Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Is Fabio Capello The Answer?

If you ask me i will say no. A big NO.
From my perspective, Fabio Capello has the knack of running into troubled water with world class footballers as well as players who love the lime light. In his reasoning it breeds indicipline and lack of dedication.
Examples exists in the case of David Beckham, Ronaldo Delima and a couple other players.
He also lacks the ability to manage people which is very critical in football success. His past records will make one jump to the conclusion he's a very technically sound coach which i don't dispute.

But Being a manager isn't only about being just sound with football techniques. In England you have to be able to manage the press. It is different from else where and English players as we all know thrive on press hype.

It will be a colossal task to change an age long tradition. His major problem will be with the press and the big name players in the English team.

In my opinion Jose Mourinho is the one coach who can handle that because he also loves the hype himself.
He knows how to use the press to achieve results. Playing mind games using the press just before a game has helped in the past to demoralise the opponents and gives him free ride.

Capello on the contrary thrives more in a quiet and eccentric working Environment which is not available in England.
To make matters worse key players in the English team has openly called for Mourinho to be signed as their next coach.
In the next few months, we'll see how it plays out. His relationship with Beckam, Terry, Lampard and Gerrard might be the key to his success because these are big names who love the limelight.

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