Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nigeria VS Argentina: Who wins?

The Dream Team IV has marvelously bulldozed it's way through to the final. Many people are saying different thing.

Some say Nigeria paraded an overage team. Forgetting that an Olympic team is simply not different from a side national side.

Even if it is based on our precedence, many teams including brazil and Argentina have been punished by FIFA in the past for fielding overaged players in age grade competitions so this is not an issue.

If there is any team with so many over aged players, it is the Argentine team. But let's leave that aside. Just because haters don't think they should give us our due respect shouldn't be a border to us. Let's concentrate on this game.

How do you fancy our chances? Do you think have got what it takes to repeat the 1996 feat?

This topic is already heating up on the forum. Below are a few fans comments:

I have received the message you sent to me in respect of our players. The dream team IV is no doubt going to beat the Angentine. This is going to be Atlanta replay, and you all know the outcome of Atlanta 96. So we will therefore continue to pray for the boys for God's guidance througout the game.
Consequetly, as regards to overage, people dont know what they are saying because they were surprise to see the dream team qualify up to this stage. If they should notice well, the dream team are the youngest players in the whole tournament.
Hope to hear from your office again.
Ali Abubakar
from Kaduna

I was really amazed with what 'the Dream Team IV ' did in the quarter final.They crushed down Belgium and put them on a gloomy faces,so why not lets pray for them,and hopefully they'll do more than crushing to their rivals Argentina."Aggressively they'll demolish them".They will put back the smile again to the nation.

BAti Felix Mangai

What On Earth Is Wenger Doing With Sylvestre?

I am personally disappointed with this signing. It is stupid for all i care.
How can the same manager who sold Pires, Bergkam, Lunberg and Gilberto because of their ages now
go for a player who in my opinion is far less quality that the ones mentioned above?

How can Aserne Sign a 31 year old player for two seasons when it was for the same reason Pires left the club?

In fact this signing makes the sale of Pascal Cygan appear foolish. Because right now i think fans would rather have a Pascal Cygan to Sylverstre.
I am Heart broken.


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