Monday, September 29, 2008

Gunners Embarrassingly Drop 3 Precious Point on a Weekend of Questionable Penalties.

A lot happened on the international scene last weekend. It was a weekend of controversial penalties with Manchester United as one of the beneficiaries with the other city rival suffering on the other side.

Bolton are set to receive an apology from referee Rob Styles for his astonishing penalty mistake at Old Trafford. The official will say sorry for awarding United a spot-kick when Cristiano Ronaldo was clearly tackled fairly by Jlloyd Samuel.Well pity the Reebok boys. The harm has already been done. 'Rob Styles Again'!Why is it always Rob Styles? Maybe we leave that for future discussion. macity

Chelsea and Liverpool as well as the Old Trafford team all won their games with 2-0 each.
However, the exception was Arsenal whose lackluster performance against hull city saw them lose to Hull City. I heard the last time Arsenal Lost to Hull was in 1915. Waoh! No wonder the manager says this was his biggest win in his Career. hullcity
Hull City was seen taking the game to the gunners on Saturday right there at the Emirates. At the end of the first half, the Hull City gaffer claims he was angry with his wards for not going all out for a win. 

Arsene Wenger is sick of his wasteful Arsenal stars - especially after what happened on Saturday and is ready to show his anger come tomorrow's Champions League clash with Porto. hullgoal

Well the gunners will have to stop underrating teams if they hope to have a go at the League title this term. 

Back home, i heard in the news a name i have always wished never again find its way into our football circles. ONIGBINDE! What the heck is anyone expecting from this man? This is a man that only knows how to get on the pages of newspapers and he does this better than putting up a trophy-winning team.
Embattled Dike seems on the verge of being booted out after the dismal display  of losing to a team we all can't believe. The NFF thinks recycling this same coaches who have failed in the past is the solution. onigbinde
The former Super Eagles chief coach Adegboye Onigbinde has  emerged the number one candidate to replace the embattled Golden Eaglets chief coach Alphonsus Dike in the national U-17 team.

and the coach has been invited for discussions on the new task.
with the one time African Football Of The Year, Emmanuel Amuneke as his likely assistant.

I sincerely hope this is not another decision of the NFF we all will regret in future.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fabregas Scared Of Young Gunners Challenge- Says, I can't Sleep Anymore!

The Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas reckons it will not be long before he has to fight for a place in the midlle of the field with upcoming gunners so hot.

Fab, is regarded as one of the old players in Arsenal at 21, he admitted watching with awe on Tuesday night as Arsene Wenger’s wonderkids buried Sheffield United 6-0 in the Carling Cup. carling cupkids

And he admits he will have to raise his game in the wake of sensational midfield displays by Jack Wilshere, 16, Aaron Ramsey, 17, and Fran Merida 18.

“I cannot go to sleep as one day or other they will want to play more and more and the manager will want them to play more.

“I will have to be better and better. Wilshere, Ramsey, Merida — they all play in my position. This is great for me. I love competition.

“If the players are so young you can feel your place is too secure.

“So it’s fantastic to have competition — to wake you up and make you a better player.”

Fabregas thinks this vindicates the manager for not bowing to pressure to buy during the summer.

“I was really excited on Tuesday — it was sensational. You can see all the players have ambition, they want to show how good they are.

“It’s not easy in front of 56,000 people when they are playing regular reserve games.

“The manager is the best at giving youngsters a chance. No one comes near to him for that. He’s not scared to play everyone.

“He doesn’t care how old they are. It’s amazing. It’s why we have so many good young players. It’s the club’s policy.

“The loyalty is there when you see that the manager trusts you since you were 15, 16.

“When you see all the teams buying big stars, who knows where the stars of the future are going to come from.

“Maybe they don’t all make it at Arsenal but another team will see them play and they get another chance straight away in the Premier League instead of going to the Second Division.”

Fabregas further aclaim that for bringing up young players, no one can compare with Arsene Wenger. He himself being a product and beneficiary of such policy that saw him replace Patrick Viera at a very tender age with all the responsibilities that follows.

