Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Outsourcing In Nigeria Can Be A Goldmine

As a matter of fact, Outsourcing is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

When i started, i didn't even look at it as out sourcing. I was forced into it when i realised that with every new code i learn, there was always another one i must learn. I then noticed what the indians were doing. Unlike Nigerians a programmer concentrates on programming, a designer concentrates on designing. So that an Indian who is a programmer will always reject a graphic design job. That made it easier for them. But it dosen't work that way in Nigeria because our people regard you are an amature is the web job you just finished dosen't look beatiful with graphics and flash animations all over so much that it takes forever to load.

An example is Ruggedman online . I know it's supposed to be a multimedia site but loading time should be taken into consideration. However, you can not blame the designer. He had to do that else he'll lose the job to someone else who was ready to give it all the aesthetics. Whereas functionality not look should be paramount. This left me with another problem. which means apart from learning all the coding languages, i have to learn photoshop, Macromedia flash and maybe master CCS. I immediately knew it was time to stop trying to be everything.

However, in this little time i have made a lot of friends who are also designers and people also know me as a designer. So what I do is get the job and hand it over.
This way I can handle many jobs at the same time. At the end of the day everyone is happy. The secret is, try not to be selfish . You need to maintain a good relationship with your coders. I am now thinking of registering my company properly and then going into this full time.

But remember, you must have a good knowledge of web design so that when you are talking to your clients and potential clients, you should appear to know what you are talking about. Also it helps you paint a proper picture of what the job should be to your coders.

Kanu Nwankwo’s Chance To Make History

Papillo as fondly called by admirers is reputed to be Africa’s most decorated footballer. Name it; 1993 in Japan he won the U-17 world cup, the Olympic gold medal in 1996 in Atlanta, became African Footballer of The year as a result of the achievements, won the UEFA Champions League with Ajax and other titles including the Dutch League while still in Ajax. In England with Arsenal he has added to his array of throphies and this includes the English Premier League title, the FA Cup and Carling Cup severally.
Before Liverpool’s last champions League victory, Kanu was the only player still playing then in the premier League who have won the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Champions League.
Considering all these honours, it is easy to say he has won it all.
However one very important trophy he wishes to add to his gallery is the ANC title. Despite participating in the last three editions he’s only managed to get silver and bronze medals. To add salt to his injury, Kanu Nwankwo has never scored a goal in the Nations Cup.
In this edition of the ANC, Kanu is set to put an end to his nations cup goal draught and take a further step to lift the trophy for the first time in his carrier. If he can do that, he sure will be at peace with himself and can have a happy retirement especially now that he’s team captain. I wish him all the luck he can have. This may be his last chance.

Super Eagles and The Malaga Weather

Ghana is close to the Equator meaning that we expect the same climate as of Nigeria and in February when the Nations Cup will be taking place, we expect a very hot weather in the day. Usually ranging between 28oC and as high as 35oC.
It was expected that with the entire squad based in Europe, camping would have been more appropriate in an African country with similar weather condition. It wouldn’t have been any harm if camping was done back home in Nigeria.
Reports emerging from the Super Eagles camp in Malaga have it that the weather condition is excruciatingly cold that it is even affecting training.
It is okay then to worry weather the players will be able to cope with the condition February in Ghana.
In the past we have used the Malaga camping site before major competitions. One of such instances was during a world cup preparation to be staged in Europe.
My humble opinion is that it makes no technical sense to take the team to such extreme condition only to come back to the other extreme in Ghana. It just doesn’t work that way.
It is possible to find a better camping site for the Super Eagles especially now that majority of the players are yet to arrive.
If the NFA has made this choice, Vogts who is the coach should no better. The problem is just that Mr.Berti doesn’t seem to know how Nigeria works. He’s been dancing to the tune of football authorities in the country since his arrival. If it goes wrong he’ll have no excuse. Even the NFA boss will hold him responsible for mistakes they (the NFA) had caused. We expect that he should stand his grounds as the coach. It is the super Eagles success first before anything else. We are watching.

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