Sunday, May 27, 2007

Football Suffers Another, As May 29 Handover Draws Near

Yesterday was one of those days i had more reasons to stand by my believe that football in Nigeria is not about to take a turn for the better. It was an eclectic atmosphere at the Abuja National stadium. A novelty match organised as part of activities to mark the May 29th 2007 handover and as usual politicians, business Business men comprising mainly the who-is-who of coperate Nigeria converged at what was supposed to be an epoc making event. Behold it turned out to be another event organised only to showcase the vastness of our leaders' ineptitude.

One would have expected that in such a high profile event, what ever form of recreation organised should be one that can keep one hoping it never came to an end. Like in many countries where things are done properly, the football match would have matched the event. That was not to be as the organisers went ahead to organise a mock football game in an event on live telecast and on National TV. For the time the event lasted, i kept thinking 'what a game this would have been if this was featuring the super eagles and another world class football nation'. I kept watching a differnt match while something else was actually what was on TV.

This brings us back to the question of why we always fail to seize opportunities as a nation when they present themselves. At least a week before now, most of the super eagles players have rounded up games in their various leagues. So it wasn't the usual excuse of the players being very busy. It aslo can't be due to lack of funds to organise a high profile game that suits the occassion. I am saying this because after all, we shall be presented with large figures and sums of money and told all that was expended on organizing that single event.

Could it not serve a good opportunity for the super eagles to prepare for the forth coming game against Uganda? It is only in Nigeria that such a low profile team can be presented in such a high profile event. I have nothing against developing our youth teams but one should only think of what such an opportunity for a high profile game could possibly contribute to our World Cup/Nations Cup qualifying Bid.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Viewing Center Business: A Goldmine.

Football, apart from being Nigerians’ favourite pastime and greatest unifying factor, it has in recent times brought about a fast growing business which side by side has been blooming with same popularity of the game. You’ll hardly walk a hundred meters in Nigeria’s major cities without coming across a place with the trademark black wall scribbled on it, different match fixtures for the coming weekend.

More and more people are fast realizing how profitable the business could be that we can only expect it to get better especially with the high prices of Direct-to-Home television services in the country making football lovers to opt for these viewing centers. A typical viewing center has between 40-100 viewers and spots can sometimes boast higher patronage especially if you can offer dual view where viewers can watch two matches at the same time. Such places charge a minimum fee of N30, while some places can charge up to N50. I have paid N70 and N100 and I’m sure most of us have too.

It’s a beautiful thing that the country’s economy has so opened up that anyone serious about making honest money doesn’t have to wait too long. All you’ll probably need is a 23`` television, a satellite TV subscription which ranges from N6000 to N10000/month depending on which DTH you are using. You’d need some good benches and maybe one or two ceiling fans. A good space that can contain at least 5 to 7 long benches, a small generator just enough to power your TV, fans, bulbs and the decoder then you are as good as done. Some centers make as much as N10, 000 every week. Imagine that you are charging just N50/person/match and you have 50 viewers which is very modest, you’ll make N2500 as in most days where there is at least two premiership matches and say one seria A and another one La Liga matches, you’ll be talking four matches a day. That goes to about N10, 000. You still have Sundays and in some cases midweek matches come handy when the UEFA Champions league games are on. You can make in one week alone N20, 000 and that runs into N80, 000 per month. Let’s say you spend N9, 000 for TV subscription and N6000 on fuel for the generator and maybe N5000 on rent which in my opinion the last two are inflated. You still have N60, 000 left per month. That’s not bad for an extra income. Is it? You are also sure of recouping your investment in your second month. Note that I have not included International friendlies, world cup and nations cup qualifying matches etc. If you have a little money and thinking of what business to invest it in, this is one business you can start earning good income from the onset.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Champions Chelsea

Chelsea just played a fast one Manchester united this evening by waiting till the last 4 minutes of the 2nd half of the extra time before pulling the carpet off Man U's feet.

An encounter characterised by boredom the entire lenght of the first half saw real action in the second half. Though both teams had good chances to over run the over severally, Man u's played was mared by poor maskmanship which saw them bungling a handful of opportunities. Betwen Wayne and Giggs alone, the game should have taken a different dimension.

This brought back bad memories of the FA cup final between MAn U and Arsenal, where Man did the playing and Arsenal stole the game by a penalty shootout.

Chelsea played their usual style, uninspirational waiting for e break many times. Arjen Roben was particularly inspirational for the Blues but as usual it was always going to be Didier Who will take the most decisive action. The game ended 1-0 in favour of Chelsea which means they end the season with a double. Wether their season is justified with this or not is something for Abromovich to dedcide.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Man U: one in the bag one to go

MAn U made good their promise yesterday when they lifted the title at the expense of thier bitter rival chelsea. Arsenal came 4th, liverpool 3rd place and we have the traditional big four arrangement again. Man U and chelsea still have the FA cup and Liverpool the champions league.That makes Arsenal's season the worst among the big four.

What ever happens at the FA Cup, champions league, truth remains that this season has been one of the most competitive in recent times. With United having to wait for the last days to be sure they have won the title and 3rd and 4th places decided just yesterday after Arsenal played 0-0 against portsmouth.

At the table bottom, the drama was more intriguing with west ham escaping at the expense of Shefield and Watford. Though many thought they deserved to stay after all of Tervez's heroics in the last days to rescue his team from relegation. It was all fun!

In the weeks to come, we look forward to African nations/world cup qualifiers, Euro cup qualifiers, the under 20 world cup and the Female world cup. Good thing is that, there is always enough action the world of football to keep us busy. I hope all these could serve as enough fun in the forum in the weeks to come.
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