Thursday, January 17, 2008

Obinna Nsofor, Joseph Yobo Injured!

Obinna NsoforJoseph Yobo
Just 2 days to the African Nations cup opening game, the super eagles after a 16-day camping in malaga is set to move over to Ghana for her first game against Ivory Coast.

However, there is a set back as the Eagles defense strong man Joseph Yobo and striker Nsofor both suffered ankle injury which is set to keep them out of the first game.The duo is said to have sustained this injury in the morning training. It should be noted that there are positive signals as he has resumed training but under supervision.

The player has also assured he'll be fit for the first game against Cote D'voir.

Nsofor dosen't look as promising as Yobo but team coaches have assured both players will be fit on time for the tounament.

This players can not afford to be missed especially before the first game which is the most important group match for the Eagles.

Nsofor however have a lot of ready and capable replacements but same can not be said of Yobo the teams assistant captain.

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