“Great managers like him and Alex Ferguson are special.

“But for what he does with young players, no one compares with Wenger.

“He never shows nerves before a game, he doesn’t put us under any pressure.

“Even if you’re 14 or 15 he always looks relaxed to you and instils confidence in you.”

On not winning a trophy for about four seasons. This is what he had to say.

“People can say ‘They will never win’ but it’s not in my mind. I’ll never think we won’t win anything.

“But sometimes when you feel so good during the game and play the game you enjoy so much, even if you haven’t won anything in the last three seasons, I have felt so good, so free. I enjoy it so much.

“Of course you want to win but when you have this recompense inside that you are playing so well maybe it’s much better than to be in another team that wins trophies but you don’t enjoy it so much.”

When will Steven Gerrard Score His 100th Goal?

Steven Gerrard was denied his 100th goal by the linesman's flag against Stoke last weekend so he will hope that this weekend help him achieve a century of goals as to meet Everton at the Meryerside.

He has aslways done well against Everton and in the past has scored three times against Everton.

From his first strike in Liverpool colours as a 19-year-old, here are the 99 goals in his collection so far...

Can he round up the count soon?

Ferguson Threatens To Relegate Wayne Rooney To The Bench

Sir Alex Ferguson is set to introduce a rotation policy following the arrival of Dimitar Berbatov to Old Trafford. This has become increasing necessary following the lack lustre perfomance of the squad in the final third recently.

Yesterday Ferguson said all his strikers will have equal opportunity and with Rooney, yet to score in seven appearances for United this season, is no less or more secure than Berbatov, Carlos Tévez or Cristiano Ronaldo when it comes to team selection. But with Tévez unfortunate to be the odd man out against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, Rooney is likely to be more anxious as to  who starts the match against Bolton Wanderers at Old Trafford today.

waynerooney “When you have got a squad and everyone is fit, you have a problem,” Ferguson said at United's training ground yesterday. “You have to make sure you pick the right 11 and even the subs. Players understand it [rotation], but it doesn't mean they accept it.

“Some players maybe three days before or three days later understand the mechanics of it and know it has to be done, but when it's their turn to be sitting out, they don't like it. That's OK with me. It tells you that they want to play and I would rather that than have some players thinking, I don't fancy it today. It's a tough game.' You don't want players who are happy sitting on the bench.”

Rooney, is known to hate sitting on the bench. Every player does, but it is just the way it has to be if the Red devils strike force must wake up and start shooting. It could be against Bolton this afternoon, the trip to Aalborg in the Champions League on Tuesday or Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park next weekend.

Ferguson himself has suggested that Rooney's inability to find the back of the net may be as a result of failure of the team to create the needed opportunities as very little is coming through these days.

“Wayne is maybe not getting a lot of chances at the moment,” Ferguson said. “We've just been to Liverpool and Chelsea, which aren't the easiest places to go to. If you look at our record in Anfield in the last few years, we've only scored one goal there in each game. It's a difficult place to go and the fans are on top of you. They gave Wayne a real hard time. But it's difficult to judge goalscoring performance from any player when you get two away games like that at the start of the season, when some players are still trying to get their fitness.” 400x400_DimitarBerbatovNew

Manchester United must get their Premier League campaign up and running this afternoon by coming out with the desired 3-points against bolton,

Alex Ferguson has also condemned Gary megson for defending Davies now known as the 'Dirtiest' Player in The top Flight . Asked whether he has “a problem” with Davies, who clashed with Patrice Evra, the full back, when the teams met last season, considering his last week's tackle against Arsenal's Clichy, Ferguson said: “Gary Megson [the Bolton manager] has come out and defended Davies, but it's hard to defend him when he makes challenges like he did last week [on Gaël Clichy, the Arsenal left back]. That's all I have to say about it.”

