Friday, June 29, 2007

Can English Players Flourish In Arsenal?

Every Club seems to have its own favoured kind of players and many have said black players can't make it in at Old Trafford.
Similar arguement is now makig the rounds and many have said that it will take a miracle for an English player to make it in Arsenal. This is precipitated by Lampard's recent call out that English clubs should develop English talents.
Arsenal is know to be the premiership club with the least number of English players in it's first team. In reserve may be more but the first team definately have more french speaking players both of African and European decent than in any other team. Currently, apart from Theo walcot and Hoyte, no other English player is found in the gunners team. These two however are not regular. In the last two champions league when Arsenal knocked out Juventus and Real madrid, they are reputed to have done so without a single English player.
The arguement therefore is not misplaced.
In this case i wish to defer. Without going too far to start mentioning English players that have been so successful both at the pre wenger period and even under wenger, should call us all to remeber that until just last two seasons, Ian Wright an English player remained Arsenal's greatest player with 185 goals for the club. Wright was more than a success and so I wonder if this people ever remember there was ever a player called Ian.

Unfortunately we see less of these English players now. But can you blame Arsene? Maybe we'll see more of them. Ofcourse when English players start going for the right price.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Real Madrid sacks Capello

What with real Madrid and acking of coaches. Is the Club so confused that they changes managers like African countries? The issue is not really changing mangers for underperfomance, but always going back to hire under performing coaches.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Mikel Obi's Ban Too Harsh?

Yes. I agree that the treatment is harsh. But too harsh? No!It is too harsh to let 150 million Nigerians down instead. Mikel's father has confirmed that Mikel is a sturbbon boy who dose not listen to even his parents. "I told him to always honour National calls".That is the best a father can do for his son. It is okay for him to beg for Mikel's forgiveness but I will prefer that plea comes from Mikel himself to sure that at least there is some remorse after the ugly incidence.Sunday Oliseh tried it and had his national team carrier truncated and ofcourse he has to live with that regtret for the rest of his life. So it is not as if Mikel is the first to suffer this kind of Punishment.Though we know that the FA has it's faults, blatantly refusing to honour national calls is an insult to Nigerians. It is better for a player to tell us he no longer wants to play for Nigeria than play games with our feelings. I would also want to use this opportunity to send the same message to Celestine Babayaro who has refused to honour National calls for years now despite not coming out to tell us that he no longer wants to play for Nigeria. He'd better come out plain and say so. So that he will also live with his conscience.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Igwe (Thiery Henry) Is Gone!

Arsenal fans all over the world woke up to hear the sad news of their mecurial and talismanic striker signing for Barca. In hundreds many a Arsenal fans are waiting to see how the club respond to this . Already many fans have indicated that if the club countinues what they have termed mediocrity in the transfer market as was the case last season, they were going to decamp to Barca.

This at a time Man U, Chelsea and liverpool are brazing up for the title challenge come next season.

Some even say that as it is, Arsenal might finish much lower that they did last season come the end of ne3xt season.

Like one fan said on the Naija Football Fans Forum today, the club lacks a sense of "self Preservation".

Truely it looks like a team about to self destruct. After the controversial exit of Dein, one expected that Arsenal would work hard to keep what is left of it's family. With Thiery leaving on the grounds of uncertainty of Wenger's future, it is only a matter of time before we wake up to the news that Wenger is gone. That it will become a vircious circle with different players asking out as soon as possible. Atleast we know players like Cesc Fabregas, Denilson etc have said they will play for Arsenal as far as Wenger remains.

I hope it dosn't get to that stage. If Arsenal must retain it's teeming fan base accross the globe, now is the time to take decisive action to convince fans of it's willingness to compete both in the premiership and in Europe.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Criteria for coaching a Nigerian team according to the NFA

According to the Nigerian Football Association, a coach can only be successful if he satisfies the following criteria:

  1. If the said coach has a white skin
  2. If that coach is not Nigeria
  3. If the coach is ready to play the scratch my back I scratch your back game
  4. The said coach must be very timid and not as out spoken as a Clemens Westerhoof
  5. Must be ready to have his team selected by the NFA and not a coach who would refuse this arrangement like Sampson Siasia.
  6. Must be easily be induced with money
  7. Must be ready to work without pay for at least 6-8 months
  8. Should not be as ambitious as to defend self in the media when the NFA tries to twist facts else be sacked.
  9. Should mind his own business by not fighting for players to be given unpaid bonuses
  10. Must be confused enough and be ready to coach all of Nigeria’s national teams.
  11. Must be ready to work in a disorganized environment where there are no basic facilities
  12. Must be ready to be hired and fired at any time without compensation.

Monday, June 04, 2007

What do we do with super Eagles?

At last Nigeria's super Eagles arrive the point we all have been praying it dosen't get to. We have been bashed severally by various national teams and yet we have remained steafast hoping and praying that our dear team improves. But what do we do now? Now that we are very sure the eagles have become definately the weeping boys in African football? Against Ghana many a fan of the super eagles thought it was a fluke. But against Uganda? We have played at home and away and in both games, the Ugandans had a upper hand. What do we do now?

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