Monday, January 28, 2008

Why Berti Vogts Must Go

For those who think Vogts should remain and that westerhoof even lost 5-1 in 1990 Nations cup. I want us to get this.
May I put it straight here that no body is particularly with Hunting Vogts. Yes Westerhoof lost 5-1. That was against host Algeria highly motivated by the Captain Raba Majer. But the Westerhoof we are talking about, showed us much commitment by way of Living in Nigeria, going out there to watch matches in the League, standing his ground when needed, he picked the proper camping grounds when preparing for matches.

He did not try to play safe by looking for Europe based players to fortify his team. He discovered the likes of Finidi George from the local League. As at then Finidi has only played for local teams like Calabar Rovers and Sharks of Port Harcourt.

Westerhoof was a coach who will look for the kind of players needed for every position. He did not try to cut corners by playing a top striker on the left flank just because he's left footed.

He did not select a team with 8 strikers and 1 midfielder who many think is actually a defender.

Westerhoof had the best in every position. How did he do this? If he didn't find them in Europe, he looked for them in the local league.

So the people who think Vogts should be sacked have a case. He's not committed.At least that's what his actions so far tells us.

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