produce and sell same at will still without paying any form of indemnity to the patent owner.
A few years ago, Commandclem Nigeria limited won a court case that directed the various oil companies all over the world to pay up what is being own the King which is said to now run into Trillions of dollars, an amount that could make him indisputably the richest man in the whole wide world.

OLPC keyboard. Spot the difference.
While the Nigerian people are yet to finish with this nightmare, a certain ADE OYEGBOLA, an inventor from Nigeria who claims the One Laptop Per Child nonprofit stole his designs for a Nigerian keyboard. He recently won a round in a Lagos court. Now this week, Oyegbola is pressing his case in U.S. federal court.

In this suit he is pressing for $20million in damages. There seem to be a grand conspiracy to prevent development from Africa by the west. We expect that, as usual the west who claim first to keep and obey court orders, who tell us every now and then that the Rule of law must always be obeyed, should have rose up in defense of the King, with sanctions on the Oil companies involved to pay up all amount owed King Clement, not that there are afraid to let such an amount in the hands of one individual especially who is neither American nor British.

What is the assurance that if Aye wins his case in the US, his case will also not be pushed under the carpet?

Is is not interesting that there hasn't been a mention of Commandclem by the big media houses of the west despite the enormity of the sums involved?
This is a sign and a call for all Nigerians and concerned Africans to come all out and create a buzz about these two. We don't have the BBC, CNN and others behind us but we have a large blogging community in Africa. We all can create awareness. Let the world know what is going on. There is no crime in an African becoming the richest man in the world.

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