Friday, September 26, 2008

Kanu Thinks Portsmouth Can do better when he returns

Nwankwo Kanu is not happy that portsmouth once touted as one of the team likely to break into the big four is now trailing and losing scandalously to teams. He is most unhappy with the display of the Redknap boys against manchester city where they concided an unbelievable 6 gols with no reply.
The Blues have gone worse haven crashed out of the League cup competition further looking like they are now relagation bound. A team that was looking at doing better than last season especially after qualifying for Europe.
Kanu Now expects rednap to make useful changes that will see his team challenging for silverwares on all fronts.
‘We’ve conceded four goals and we have to stop conceding.
‘We have to start keeping clean sheets.‘It’s a worry for all the players and the gaffer.
‘But he knows what we have to do. We are not happy.‘The only thing we have to think of is finding a solution.
‘Sometimes you have to make mistakes and you have to correct them.’
Said the Lanky Nigerian Captain.Kanu got a 21-minute cameo in the game against Chelseawhen he replaced Peter Crouch but could not remedy the situation as they still went down 4-0.
That followed his return late on against Vitoria Guimaraes in the UEFA Cup last week.
Kanu is however optimistic Portsmouth will take out their anger on Tottenham this SundayHe said: “The coach has told us what he wants and it’s down to us to implement it.
“The spirit in the dressing-room is good and we’re talking to each other, wanting to find a solution. “We want to give the fans something back. We don’t want them to lose confidence in us.
“But I believe on Sunday it’s going to be a good show and we’re going to win. I believe that because everyone is fed up with what is going on.
“It will be a difficult game for us because Spurs are trying to find their feet this season.
“The gaffer is pushing everyone to give their best, and I believe we’ll respond on Sunday – not just for ourselves, but for the supporters, because they have been supporting us with their whole hearts.
“I hope I’ll be involved against Tottenham. As an ex-Arsenal player, I love playing against them!”
Kanu might just be what Redknapp needs right now.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Effects of Yoga Inversions on Your Health


It is no longer news the fact that Yoga can keep us alive and free from incessant hospital visits. This is one area of alternative care that orthodox medicine agrees with. While the regular fitness exercises is as beneficial as advertised by increasing blood flow, Yoga achieves same but in a less anaerobic state. The specificity of Yoga makes it a far better way to stay healthy. The twist, conscious breathing, relaxation, and inversions all combine to confer the kind of health non yoga practioners can only hope for.

Let’s take a look at the effects of yoga inversions. These include all forms of yoga practice that involves turning the down-side-up. Examples include shoulder stand (salamba sarvangasana), half shoulder stand (viparita karani), and headstand (salamba shirshasana). While this practice indisputably has a lot of benefits so is the downside of it, details of which we shall take a look into in this expose`.

Yoga Inversions and the Immunes System

There is a network of tubular vessels that runs along with the neurovascular bundles throughout the length and breadth of our body. Its major duty is fluid regulation as it works along with blood vessels. Edema (fluid accumulation) that presents as swelling in the respective part of the body is as a result of fluid accumulation in the lymphatic’s of that part of the body. Veins and arteries possess smooth muscles (longitudinal and circular) responsible for peristaltic movement that helps to propel blood aside from the pumping activity of the heart. None of these mechanisms is available in lymphatics.

The lymphatics are very rich in white blood cells responsible in fighting bacteria and other disease causing micro organisms but they lack the mechanism of peristalses. This prevents adequate circulation of its content- the reason our legs become swollen when we sit down for long periods. It therefore means that proper lymphatic circulation is dependent upon how much we move around. Movement causes skeletal muscles contraction and tightening of the muscles fasciae (the sheet-like covering of skeletal muscles) which in turn help circulate the lymphatic fluids. Regular exercises can achieve this but not between the body extremes. Yoga inversions are the only known effective practice that can ensure that lymphatic fluids circulate adequately from head to toe to equitably distribute the large amount of WBCs for healthy living.

Bacteria infections are prone where there is stasis of body fluids as there provide a good medium for their growth. Proper circulation of lymphatic fluid prevents this.

