Saturday, January 26, 2008

Super Eagles: After the Sekondi Disgrace

12 games gone; 38 goals scored; non by the Nigerian Super Eagles.
I know many readers of this blog may have been waiting patiently to hear what Emmanuel has got to say this time. Truly speaking I was so shocked and needed time to let what happened sink in. Up till this moment I still think I am dreaming. The more I wish it goes away the clearer the picture of defeat stares me in the face.
The Super Eagles were really super throughout their two games especially when you consider the fact they played entirely without any input from the bench. In a highly tactical championship like the African Cup of Nations, a team that puts up such a spirited display on their own without the technical input of the coach deserves some accolades.
Berti Vogts has finally brought some pride to many a Nigerian coach who has perpetually been looked down upon by the NFA. Ever since I grew up to know what football is, ever since I started watching the super Eagles on TV, this is the first time the Super Eagles may not get through the group stages. However in the last three competitions, we have gone there with local coaches and have always made the semi Final. What excuse could Vogts probably give us to justify this shame?
For this kind of performance to have come from a coach many call ‘world class’, it is therefore time we give some respect to Nigerian coaches. That they are yet to win the Nations cup for us but have always played in the semis means they could as well have won it in one of those occasions.
This coach appears like he has no game plan as we can’t really see any. No one can really say what Vogts is doing. He’s got a very strong team yet can’t produce results.
His selections, his substitutions, and even his preparations for this tournament all questionable.
Trust the Nigerian press. Soon we’ll hear what happened and what didn’t happen. For now we’ll let Vogts conclude his show of shame in Sekondi. Then we’ll be back here to analyze the situation.
Meanwhile, I will like to wish Mali good luck in their next game. They have worked very hard. If they qualify, they would have qualified from a very difficult group which is very important. When they needed to play for a win they played, when the needed to play for a draw they played and in both occasions, they got it right. In all, it tells of a team who’s got a coach who has plans.
As i speak, fans are already clamouring for his sack.


Anonymous said...

Pls Sack Vogt.the problem we ve is that we dnt need a foreign coach.At least, Eguavoen took us to final,Siasa won and he coached the likes of taiwo and Mikel.These home based coaches know this boyz well.So, pls let made adequate use of our resources.They know who to team up with who.Some players are nt match starter and some play for 90 minutes.Vogt those not team with who.Finally, players should be made to report to camp early or they face discliplinary action

Ife said...

Super Eagles - A disgrace
Berti Vogts - A failure
NFA - No Ambition for Nigerian Football

Let Super Eagles take the next available bus and pass through Seme Border, No need for Vogts joining them.

Total Nonsense, common goal we-sorry they can't score

Emmanuel E Ekanem said...

Guys i understand how we all feel about hthis situation. I know there is really nothing we can do. But let's still wait till after this last games. You never can tell. Something just might happen.

Anonymous said...

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