Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Is Martin Jol The Problem With Spurs?

This is the reason why Man U and Arsenal remain a model club fro anybody to emulate. Sacking Jol won't bring the club into winning ways. It takes more than that. We all know that Spurs have got the resources to be in the top four of the premiership. The reason they are not there is entirely the fault of the management. The team except in the last transfer made it a culture to sell out it's best player every year.

Spurs is too much in a hurry to succeed whereas their action in about three seasons now dose not show that they really want to succeed. We can't finish counting how many of their very good upcoming players they have been tempted by the love of money to sell.

New or old ,manager, until there is some stability in the squad, spurs will remain far from being in the top four.
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Monday, September 24, 2007

Nigerian Football Association Still Working Hard To Kill Our Football

The fact that the NFA is confused is a forgone conclusion. My only prayers is that, something happens to bring the Super eagles back into glory days.Then if only our league can get soem attention. We thwarted a beatiful league , cause so much pains to alot of teams all in the name of meeting up with European Calender. But now afetr all that we still fail to start on the stipulated date. Someone must be drunk in the NFA.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Real Reason Jose Mourinho Was Sacked!

The game between chelsea and Man U is going to give Abromovich a little bit of what to expect without Mourinho.

Jose must have really been a big pain in Abromovich's neck. Imagine Abromovich throwing 20 million ppound down the drain just to get rid of Mourinho!

I was watching Chelsea TV this morning and I finally came to reality with the real reason why Jose was sacked. Abromovich wants chelsea to start playing attractve football. The type Arsenal and Man U plays that sees a 70,000 and above capacity stadium filled week-in-week-out in order to bring back all the money he has spent on the team in the past three season's amounting to over 250 million pounds. It is understandable that Abromovich is a business man who is in business for profit. The truth is that
even if chelsea wins the champions league, the take home pay can not be up to one tenth the amount Roman has lavished on Chelsea and he knows this. Apart from endorsements, the other very sure way of getting back that money is to get the Stadium filled everytime like Arsenal. Records have it that, chelsea's last two premiership matches were played in almost empty stadium.
Abromovich is said to attribute this to chelsea's style of play which he says is boring. Agreed fans love winning, but they also want to enjoy their money. The truth is this, real Chelsea fans will always go out to watch their team, but only chelsea fans wounldn't fill the seats all the time. The game needs to be attractive enough for non Chelsea fans to come arround and that's how you fill the seats.

For example, chekc out this headline: 'Wenger amazed by Arsenal support, calls for bigger stadium'

Arsenal has just moved into 70,000 seater stadium not yet two season and the manager is already calling for a bigger stadium to accomodate the increasing number of fans.
News also have it that despite the fact Arsenal has not won anything in the past four seasons, the board is about to release an end of year report that is set to make Arsenal the second richest club in the world. Whoof! I think this is what Roman wants. He needs to get back his investment and no one should cause him for that.
Yes, the fans love to win but the club owners love to make money. So it's about having a balance in the two.
On Chelsea TV this morning, a Chelsea fan pointed out that Barcelona was able to win a brace; the Champions league and Spanish League while playing beautiful football. I know that for mourinho, he feels slighted by this as it seems like he's being asked to copy Arsene Wenger.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Home Improvement Firms Make Life Easy

A friend of mine thought of moving to a new home close to a week ago. He's used to having people do everything for him including wash his clothes, clean his home and of course cook for him.

When he got a new job in Abuja some months ago and moved to stay with an uncle pending when he can get his own place, the reality of living alone with no one around to do his dirty jobs began to loom large before him.

He thought he could cope with handling some of the little things like start cleaning his own home when the time comes. But he also had the weakness of loving classy things. Through out our school days even while still living in the hostel, his corner usually has a taste that makes you think you are at home. I mean your father's house. Now no one was going to send maids all the way from Calabar to Abuja to keep him clean and especially fix his new home. He had to do it himself I thought.

Funny enough the rich always have a way around all their problems. Who would have thought that Home Improvement companies could solve such a lazy man's headache? While i was still thinking Adams went online t search for home improvement firms and came across a few.

Everything was handled. According to him, he didn't even have to think but just said what he wanted. they did the thinking. Everything was organized there in the UK and then shiped to Nigeria. How do you describe a firm like Anglina Home Improvement that dose a job including pimp your windows, Kitchen, Garage doors etc.? How easy can life be? Now i see why footballers still live in lush plush homes despite spending all their time on training pitches.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Golden Eaglets Of Nigeria- World Champions

I personally was not online to give you a detailed update of the match. thanks for Toba1909 who made it a point of duty to inform every forum member who was not watching the game for one reason or the order. Besides I commend his courage of being able to do this. Boy o boy, those Boys (eaglets) gave me the shakes! I can't believe what just went down in Seoul today. I never expected such a resistance from this spaniards. Jesus! They do worth every hype poured on them.

At a point i almost gave up. When you failed to score and instead hit the wood works twice, i thought it was going to be a bad day.
I thank the referee especially for fair officiating. That's what we can achieve in a level playing ground.

Asian referees seem to always give us what we deserve. All in all, i say congratulations every Nigeria

Nigeria 2- 0 Lesotho

Yes it's over and Nigeria has won the game. But it was a sshame and total embarrassment for the entire nation. How can we allow such an important game to be taken to that kind of pitch? I am starting to think that the NFA only got whiff of the match just last night. Otherwise, i see no reason why they souldn't be prepared for the game. The nFA should stop toying with ourr football. This whole idea of taking the game round the country dosen't serve the interest of football in Nigeria.
If any state wants to host a game, damn! Such a state should be ready. I hope Lesotho dosen't petition on this match. It noiw seems like it was adeliberate attempt to rob them of the game. We have the lagos stadium and it was abondoned. We moved to Abuja, have we also abandoned that to move to Warri now?

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