Improvement of Mental Alertness and Focus with Yoga Inversions

The increased circulation resulting from this practice also increases blood circulation to the brain, delivering higher amount of oxygen needed for combustion. The steady and adequate energy supply to the brain, which results from this, increases our level of concentration and mental sharpness. There are very few effective practices that can keep the brain this healthy.

Inversions improve stamina and the strength of the upper body

Expectedly the regular practice of Yoga inversions builds the muscles of the upper limbs. Following continuous bearing of the weight from the upper body, the muscles of the arm strengthen and overall increases stamina.

Effects of Inversions on Hormones

Inversions upset gravity and the pituitary and pineal gland become activated and synergize to balance hormone levels in the body. This revitalizes and rejuvenates the entire body and ensures adequate growth. Particular usefulness of the practice is found in would-be mothers.

As beneficial as it may be, there are also contraindications of yoga inversions. There are a series of health condition in which if existing, yoga inversions should be entirely avoided or modified. They include pregnancy, neck pain, high or low blood pressure, neck injuries, or in menstruation.

Yoga Inversions and High Blood Pressure

The sudden lower blood pressure after an inversion exercise in the upper body is detected by the baroreceptors (Blood pressure regulators) around the neck and usually attempt to increase the blood pressure to higher levels under normal circumstances. In people with high blood pressure, this adds to an existing high blood pressure and worsens hypertension and may lead to stroke. So it is advisable that people with high blood pressure avoid inversions and instead should adopt other forms of yoga practice or consult an instructor for proper advice.

In low blood pressure, the reverse is possible. During inversions, there is increase blood pressure in the upper body. This is sensed as abnormal by the baroreceptors that subsequently try to reduce same and may result in extremely low blood pressure afterwards leading to dizziness, fainting or cardiogenic shock.

Effect on Pregnancy and Menstruation

The effect on pregnancy is similar as above. Normally, blood pressure increases are recorded during pregnancy and involving in yoga inversions during this period is not advisable. The common problems associated with this are preeclampsia, premature labour, and aggravation of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension especially in first time pregnancies (primi gravidae).

So women should suspend inversions once pregnancy sets in and may resume about four to eight weeks after delivery when progesterone levels would have reduced towards pre-pregnancy levels.

In Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health, B.K.S. Iyengar inversions are advocated during menstruation based on the claims it helps overflow. There are also some schools of thought that are entirely against Yoga Inversions during menstruation. However, none of these claims seems substantiated as many other authors also contradict one another. So women should be left alone to make their individual decisions on inversions during menstruation. Individuals should however observe how they respond to inversions during menstruation and decide for themselves what works.

Neck Injuries and Inversions

It is dangerous for persons with neck injuries to practice inversions. In an event of a slip or further trauma to the neck, the outcome could be disastrous. Same with those with injuries at the back along the vertebra column. This group should avoid inversions until it is all clear from the doctor.

The entire benefits one can derive from yoga inversions far out-weight the disadvantages as long as it is properly done, as well as know when it must be avoided or modified taking into consideration the various contra indications.

The Wonders of Acai Berries


Ever since Oprah endorsed the Acai Berry calling it the number one 'super fruit', its popularity in the United States has been going like wild fire.

Acai Berry is a small dark-colored (purple) fruit that grows in clusters and tastes like berries and chocolate mixed together. This wonder fruit grown in the Amazon area of Brazil has been in use by the locals for various benefits until the recent craze for it in the United States following discoveries made by various researchers on its benefits and testimonies from users. The fruit is highly perishable, the reason you will hardly see it in fresh form but frozen or as fruits and in yogurt for they do not last the transit period from Brazil. It has been featured in the Oprah show, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and Sports Illustrated for Women.

Recent reports in the states have demonstrated the wonders of this ‘Super Food’ which has also help the popularity of the best known acai berry product in the market; Monavie products.

Help Prevent Cancer

The high fiber content in acai berries causes bulky stools. The advantage of this is that, bulky stools in the large intestine is a natural way of cleaning up the walls of the bowels as it is being passed out unlike stools formed by ingestion of refined non fibrous foods that sticks to the bowel walls. Fibrous diet is known to prevent the incidence of cancer of the colon which is a very common occurrence in the United States and other developed countries where the practice of refined fast foods is the norm.

