Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eduardo will Be Back In Nine Months

After a gruesome tackle and injury to Arsenal forward Eduardo Da silva, and a successful surgery following a fractured dislocation of the left Fibula and ankle joint many feared he might not be able to play again.

Two days later information from the club's medical staff has it that it would take him about 12 weeks to stop using clutches, and this will lowed by slight weight bearing exercises in about 6 months time. He should be recover fully and be ready to run again in about Nine months.

This is in tandem with Arsene Wenger's initial fear that this could mean the end of season for Eduardo. Arsenal is now even more depleted and this endangers their title hopes. Though Injury prone Robin Van Persie would be back in a week's time haven resumed training with the team this week. Whether he'll be fit to play just yet is yet to be decided. But we are sure Arsene will not want to rush him this time.

The team is now depleted both in the front and behind with Kolo Toure and Djouro still out.

We join everyone to wish Eduardo a quick recovery. If Arsene Wenger wins this league it will be wonderful as it now appears more difficult especially as rival United isn't having the same kind of problems.

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