Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Samson Siasia Thinks Vincent Eyeama is Still The best

Sampson Siasia recently made a statement i have waited long to hear from pundits and other influencial stakeholders in Nigerian Football. The African Nations Cup (Ghana 2008) is almost here and we are all very worried about certain departments of the super eagles. Top on our worry list, is the Midfield and Goalkeeping. We may finally have Rabiu making the team, if not we may have to rely on a Mikel Obi who in my Opinion has developed more into a defensive midfielder than an offensive one which is what we desire so much in the team.

Secondly the goal keeping area though must people have not really taken a look at this area, is my second most important department of worry. We have Goalkeepers Ejide, Ayenugba and Vincent Eyeama probably listed by Berti Vogts in that priority and from all indication, it seems Vicent is set to play a third chice goal keeper role.

I understand that Vogts as a European thinks only Europe based goalies are good enough. But I think Eyeama being tested and trusted should be in the fore front as first choice.

Sampson Siasia recently voiced out this when he said that, though Eyeama may not have the height of Ejide, he is more experince, agile and better in one-on-one challenges than any of the other Goalies. According to Siasia, non of the other goalkeepers can be said to be better than vincent Eyeama. But dose Vogts think so? I am very worried about this. I hope we don't make a fatal mistake.

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