Monday, December 17, 2007

Why Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool won't Crash During African Nations Cup

Want to know why Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool will not be affected too much by African Nations Cup? Read this. First, Arsenal will lose 2 player not three as Adebayor won't be playing in ANC. Or are you counting Song? Song is useless even if he's available for all I care.Toure already has a cover in Juorou who is going to be recalled from Bermingham for this purpose.
Eboue will be the only person Arsenal will miss, but that gives Diara a chance to prove himself.
I think Arsenal just survived the most critical period of this title Challenge after the following games against Liverpool, Manchester United, Aston Villa, Newcastle and Midleborough and Chelsea especially doing so in three of these games without 4 first team players. The absense of just two players shouldn't have a more devastating effect. The difference is that Chelsea is always found wanting when Essien is not there to drive the midfield with his power. But If only Mikel would still be there it wouldn't have been too much problem for them. But Lossing two critical Midfielders and two strikers for almost 4 weeks is unimaginable for Chelsea fans.
Eboue, Toure, Kalou, Essien, Mikel and Drogba will be playing for the favourites at the competition and an early exit for them to return is unlikely. It seems like that but from my scrutiny Arsenal seems to already have a back up plan. Same with Chelsea who are currently thinking of bringing in Anelka to cover for Drogba and who knows what other plans they have!
If any team should be worried it is neither Arsenal, Chelsea nor liverpool but Portsmouth

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