Friday, November 07, 2008

Uduak Akpabio's World Record Attempt!

When Kaffu achieved the rare fit in Dancing to get her name into the world record register, no one expected it. Such records have a way of making people strive for excellence.

Kaffu's feat has inspired a lot of women in Nigeria and Africa as a whole to the effect that truely, what a man can do, even a woman can surpass.

Here comes another record in the making. Uduak Akpabio, a photographer and web developer in another daring attempt to go all the way. Though i know Uduak in person as he also graduated from University of Calabar like me, i heard about his bravity for the first time on facebook.

He plans to go round Nigeria in 100 days to taking photographs of her beautiful people and heritage and he plans to take a whooping 1000,000 of such photographs. The photographs will also be made into video format for distribution.

He has applied to the world record body and has claimed the right to this epoch making attempt. The problem now is finances and will do with whatever help you Nigerians can give him.

Hear him:
“I want to set a World Record for the Largest Amount of Portraits Pictures Taken by a Single Photographer, I will have a minimum target of One Million(1,000,000) Portrait Pictures, to be taken in several states of Nigeria, and these will span about 100 days. I will be working with a Digital Camera, and will be using this as an avenue to showcase the richness of culture and beauty that spans the country (Nigeria). And to also educate people on the need to support street kids, while also asking everyone of the One Million people to make a comment on the issue.”

Let join hands together with Uduak Akpabio to once again put Nigeria's name on the world map boldly. Please comment on this article and indicate here if you wish to assist him. So i can forward his phone number. Or visit the project home page at Wazup Nigeria.

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