Still on cancer prevention, acai berries ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) level, which measures content of anthocyanins, an anti-oxidant — is the highest among berries in the world. Anti-oxidants help the body fight free radicals. This ability to mob up free radicals has been said to prevent cancer. In cancer patients, prevent its spread.

A laboratory study conducted the University of Florida in February says the acai berry has been killing cancer cells in laboratory tests.

Acai Berry is a Strong Energizer

Niacin is substrate for ATP (Adenosine Triphospate) which is the body’s own form of energy, said to be the body’s fuel, is found is high amounts in acai berries and so less energy is used up by the body to produce ATP by making use of Niacin straight up. So used in energy drinks, it will be different from other forms that makes use of glucose and so starting the process of ATP formation from scratch and in the process using up more energy.

Acai Berry’s Anti-Aging Activities

The ORAC assay done to determine how much anti-oxidants a food substance contain is said to have scored acai berry way above 1000 making it anti-oxidant content the highest and most potent in any form of natural food in the world. Anthocyanins the anti-oxidant acai berry helps prevent the destructive effects of free radicals on the cells keeping our body organs like the skin looking fresh and younger.

Regenerates Your Muscles

Acai berries contain high vitamin B levels and amino acids. The high levels of these nutrients help to keep the muscle healthy as well as build them. So it is highly recommended for those interested in muscles regeneration and hypertrophy. It is one of the highest amino acid containing plants known to man. Essential amino acids are needed in large amounts in the process of wound healing and muscles building for strength. Acai Berry provides a natural alternative to the use of amino acid tablets which is very common among body builders across the country.

Acai Berries as an Immune system booster

By destroying harmful entities in the body through its natural pool of anti-oxidants, acai berries help to keep us healthy and free of illnesses by keeping our immune system free and strong. Free radicals destroy the cell membranes of our white blood cells and immunoglobulin credited with the major function of fighting diseases but in the presence of high anthocyanins content provided by acai berries the white blood cells and immunoglobulin are mopped off of free these radicals helping them perform optimally.

Prevention of Heart Diseases

Acai Berries contains a lot of essential fatty acids like the Omega-6, Omega-3 and Omega-9, and phytosterols. Studies have shown that this ingredients help prevent heart diseases and among those who have suffered heart attack, the constituents in acai have help achieve a positive result during treatment.

Acai Berry Help Digestion

The fibrous nature of acai berry assist in digestion of food in the stomach by helping get rid of toxic entities within the alimentary canal through the bulk stools making way for proper digestive processes. You can only imagine the dangers of lack of proper digestion.

Weight Loss Advantage of Acai Berry

The simple reason that acai berry is fibrous, produces the feeling of easy satiety and makes you eat less of other forms of food helping you loss weight while you stay healthy considering every other nutrient present in acai.

Maintenance of General Body Fitness and wellness

It is rather amazing to note that just one fruit could have so much benefit. However when a full list of the ingredients of the super fruit is obtained it is easy to understand. Acai Berry also contain carbohydrates, iron, Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, protein and calcium

So to start living healthy today, include acai berry products in your diet. Amazon Thunder, Fruit Vida International and Monavie are some of the companies selling acai berry products. Acai Juice is now sold on the internet, gyms, wellness centers, sports and fitness clubs etc. A life with acai berry keeps you away from the doctors and saves you medical insurance cost which is continuously on the high these days. Why shouldn’t you, after all, there is now a flavor called Brazilian Acai Berry Sorbet that takes acai berry products to a different level entirely. Produced by Haagen-Dazs for ice creams, promises to bring a whole new chapter in the consumption of acai berry products worldwide.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Nigerians To Buy Newcastle United FC!

Many more surprises still from St. James' Park

Since the beginning of this season, Newcastle united, Nigeria's Obafemi Martins premiership Club has not been having it smooth at all. Trouble all began during the summer transfer when manager Kevin Keegan become furious about transfer dealings done without him being consulted and is said to have totally disagreed with management on many transfer deals and threatened to leave.

