Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cameroon 2-4 Egypt: How Are The Mighty Falling?

Day two of the AFCON saw Nigeria one of the favourites for this championship slide behind in Group B. Third place behind Ivory coast and Mali.

Yesterday another favourites received an uncharacteristic bashing from the defending champions who are bent on showing to whoever cares to notice that they are out to stage a firm defense of the title they won 2 years ago back home.

How are the mighty falling? Who could have thought the Egyptians would met out that amount of humiliation to the roaring indomitable Lions?

Are we really out for a new order of football power in Africa? Is this the beginning of the end for teams like Nigeria and Cameroon? These two countries failed to make it to the last world cup while unexpected debutantes like Togo, Angola and Ghana all made it. Cameroon was denied qualification by Ivory Coast and Egypt who were all drawn in the same group. Nigeria lost her place to Angola. From indications it doesn't seem like it was just a 'slight slip' as many thought.

If these two teams continue to be dominated by these emerging forces, we can as well braze up for a new order in African football.

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