Saturday, February 23, 2008

Become An English Football Club Owner for Just 35 pounds

First Website Community Football Club Takeover In History was completed a few days ago giving me the reason to come online to write tis peace. I am writing not necessarily because of the ingenuity of promoters of the idea but to make a comparison of situations like this and where we are still dragging along in Africa.
Something like this goes to tell that we in Africa should begin to take football management more seriously if this could be achieved by a website community.

Imagine that we all know that football has become very big business and a very strong tool that a community website has staged such a crazy takeover idea of football club.

Ebbfleet United FC as the new club will be called, will have no manager and team selection will be carried out by members and the coach shall only suggest a team list but this will be vetted by members by vote o player will have to play well to be voted for across the world.

Members of the site
have paid for 75% holding in the club and the rest is to be spread over 2 years. The General public still have a chance to become members at a cost of 35 pound which has to be renewed yearly to retain membership.

Ebbsfleet United shareholders met on Monday night (18 February) to agree the takeover of the football club by the 28,250 members in 72 countries of MyFootballClub, to become effective today (Tuesday 19 February). This marks the world’s first website-community takeover of a football club and indeed is the first website-community takeover of any business. MyFC, which launched on 26 April 2007, has purchased a 75% stake in the club and members have so far contributed £1m.

The 75% stake in the football club will cost £625,000, with £400,000 paid upfront and the rest spread over two years. Almost 2,000 members have already renewed their membership beyond the first year, that money being ringfenced until the season of that extended membership begins.

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