Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Champions League Finals: Moscow Officials Worried

More and more English fans supporting Manchester united and Chelsea have continued to troop into Moscow for tonight's champions league finals and as usual security officials are worried about hooligans.

The game isn't the type that could spark off any kind of hostilities but with English fans involved, anything is expected. Again the game is set for a late start and that again seems another area of worry for the officials as they claim will people a lot of time to drink. For now Russians officials say drinking in public places will not be taken lightly. Supporters either comply or face the consequences.

More troubles? The pitch is said also to be in a bad shape. However, i don't think  that should affect any of the teams tonight. After all, Old Trafford is not such a beauty and Chelsea isn't the type of team that will need a smooth pitch to deliver.

I guess they can both cope with the pitch......... so no skin pain.

Any way, i may come back to post something, if anything happens just before the game. Especially if it's worth talking about. See ya!

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