Just a few days after Owner Mike Ashley began to face the heat from fans for being spotted at the stands in Emirates Stadium gulping down a pint while Newcastle was down 3-0 to Arsenal, he announced his plans to sell the club. Then Keegan left  and crisis deepens as key players like Michael Owen, Alan Smith, Joey Barton, Shay Given, Nicky Butt, Damien Duff, Mark Viduka, Obafemi Martins, Charles N'Zogbia and Shola Ameobi all want away from the club.

The latest rumour from the mills have it that a Nigerian businessman says he is leading a bid to buy Newcastle United. "The consortium has raised £350m," said the chief executive of NVA Management Chris Nathaniel according to a report in the Times Newspaper.

Whether this will bring lasting solution to the crisis is yet to be seen. But i am just intrigue by the prospects of a fellow Nigerian owning a high profile team like Newcastle United in a high profile league like Newcastle United.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Lucky Chelsea! Terry Escapes Three- Match Ban

John Terry was adjudged to have tackled to dangerously on city Player the other day and as a result received an outright red.

But Chelsea appealed successfully and Terry will now be available for the clash against Manchester United. This has made Sir Alex Ferguson very angry as he claimed, the decision will open the flood gate for dangerous tackles.

Vidic will miss the encounter following a similar decision.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Theo Walcot Arrives witha hatrick

Theo Walcott finally got a second start from Fabio Capello yesterday against their traditional rival and nemesis, Croatiaand while many thought England's lack of conidence will see them fall again against the crots as usual, Theo walcot choosed the game to show that he's now ready to live up to what everyone in England expects of him.
With three Clinical finishes said to be unprecedented in English national team as it is not everyday we see No. 7 score an hatrick.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs, Real Madrid, Ac Milan, Inter Milan and Eyimba fans wanted! Get Free traffick; become a coauthor

Do you have a passion for football? We are looking for Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs, Real Madrid, Ac Milan, Inter Milan and Eyimba fans who have a good grasp of english and will like to blog about their teams on our blog. We are now opening up to make fans of the game say it in their own words. You don''t only have to read but say it your own way.
Please note that this is a non paying position.
The naijafootballfans forum blog is a highly trafficked blog with over 17,000 unique visitors so far. If you are a webmaster, you could also get traffick by leaving your signature at the bottom of your everypost. However, your post must be about sports. Though sometimes we do allow non sport issues. The blog is at . If you are intereted request for an invitation by sending a an aplication to admin[@]naijafootballfans[dot]com telling us why you are the one we are looking for.

Siasia Or Amodu for 2010; Vote now!

Segun Odegbami a man irrespective so much not only because of his achievement in football ( i can't even remember ever watching him play. Yours truly was still too young then) but for the critical and rationalistic method to which he approaches issues.

I was going through the net as usual and i came across this all important issue and truly i have been wondering my self. There is currently a public uncertainty whether Nigeria won't be going to South Africa with a coach that is probably not the best we have. I will let you the readers decide. This is an opinion sampling.

At mathematical7 the mathematical Segun analyzed the issues at stake and that has left me pondering too.

There is a poll at the top left of this blog. Have your say.

2 Million Man March for Commandclem Nigeria Limited

 click here for details

Friday, September 05, 2008

Latest On Commandclem Nigeria Limited

In 2007 when i first heard of Commandclem, i was shocked not only because of the amount of money involved but also because of the fact they was very little information online about it.

As you can see this is a football blog, i reasoned i wasn't fit to start a blog entirely for commandclem in solidarity because of the rigors of writing everyday and figured i can feature from time to time issues as it concerns commandclem. I can boast that this is probably the first Nigerian blog to mention commandclem.

I still can not understand why till date, news of Commandclem has failed to awash the front pages of a national dailies. Honestly i don't know why. This is one single invention that can turn this country around and do for us what the government has failed to do. CNL has promised to give Nigerians social security something we have never heard of before in this country and he's saying this not because he plans to contest an election. What this means is that, Jobless Nigerians can be sure of a monthly pay for up keep. $8.7 trillion can do this so is it like we doubt him?

