Thursday, January 10, 2008

Eagles Now Playing Valleyball, Rabiu Ibrahim Injured

The Eagles Camp was depleted yesterday with Rabiu Ibrahim, the l;ad we all hoped could sort our midfield problem out. The team is set to further deplete this weekend when Obafemi, Yobo and probably Utaka is l;ik;e;ly to return to England for the weekend games with their various clubs.

Vogts has accept haven agreed with the teams to let the players come back to play for their teams.

On the positive side, the team took out time to refresh yesterday when they had a valley Ball session something set to be a new one in the annals of Nigerian football. We can't just see why the team should be playing valley Ball when a Nations Cup title is at stake.

Well Mr.Vogts explained that, he thought the team should take out time to do something outside football inorder to relax their minds.

To me it sound intelligent. Sometimes you really need a change of scene.

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