COMANDCLEM NIG. LTD, call on all Nigerians to register as a PATENTEE at the rate of 20,000 and you will be entitled to 30,000 MONTHLY as meal Ticket under the CCNL social security scheme.  So i am lunching a new blog entirely for commandclem. This blog is to gather support for CNL. I will post it here when the blog comes up.

6th September 2008; The Commandclem Blog has been lunch and if you want to show your solidarity, we will like you to leave a comment on the blog. Here

Yakubu Now Eagles' Captain

yakeg At last the 'Big Yak' and Coach Amodu will have a chance to bury the hatchet as Shuaibu Amodu picks him to Captain the Super Eagles. yakev Though the duo have claim all is well between them but rumours have it that they have not really made up since the home sending brouhaha of the player in Mali on grounds of indiscipline.

In the absence of Kanu and Yobo, Yak is set to captain the team to face the Bafana Bafana at home who have been threatening fire and brimstone.

I personally don't like Yak's style, but you can't argue with the form of a player that keeps scoring in the range of 20 goals every season. yakeagThis may even be his opportunity to win over fans like me who don't fancy him (I know we are in the range of millions) as his attitude and dedication to the team may change drastically following the new responsibility.

That leadership band sure knows how to change a player. This is now time for him to lead by example.


Drop your comment on this post.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Cesc Fabregas, Fernando Torres, Christiano Ronaldo to Manchester City?

Manchester City's new owners will follow up a £135m bid for Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo with offers for Liverpool striker Fernando Torres and Arsenal midfield man Cesc Fabregas. (The Times)

 06-Christiano Ronaldo

The headline as you see above is culled from the times newspaper in UK and if one decides to state that football or is it club owners have gone crazy, you'll be well on line.

The last day of transfers as we all saw was described as made Monday. Mad in the sense so many unexpected things happen. While clubs you believe have no need for new signings were breaking the bank to do so, others with palpable deficiencies stubbornly refused to bring in any new pair of legs. but the most unlikely thing that happened was Robinho's move to Manchester city which i don't think anyone predicted. A club on the brink of collapse suddenly now have as touted, ten times the purchasing power of Chelsea.Cesc_Fabregas

If that was to tell us there was certainly a new dawn of English premiership domination, the current news making the rounds that Cesc, Tores and Cristiano Ronaldo are now being courted by the Abu Dhabi Group (new owners of Manchester City). First they got back Shawn Wright Philips, then surprise everyone by bringing in Robinho. 

fernando-torresThe next strategy as I see is to tear the Big-Four apart as they have already started by snatching Robinho from Chelsea and are now planning to go for the most important players in Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool. Little wonder they are now talking about winning throphies. I have heard they last won a silverware in 1976.

Mind you, 135 million pounds for Christiano Ronaldo alone? Who said football has not gone crazy?

Monday, September 01, 2008

Full Dosier Of Last Minute Tranfers Facts and Rumours

The market is smoking @Oluwole, Man U seems set to lose out on Berbatov as Man City wades in. Though despite the fact Spurs have agreed a fee with manchester city, it is reported Berbatov is still having talks with Man U.

Liverpool seems to be buying everything and anything, Spurs finally secure Pavlyuchenko.

Let's see if man U will offer something bigger than what Man City is offering.

We have also heard Arsene Inquired about Kalou and still interested in Inklar.
Will he pull another smart one as usual?

Catch other transfer rumours as culled from BBC :

TransfersAnd finally


Tottenham striker Dimitar Berbatov could finally get his wish to join Manchester United, with the Old Trafford club putting together a package that could reach £30m. (Daily Telegraph)

Striker Frazier Campbell could be used as a make-weight in the deal, but Hull City have launched a £7m bid for the 20-year-old. (Various)

Robinho's move to Chelsea is in severe doubt after Real Madrid angrily hit out at the Stamford Bridge club's transfer tactics, despite the 24-year-old reiterating his desire to join the Blues. (Various)
Robinho intent on joining Chelsea

But Real's sporting director Predrag Mijatovic has urged president Ramon Calderon to sell the Brazilian as he believes they can cope without him until the January transfer window. (Daily Express)

Newcastle have launched a bid to sign Wigan and England striker Emile Heskey, 30, but any move is dependant on the Latics signing 25-year-old Middlesbrough striker Mido. (Daily Star)

The Magpies have also targeted Wigan's Olivier Kapo, who only arrived at the JJB Stadium in July. (Various)

Kevin Keegan has tabled an £8m bid to bring Chelsea winger Florent Malouda, 28, to St James' Park. (Daily Telegraph)

Jermaine Pennant has been warned by Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez that he will be left in the reserves if he does not join Stoke City for £5m. (Daily Mail)

Everton and Tottenham are locked in a battle to sign 20-year-old Standard Liege midfielder Marouane Fellani for £11.2m. (The Sun)

The Toffees also hope to complete a £3m deal to sign 27-year-old Newcastle striker Alan Smith. (Various)

Tottenham are still tracking Manchester City defender Vedran Corluka and hope to sign the 22-year-old for £8m. (Various)

Swedish striker Henrik Larsson has rejected a move back to the Premier League after being linked with Everton and West Ham, despite his club Helsingborg placing the 36-year-old on the transfer list. (Various)

Reading striker Kevin Doyle, 24, could be on his way to Aston Villa for £7.5m. (Daily Mail)

Arsene Wenger is hoping to bring 24-year-old Switzerland midfielder Gokhan Inler to Arsenal. (Daily Mirror)

Wigan hope sign Portsmouth striker David Nugent, 23, on loan for the rest of the season with a view to a £3m permanent move. (Daily Mirror)

Nugent is also a target of West Brom, who have made a £4m bid for Real Mallorca's 20-year-old Argentine striker Oscar Trejo. (Daily Mail)

Blackburn defender Andre Ooijer, 34, is a target for AZ Alkmaar who want to use the defender in a swap deal with 24-year-old Australian winger Brett Holman. (Daily Mirror)

West Ham hope to bolster their attacking options before the end of tonight's transfer window and are linked with Torino striker David Di Michele, 32, and 21-year-old Palermo striker Edison Cavani. (The Times)

The Hammers have rejected a £5m bid from Sunderland for 24-year-old striker Carlton Cole. (The Independent)

Alan Curbishley also wants to sign Lazio defender Guglielmo Stendardo, 27, on loan. (Daily Mail)

Hull are interested in signing Fulham winger Seol Ki Hyeon, 29. (The Times)

If Hull fail in their bid to sign Campbell from Manchester United, then manager Phil Brown will turn his attentions towards 27-year-old Benfica striker Ariza Makukula. (Daily Mail)

Rangers striker Daniel Cousin is expected to complete a move to Hull today. (Various)

Newcastle are set to take 26-year-old Valencia midfielder Ignacio Gonzalez on a season-long loan. (Various)

Cardiff hope to sign Fulham midfielder Alexei Smertin, 33, on a free transfer. (Various)
Cardiff close in on Smertin deal


Chelsea manager Luiz Felipe Scoalri let slip in his post match interview that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger had enquired about striker Saloman Kalou. (The Times)

Michael Owen's England career could be over after he was left out of Fabio Capello's England squad for the World Cup qualifiers with Andorra and Croatia later this month. (Various)
Bullard called into England squad

Liverpool striker Fernando Torres is likely to miss Liverpool's Premier League showdown with Manchester United after pulling a hamstring in the 0-0 draw with Aston Villa. (The Guardian)


Newcastle owner Mike Ashley has come in for fierce criticism after he was seen downing a pint during his side's 3-0 defeat to Arsenal on Saturday. (Various)

Young footballers who fail to make the grade are being urged to take up alternative sports such as cycling, rowing and athletics to boost Great Britain's medal hopes at the 2012 Olympics. (Daily Mirror)

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